The voice whispered, "Are you scared? Yeah, who says not? You’re afraid of me, and I’m afraid of both the disaster that destroyed my home and the fact that the 900 million-story world is not as comfortable as my home. You’d better follow me and be a good guide. "

A long finger appeared on magic dragon’s body and gently pressed it to stick him. He disappeared immediately. Silence returned to the island. …… the other side Lin took Gu Qingshan forward in vain. "What do you think a scary guy is?" Gu Qingshan asked "I’m vaguely aware that it’s a monster with that level […]

However, at this time of year, this day is not so good. After all, the autumn coolness has not yet arrived and the summer heat has not faded, so the temperature difference is quite different at this time.

Sooner or later, the temperature will be lower than those farmers who are going to work in the fields, and one by one they have to put on their jackets, and then they will go out on Li. But by this noon, the temperature will rise again in vain. Some days, the temperature can be […]

You will marry me today

Walk with me hand in hand. Create a happy life Did you come yesterday? It will be a pity. You will marry me today The lingering sound is full of happiness. Comrade Gu Mengmeng has never sung a song, but Jolin Tsai’s second voice has been successfully interpreted. Enya Gu Jingxi looked at each other. […]

Drinking longyang nodded his head, and the corners of his mouth moved, but he couldn’t smile at all. He took Ye Chen and walked to the opposite restaurant.

Chapter III South Emperor Sect chapter This is a closed elegant table, which has been filled with all kinds of dishes. Ye Chen and Long Yang are sitting opposite each other, while Ning Xue is sitting next to Chen, constantly swallowing carefully, almost overflowing her mouth, watching the delicacies of the table and sometimes secretly […]

Tianyu speculated that the reason for exploring his own line group may be that the business alliance disintegrated and the second owner estimated that he would devote himself to being a line for the time being.

There is no bottom in Tianyu’s heart about whether this "time bomb" will explode. Because the most unpredictable thing is that since the other party can be an outsider, there is no reason to let go of the interests of a library number, depending on when he will start work Tianyu in the line group […]

"Really? That’s great!" Ranging from windson say that finish Chen Er happy cried strong brotherhood beyond words. And Chen Er around him also showed a reassuring smile.

"Well, let’s get out of here first. The smell of blood here is too strong. Who knows if there will be no big guys coming." Said windson waved away the "purple light" and put away the ring, but frowned and saw that there was no danger around for the time being. This just took out […]

Keep searching and tell everyone to be on high alert and warn them when they encounter a whirlwind. You stay here and I’ll go over there and have a look.

The red snake casually told me to fly away again, and this time it was smart enough to check it out. It is Yang Tian who has not left this time and has been secretly observing a group of ravens, including the East Emperor Sheng Yunlong and others. Mother wants to die, she kills you […]

Very smooth, very slow and very elegant.

This kind of pace makes Puerto Rico very uncomfortable because it is impossible for his generation to step on such a pace. "You …" He wants to say you want to die. "What’s wrong with me?" But the other party shut him up with a word. He almost bit his tongue because he closed it […]

Spread the message

A couple of fish in the water Hand grasping hand Go through bridge opening. Hanging nest tree Jielishan Lanji pointed around. Cross is her husband. 19855 Hunqu Sister. Bamboo embryo middle child A child in a wooden fetus It’s your groom with all your hair. Sister. Sunny weather Rainy days Is to roll all over […]