He still simulated this possibility.

No matter how bad it is, can evil gods put aside their past grievances and deal with them?
Besides, he got important clues by killing the mother of desire.
Can you kill God and break the long night?
Fang you is not sure, really not at all.
But some things have to be spelled out to hold the only light in the darkness.
And now …
"We should leave!"
Snatching the prey from the tiger’s mouth makes the twisted Heihe really angry. His eyes have fallen to the other side.
In an instant, the cell particles of the pressure multiplier seem to come back to life and give birth to their own will
He sacrificed the battle tower and used this treasure as a boat to drive back quickly.
At this time, the scarlet moon fought to pay the price and killed and swallowed the evil god, the Lord of the Night.
He was also promoted.
His strength is no less than twisting Heihe River.
The foggy Heihe River seems to hesitate or rush to the old dusk.
There are three evil gods left.
The scarlet moon and the twisted Heihe River all want to devour the old dusk.
Whoever devours the old dusk can dominate everything.
Compared with his hatred of mankind, it is not important.
However, whether it is the scarlet moon or the twisted Heihe River, it is very tacit to let its own waiters and relatives attack the human oasis
Oracle, the strong of the two camps are rarely combined.
The fight of the evil spirits in the fog has become more and more fierce.
There are cracks in the red crescent and many rivers in Heihe River have dried up.
However, it may be that the Scarlet Moon was injured before, or that the Heihe River won the first prize. The black water wave has wrapped the round of indescribable old days.
In the old dusk, there was also a red moon that would be dyed red like a doll.
One, one and two rounds of Red Crescent caught Heihe River in the middle.
On the scarlet moon, another evil spirit body buried its cause.
Time is reversed
History is broken and unified.
The ancient Red Crescent and the boundless Heihe River roared or moaned.
There is black rain and red moon rising.
There is a figure fighting long
"After fighting bravely and paying a lot of price, we finally killed the evil god and one day we defeated the big robbery!"
"This is a big win! Belong to our creatures. Victory! !”
Some ancient people cheered, cheered and cried with joy.
Ann can’t hide her joy when she smiles.
Black knife mask corners of the mouth also seems to raise a smile.
"We won?"