Uchiha madara felt the power constantly emerging from his body, and he couldn’t help but have an arbitrary attitude from the depths of his heart, and that low smile gradually rose.

"It’s time to end this farce."
Uchiha madara looked up at the full moon in the hanging cloud night, then looked back at Chiba and slowly took a step forward. When his feet landed, people were hundreds of meters away and gradually approached Chiba.
"Not necessarily!"
Seeing that uchiha madara came like a stroll, Chiba’s face slowly converged and turned to expression.
I have absorbed a tail, Kyubi no Youko, and half of Vulpix and chakra, and I have absorbed abundant natural energy from the three holy places. My strength has already surpassed that of Ootutuki Hagoromo and is comparable to that of the big barrel wood Hui Ye Ji.
Moreover, Namikaze Minato and Kyubi no Youko were also absorbed by Chiba, and now they are released by Chiba to Naruto, so that the father and son can have a good time.
Suspension is the ability to turn around. Chiba can also do it at this time. Seeing uchiha madara in suspension, he is not going to think about it with the past, such as winning uchiha madara.
To Chiba’s surprise, uchiha madara was the first to attack!
"Xianfa Lan dun Koga!"
This is a six-way magic trick-spitting out "laser" from the mouth, similar to the water-dodging water gun technique. chakra’s rays are powerful. In the original work, Naruto’s jade stick was cut off.
Chiba naturally won’t hold a big Taoist staff or a Taiji diagram of Yin and Yang to deal with it.
"Fairy law and machine reincarnation!"
On the magic of Chiba alone, there are more than spots, which can give life to inanimate objects and control metempsychosis. It is not simple for chakra to control substance ninja, and it moves quickly.
Chiba wrist turn hands appear a wooden dun branches and then inject magic chakra wooden dun branches visible to the naked eye speed into a winged dragon towards the spot fairy method captured!
Two seemingly small magic collided and burst into Bijyudama’s general energy raging around. Fortunately, both of them are floating and can’t cause harm to the surrounding ninjas.
Spot also temporarily stopped after exploratory attack.
Chiba and uchiha madara are suspended in the sky. At this time, Qianshouzhu and Qianshoufei finally came here. Looking at the sky, uchiha madara’s face could not help but show a little shock.
Because uchiha madara’s state is obviously almost the same as Chiba’s at this time, all of them have that kind of black substance, and their heads have turned white, and they are all holding six staffs.
The only difference is that their clothes are not the same.
"uchiha madara … unexpectedly also got the power of Ootutuki Hagoromo? How did he do it! "
Uchiha madara’s face looked at the sky with a hint of horror and a cold sweat on his forehead.
Since he was a strong man in a class with Spot, however, after Spot had a round trip, he threw him away and became Ootutuki Hagoromo again, which made him feel desperate.
If there is a six-level person floating there, it may not reveal anything depressing.
However, there is a sense of terror and oppression in the confrontation between two people with six smells, which reverberates in all directions. Even Huoying, such as Qianshouzhu and Qianshoufei, feels a little breathless.
Those weak ninjas can’t even get near this area!
"You have become six. It seems that there are still some things in this world that I don’t know … but that doesn’t matter." uchiha madara withdrew her eyes and looked at Chiba’s eyes again.
Now he has been completely resurrected, got a round eye, and got the power of ten tail and Ootutuki Hagoromo.
It seems to him that even if Chiba has the means to ask Tao Yu to open the six modes, it can’t be his opponent in the six modes of ten tail!
However, if he doesn’t despise Chiba, he has already regarded Chiba as his recognized enemy, and even if Chiba is weaker than him, he still has six modes and is at the same level with him.
Without hesitation, uchiha madara directly promoted the real pupil technique of the eye of the circle. Before the door passed, the pupil force of his filthy metempsychosis suddenly surged.
This is the real power of the eye!
"limbo hengoku"
Hum! ! !
In an instant, when a naked eye sees the world, it suddenly comes to this world. After overlapping, this world is the shadow world and the tomb world.
Four uchiha madara shadows emerged and then rushed towards Chiba, attacking from four directions at the same time.
Limbo hengoku was made by uchiha madara by relying on the eye of the circle, which made Ninjutsu belong to the boundary of blood succession.
This is because only people who have the eye of the circle can enter the world and create a "shadow", which can be seen and perceived by people who do not have six forces. Physical attacks have an effect on "shadow" and "shadow" can hurt people in the real world.
This kind of shadow doppelganger is almost as capable as a person with circular eyes, and its physical strength is even stronger than that of the body. The circular tomb can also split a shadow when the body is good at one eye, and once the eyes are gathered, the number of shadows can be increased to four.
It is equivalent to the spot that limbo hengoku is four times stronger than just now, and even if the index is converted, limbo hengoku is now twice stronger than just now.
Uchiha madara’s body is still staring at Chiba.
"This is the end of the wheel tomb world finally saw four shadows!"
Not only can it be seen by the naked eye, but Chiba’s sensing ability can also clearly perceive the world of wheel tombs and the shadows released by uchiha madara.
Holding six staffs, Chiba waved his hand directly and casually.
Click! !
A white crack suddenly burst around Chiba, and four uchiha madara shadows broke apart almost instantly and disappeared into the world of wheel tombs.
Seeing this, uchiha madara immediately frowned and stepped into Liudao to display the wheel tomb, which can easily occupy the wind and directly defeat Chiba.
One wheel tomb can’t beat Chiba, but four wheel tombs are still no match for Chiba.
Then it will be difficult!
However, Chiba not only can see through his tomb, but he also can’t resist Chiba’s attack at all, and Chiba will wipe it out with a wave of his hand.
Feel a little uneasy uchiha madara cold hum a forced calm mind once again summoned four shadow attack to chiba.
And just an instant other body suddenly exchanged positions with the shadow, and a flash flashed in front of Chiba, and six staffs in their hands suddenly fell at Chiba’s head!
This is to fight hard for six forces.
It’s all about seeking Tao and jade, and no one can take advantage of it. Then naturally, whoever has the stronger six powers will have the advantage. It seems that uchiha madara has become a pillar force in ten tail, and chakra has reached the level of Ootutuki Hagoromo.
Even if Chiba stepped into the six powers owned by the six roads in any other way, it would be impossible to compare with him.
Chiba thought clearly about uchiha madara in an instant.
Looking at holding a six-staff directly swing down Chiba, uchiha madara, with a slight hint of sarcasm in his face, the six-staff is also a wave of his hand.
Hum! !
Two six sticks collided together to make a dull sound like leather collision, and at the same time, six layers of breath rippled in all directions, making the surrounding air appear water-like waves.
Holding six sticks, uchiha madara’s face was more confident than that of the six sticks in his hand.
But for a moment, his expression suddenly changed.
"Six Immortals, Yin and Yang Reversal!"
Click! !
A strange force suddenly handed it from the six staffs of Feather Night to make uchiha madara’s six staffs suddenly appear a crack.
The crack spread quickly and finally the whole six sticks were inch by inch broken!
"What? !”
Looking at this scene, uchiha madara’s face suddenly showed a look of shock. In an instant, he felt a horror to the extreme. Six forces crashed down his body and he was going to smash his body into slag!
And uchiha madara also felt a death threat at this moment. It seems that the six forces can hurt the six bodies, and he can kill him completely!
Astonished, uchiha madara did not hesitate to switch places with a prison shadow beside the wheel tomb without thinking much.
Feather night in front of the gas is like a mirror. uchiha madara’s shadow is directly smashed, while uchiha madara’s body has retreated to the distance and looked at feather night with a face of vigilance.
Chapter four hundred and ninety-three Wheel tomb world power
Orochimaru’s research on yin-yang reversal sealing is not as simple as sealing!