Peng saw Suo Chao dip the gold axe in the water again, and then he saw a mass of blood, but several water thieves were shocked by Suo Chao’s axe.

But Suo Chao’s heart sank. Looking around, ships sank one after another, and a large number of foot soldiers drowned directly. I don’t know what Suo Chao thought of Chu Yi’s words.
Chapter one hundred and nineteen Thyme Express
When I was distracted, I saw two water columns maser, and Suo Chao saw the golden axe in his hand dancing, and I saw the shadow of the axe smashing the two water columns that could penetrate the human body into a splash all over the sky.
Two figures appeared in the line of sight of Suochao, which was previously defeated by Suochao, Ruan Xiaoer and Ruan Xiaowu.
Ruan Xiaoer shouted at Suo Chao with a water thorn in his hand. "General Suo Chao, my classical brother, has heard a lot about General Depth Charge’s name. In the dark days of today’s imperial court, it is even more fatuous. Isn’t it a waste of talent for such a general to work in this court?"
This is really not what Ruan Xiaoer can say, but it is needless to say that Song Jiang taught Ruan Xiaoer.
With these words, Ruan Xiaoer’s face was awkward, and his expression felt strange.
A cold hum SuoChao dancing hands dipped in gold axe, "it’s ridiculous to know that you are just a mere mountain thief and dare to comment on the court!" Eat my axe! "
As soon as Ruan Xiaowu stepped on the water, a column of water suddenly went up into the sky, and the water vapor covered his figure. When the water vapor disappeared, Suochao found that Ruan Xiaoer and Ruan Xiaowu had disappeared.
"What a bunch of cowards!"
However, the voice has not yet fallen, but I see that the Nguyen Brothers themselves are soaring, and the two of them have joined hands. Even Suochao can’t underestimate the axe in his hand.
Ding-dong rang, and the Nguyen brothers fell into the water with a quiver, but Suo Chao was also in a state of breath and his body fell to a floating deck.
At this time, the Nguyen brothers who fell into the water once again raised a piece of water mist, and Suochao immediately danced the hatchet to protect his body.
And Nguyen thi brothers at the moment is to take out a net to see Ruan Xiaoer hand net flung out their brothers all the year round fishing net skills to practice this net when it really fell quietly.
Similarly, the special fishing net in Ruan Xiaowu’s hand also flew to Suochao as a hood.
Two fishing nets just came towards Suo Chao’s net, and the water vapor in the sky has not yet cleared away.
Even if it is two people casting nets, the technique is superb, but it is impossible for Suo Chao’s fighters to be unaware that there is a foreign body approaching, and even if they dance with the axe, they will chop at the top of their heads.
But this axe is soft and soft, and it makes Suo Chao feel surprised that he can’t come at the moment. Two big snares are covering Suo Chao’s body.
When I saw those two big nets giving themselves to the network, Suochao was heartbroken at that time.
The golden axe dipped in the body net is a place to display Suochao. Simply loosen the axe and hold the fishing net mouth with both hands. A sudden force will greatly tear the fishing net.
However, since this fishing net was brought by the Nguyen Tan Dung brothers, it is naturally impossible for such a martial arts player to be torn so easily. Even so, the fishing net is tightened. If it is given to Suochao, it may not be impossible to destroy the fishing net.
But at the moment, the Nguyen Tan Dung brothers have swooped in and attacked Suo Chao, who was entangled in fishing nets.
Looking at Ruan Shi’s brother Suochao, he couldn’t help growling, "Shame bandits have something to let your grandfather out and we will fight for three hundred rounds …"
The Nguyen brothers looked at Suo Chao’s trapped fishing net and laughed. "Suo Chao’s fishing net, but my brother spent a lot of energy to find silk weaving from the northwest, and few people can tear up the general today, but it is also a hahaha …"
Speaking, the Ruan brothers have tightened the net, and Suo Chao has been tied up all over the body. Except for struggling, there is no other way to fix it. To tell the truth, it is true to break free. Otherwise, we will not wait until the Ruan brothers come to escape him.
With the capture of Suo Chao, thousands of vanguard troops also lost their backbone. If Suo Chao was still ambushed, he would not have lost so quickly. But now he is defeated like a mountain. There are diving and escaping soldiers everywhere. It is said that those who can’t make water have directly chosen to surrender when they see that the tide is gone.
Suo Chao’s vanguard army was ambushed and at the same time, Wan Zhongjun, who was commanded by Qin, was also attacked by the army from Liangshan at the moment.
Compared with ambushing Suochao’s shanzhai soldiers, attacking Qin Suoshuai’s army shanzhai soldiers is obviously worse.
He saw a big ship, Wu and Song Jiang, and several shanzhai commanders watching the battle between the two sides from a distance.
Classical shanzhai leader is leading shanzhai foot soldiers to attack the imperial army.
Smoothing his beard, Song Jiang sighed, "Blame me me for not letting go to expand the strength of the cottage. Otherwise, there would not be more than 10,000 troops like this. If there are 10,000 elites, this time we will be able to wipe out the enemy."
Wu smiled slightly. "Brother Sung Jiang doesn’t have to worry that I knew Suo Chao and his men would be defeated by the Nguyen brothers. When the time comes, the Nguyen brothers will lead the elite raid of the shanzhai, which will surely catch Qin off guard."
Speaking seems to confirm what Wu said. Generally, you will see a small boat roaring in the distance under the banner of Liangshan and heading for the center of Qin Department.
Come to the imperial army by dint of numbers and Qin Xiaoyong’s confrontation with Liangshan military forces. If Qin was not held back by the classical, the imperial military forces might have washed away the Liangshan army array under Qin’s command.
However, the Ruan brothers led the elite of Liangshan to roar and suddenly changed the situation in the field. The original morale was low, and it was a shock for Liangshan people to see their reinforcements arrive naturally.
Relative to Qin and his military forces are frightened. At this time, the commander-in-chief of the army, Qin Denggao, called for a stable morale, which would not have any great influence. It happened that at this time, Qin was distracted from the classical offensive roots.
In this situation, two or three thousand elite foot soldiers in the shanzhai led by Nguyen Tan Dung brothers, like a sharp knife, violently inserted into the Qin army and his men and horses on the rampage, and disturbed the army’s appearance.
Liangshan, one of the leaders, shouted at this situation one by one, and led his troops to attack and detain the imperial military forces.
Here, the Qin War Classical was slightly higher than that of the Qin Dynasty, but it was also strong and limited. After all, Qin was not a well-known figure in the DaSong army. Otherwise, it would not be valued by Gao Qiu and transferred to deal with Liangshan and Shui Bo.
"Ha, ha, ha, general Qin Suochao has joined me. General Qin’s invasion is bound to be defeated. The defeat of General Qin of Zhao family in Gao Qiu is even unavoidable."
Qin block classical blow sneer at a "classical you rest disorderly my mind Qin a lifetime military loyal to the court, even if this defeat butler will also give Qin a chance to redeem oneself by good service and Qin has not been defeated until Qin took your head back to Beijing to meet the sky …"
Classical laughed and hit him with a stick. "What a Qin! If you don’t see a coffin and don’t cry, then don’t blame me for Liangshan’s lack of morality."
When I spoke, I heard the classical leader shout, "Brother Wu Song, please!"
When I spoke, I saw a figure stepping in. When Qin saw it, I couldn’t help but shrink my eyes and face with a somewhat horrified color. "Heaven is great?"
Wu Song looked at Qin slightly hand way "Liangshan Wu Song met General Qin if you don’t give in easily …"
Qin felt a mountain of pressure from Wu Song to like a mountain to suppress himself.
Even though Qin Xiu is not bad, I feel that kind of force in the face of a statue of heaven and man.
Even if one foot has stepped into the realm of heaven and man, it is not heaven and man after all, but the real gap is very different.
Qin is somewhat sure that he will step into the realm of heaven and man in the next few years, but it is a little worse. Even so, Qin is still full of momentum and is not afraid to shout at Wu Song. "It’s sad that the pavilion and heaven should stoop to the thief!"
Wu Song a cold hum seems to think of his eldest brother was hurt by Ximen Qing colluding with Pan Jinlian, but the government is still partial to Ximen Qing.
After committing suicide and being wanted by the Ximen Qing government, Wu Song didn’t have a good impression on the government. Now, after hearing Qin Yan’s heart give birth to a somewhat angry agent, he caught up with Qin and said, "My Liangshan brothers gathered righteousness and ordered the people to eliminate pesticides and help justice, but General Qin helped him get lost and didn’t know it!"