Immortal vows are very important

But it is also a soul revelation. If ordinary people swear, they are not afraid of swearing back. However, immortals are different. Once they break their vows, they will definitely suffer from the scourge, which is what mortals say.
Generally speaking, immortals don’t swear casually
See Xiao Fan swear Shan Ying is relieved hate bitten to grind after thinking for a moment or be forced to nai will anemometer formula force printed paper thrown to Xiao Fan.
Xiao Fan smiled and took the paper, which will be remembered as soon as the finger shakes and the paper burns and turns to ashes.
Shan Ying heartache ratio
He became the Third Master of the Hunters’ Regiment because he accidentally fell into a late powerful abode of fairies and immortals when he was young, and got the Taoist skill of wind exploration, which made him crazy.
However, this time, I really lost my wife and lost my soldiers. Not only did I beat up Reservoir Dogs’s plan completely, but I almost lost my life. I was proud of my housekeeping, and I only got my life back with my hands.
Xiao Fan was in a very good mood. I didn’t expect someone to personally send Daoism to give himself a good mood. He waved and said, "Well, I’ll keep my oath. Please go and come to me again if you don’t know what to do. Then don’t blame me for being rude!"
Chapter 125 Lose a lot
"Ha ha, the Great Xia said it was the Great Xia that the Little Three had eyes and wishful thinking that offended the Great Xia. I hope the Great Xia adults will leave now regardless of the villain’s passing the Little Three!" Shan Ying braved the cold sweat and accompanied him with a smile. He retreated several tens of feet away. This just jumped up and quickly fled towards the remote days.
While running hard Shan Ying also don’t forget to put malicious words gnashing is roared "Xiao Fan you don’t be too proud of a three yes will personally pick your head and let you scamper for a few days! Third Master left today because he had something temporary, not because he was afraid that you would get all the accounts back one day! "
Looking at Shan Ying Xiao Fan, who has disappeared, opened his mouth in surprise. "Is this guy stupid?"
"Well into is! Who cares? Anyway, you got a Taoist skill in vain. What you need now is to study the newly acquired Taoist skill and consolidate your strength! " Malaria is also very language said.
"Well, I’ll find a place near here to learn a skill. If I can revert to talking with God and face the apocalypse, I can be more sure!" Xiao Fan nodded. "Let’s go to the nearby city to find out the news!"
Said the palm of his hand a double busy yuan god appeared palm.
"Although the body was destroyed by Hong, it is easy to reunite a body if you want to lose it!" Xiao Fan said, throwing Yuan Shen’s hands and quickly pinching his hands, Pang Da Yuan Li diffused, which made the surrounding ground tremble. Many birds and animals in the mountains were frightened and ran for their lives when disasters came.
"There is no yellow sand here, but I already have a brand-new understanding of this busy gathering. If it is natural force, it can be special!"
Said Xiao Fan fingers even point a series of flames flying out into a fire dragon spinning around the busy yuan god quickly.
"The two kinds of Daoism, away from the fire and burning the fire, are the basis of the contradiction between fire and flame!"
The fire power released by the two kinds of Daoism was unexpectedly fused by Xiao Fan’s strong line, and then combined with his own blood and hair, Yuan Shen gradually condensed into a burning flesh!
Fire in two places!
Xiao Fan’s practice of Yuan God Tearing has a very strange ability after being perfected by wicked heart Crystal. Immortality of Yuan God means immortality!
After a while, the flame of the two places at once gradually went out, and a Xiao Fan’s identical two places at once took a step towards a small town two hundred miles away and galloped away …
Shan Ying?’ Xiao Fan scratched his head and looked at it carefully. This arrogant guy seems to have never seen such a person in his memory!
"Your third master has been following you from the holy city of Huangsha to kill you!" Shan Ying curled his mouth and said triumphantly, "Don’t fight the emperor of Huangsha Empire and get hurt all over, and Third Master will let you go. For Third Master, you are the prey!"
"Do you want to kill me when I am sick?" Xiao Fan eyebrows a pick it is no wonder that this Shan Ying will think so. Before he crossed the rubicon in the holy city of Huangsha, the eye can know at a glance that his injuries are not light, but it’s a pity that this Shan Ying doesn’t know that he has many almost extinct healing pills in the fairy world, and he is all in one place, which makes him not only recover from his injuries in just one day, but also make him even better.
But on second thought, Xiao Fan rubbed the bar and wondered, "Wait, you mean you followed me all the way from Huangsha Holy City? I came here from a crack. How did you follow me? "
"Hum, third master, I naturally have tracking means!" Shan Ying proudly shook his head and said, "The third leader of the Third Master Hunter Group is naturally proficient in various tracking methods. How can it be difficult for the Third Master if it is just a crack?"
"Oh?" Xiao Fan heart a question to malaria "and this means? You can even track the cracks? Do you know this hunter group? "
"The hunter group? I haven’t heard of it. It’s probably a new organization in ten thousand years! However, this guy claims to be the third place. It is estimated that this organization is not a big deal. I guess it is dead, that is, it is just a group of losers who are specially looking for the reward monks to earn a reward! " Malaria shrugged his head and said disdainfully, "But … when it comes to tracing things, it reminds me that I once heard of a Daoism called Wind Detection. The biggest feature of this Daoism is that it can track targets and it is the only way I have ever heard of that can track through cracks!"
"Wind tunnel?" Xiao Fan one leng.
"Well, although Daoism ranks first among the 100 Daoism in the wind exploration ranking, it is also very wonderful, and you have to practice the fire attribute Daoism now. Relying on this fire attribute Daoism in the holy book, you can successfully practice the fire attribute Daoism in the wind attribute Daoism. You don’t have a wind crack and a wind Xiao Daoism …"
"Take this wind exploration road from him, and then get the remaining three wind attribute Taoist skills in the future, so you can evolve the wind attribute magical power!" Xiao Fan got the message and smiled.
"Yes, the wind property avatar big tear! It is said that Wei can even burn stones! " Malaria bad nodded with a smile.
"I said your name is Shan Ying, right?" Xiao Fan licked his lips at this time has been in front of this man named Shan Ying moved to kill his heart for a long time, and he has never used the soul-eating way to brew up at this time.
"Call Third Master!" Shan Ying doesn’t know that he can destroy the prey without any effort. He has already quietly changed his identity from prey to hunter. On the contrary, he, a smug hunter, unconsciously became a poor prey.
"If you want to take my head, just come. Anyway, I’m seriously injured. If you want to kill me, it won’t help if I resist now, will it?" Xiao Fansong shoulders a full face of nai said
"Hum, it seems that you also want to know! Yes, that’s what Cong people know. Struggle is futile. It’s not as natural as it is. I can make you suffer less! " Shan Ying grimaced and slowly lowered his body to the palm of his hand, and a sharp finger blade suddenly appeared in cold light.
"Very well, since you are so generous, I won’t hesitate to take you away!" Xiao Fan watched Shan Ying coming towards himself step by step. When he was not far away, his face suddenly swept away, and the cold light in his eyes suddenly jumped out of his eyes!
Soon a terrorist force from Xiao Fan crashing out like a net will Shan Ying!
"What? How do you … How do you have such great power? Aren’t you seriously injured? How is that possible? And … how did you know that I had a wind tunnel? " Shan Ying looked at his face and changed into a horror.
"It’s just that you blindly injured me. Since you are so proud, I can play with you for a while, but you want to kill me and get a reward? You can’t do it in this life! " Xiao Fan foot micro figure suddenly out of a series of residual image Shan Ying feel flowers at the moment Xiao Fan appeared in his front half zhangs right hand wrapped in a strange black force toward his forehead mercilessly caught!
Shan Ying’s hair stood on end and he couldn’t help swallowing and drinking "Shan Ying Wing!"
Immediately from his body suddenly saved a like eagle champion spirit stretched out his paws to grasp to Xiao Fan while encouraging his wings to bring up a gust of wind, which made Shan Ying’s figure rapidly retreat dozens of feet away and Xiao Fan completely pull away!
"Hum, the reaction will soon let you run away!" Xiao Fan casually waved his fist and talons collided with each other, and immediately the eagle champion moved his feet towards Shan Ying to kill again.
Shan Ying was scared out of his wits by this, but he had seen with his own eyes how Xiao Fan beat the daylights out of Hong, the old monster in the adult realm, and crippled and seriously injured him in the late adulthood and the early days of Hehe.
Seeing Xiao Fan suddenly and violently, he immediately realized that he was planted to steal chickens and costly this time. If he did it face to face, he wouldn’t dare to play against a freak like Xiao Fan, although he said … This Xiao Fan is just a broken wall!
"Come on Shan Ying, didn’t you say you wanted my head? Come and get it. What are you running for? " Xiao Fan chased Shan Ying down all the way, but this Shan Ying, although not very strong, is really a quick figure. How can Xiao Fan chase down and hit Shan Ying?
He didn’t know that Shan Ying was defeated by tourist trap. He almost put all his strength into nursing, and he was most proud of his scud!
However, this pair of scud can put his life in danger at this critical moment, but in the face of Xiao Fan’s crazy pursuit of him, he is eager to cry and get rid of each other.
"Depend! This is really a miscalculation! " Shan Ying’s wailing day echoed again …
The last scene in Xiao Fan’s eyes is Xin Ziqing’s deep and soft eyes like blue waves …
Followed by violent virtual element force enveloped Xiao Fan body to let his mind gradually dissipate.
Coma is like this.
Xiao Fan’s body has already broken through the limit, and his physical strength is seriously overdrawn, not to mention that the physical body still has great damage.
Coma may be a manifestation of the physical and spiritual strike.
In this coma, his body and mind can really rest and his physical strength can be restored. As soon as he swallowed many high-order Dan medicines before, his body entered a coma, and those Dan medicines immediately catalyzed and emitted some medicinal properties to repair the damaged body.
At this time, malaria has also completed the transformation of power given to it by Jieyuanshi, and its strength has risen to a level comparable to that of friars in Yuanling period, which is 300 thousand yuan less.