Luo Tong’s surface S is also changing at this time. Obviously, he doesn’t believe that Lin Dong was actually turned into an arm flesh and blood after suffering from the light of nine chickens.

It really hurts. Lin’s hoarse voice was low, and soon he slowly raised his head. At this time, his face was filled with amazing cold. Although he resisted the killing of Luo Tong with the help of the keel of the universe, it was also quite terrible that an arm’s flesh and blood was biochemical […]

The head of Yaohai Sect watched them leave and turned to Elder Ge and the taciturn elder. "Two younger brothers, what do you think of Zhuge Liang’s child?"

The taciturn elder rarely spoke: "Although this son is an abandoned spiritual root, his qualifications are average, but his mind is extraordinary." "Yes, yes!" Elder Ge said, "In that scene just now, ordinary people would have been frightened out of their wits. This boy was even talking and laughing with each other. Even Liu Ze’s […]

At this time, Qing offered the Pangu Bell, and there was a shocking shock, which caused Bude to have a concussion. The deity and the two gods were separated and shaken. Just as this shaking was distracted, the Qing hand’s Kongtong seal and the seven-star whip of the female milk had also been hit.

Kongtong seal dragon roared like thunder, incarnating the size of a hill, with several miles of Fiona Fang. When you cover it. Budeke looked up, only the sky and the earth really darkened, and when he looked at the Kongtong seal as big as a hill, both Budeke and many other onlookers were shocked. What […]

The calm sea suddenly broke through the wind in a hurry, and a reddish light came from far and near, and then rushed away at an alarming speed. At those high-speed seas, a conspicuous water mark was pressed by life.

in a grand fashion And soon after this latosolic red light swept away, the rear suddenly rumbled like an earth-shattering, and soon a hundred lotus flowers appeared, and a ferocious blood shark broke through the water and then chased after the latosolic red light in front. This chase and flight also makes this fairly quiet […]