Tianyu speculated that the reason for exploring his own line group may be that the business alliance disintegrated and the second owner estimated that he would devote himself to being a line for the time being.

There is no bottom in Tianyu’s heart about whether this "time bomb" will explode.
Because the most unpredictable thing is that since the other party can be an outsider, there is no reason to let go of the interests of a library number, depending on when he will start work
Tianyu in the line group told the lines what he had found and looked at them dumbfounded.
"It turns out that the Guardian Altar still has such skills," a thread typed.
"Brother Xiong, this should be a bug?" All kinds of difficulties immediately bubbling typing asked
"This is not clear and I don’t know if it is deliberately set up. You see that the convertible Titan snake eye’ chest’ armor attached to the fat baby belongs to’ sex’, which means that the players in the threesome range will increase their physical defense by 1. Is it necessary to produce such equipment if they have halo effect? It is estimated that unless you save a set of leather armor ss, no one will change it. "Tianyu typed and explained.
"It seems that it should be like this," replied all kinds of difficult typing.
"But let’s call it a bug because it’s unreasonable. After all, the characters themselves belong to’ sex’ in the guardian altar." Tianyu finally added.
The incoming lines began to stock up according to the equipment list given by Tianyu.
In this period of dnf, although there is no false purple light ring equipment, there are still many halo equipment.
And the halo range is the same. It’s all threesome
Inside the armor
Five sets of’ Fan’ Moon Xuanyu can increase the maximum value of 3p players by 15hp;
The black moon set increases the dark genus’ sex’ against’ sex’;
Titan snake eye’ chest’ armor increases 1 physical defense;
Goliath’s flame binding’ legs’ increases 1 magic defense;
Atlas seven boots increased movement speed by 4.
Among them, the ones that need to be stocked are’ mysterious’ moon feather sets and black moon sets.
However, these two sets of equipment are all five-piece, and the halo effect is almost meaningless. Of course, this will be known after trying.
Therefore, when everyone is still white, there must still be people who are willing to pay for a set of trials.
Tianyu asked the line to be the main force casually.
Playing Ghost Swordsman with the largest number of players is the highlight of this event.
What are the aura equipment of the Ghost Swordsman in this period?
Dansha Sword increases physical defense by 5;
Kopis, the evil spirit, increases the dark genus’ sex’ and resists’ sex’;
Vine mallet increases physical defense by 18;
Blue Star Sword increases the anti-sex of all abnormal states by 1;
Double Dragon Shadow Sword increases 15 dark genus’ sex’ to resist’ sex’;
Xuanguang Rapier increased physical defense by 6;
Black Knife Dark Moon increases by 1 dark genus’ sex’ against’ sex’
There are three weapons that are helpful to the Guardian’s Altar, namely, 4-level purple cinnabar sword, 15-level purple grapevine mallet and 35-level pink Xuanguang Rapier.
Considering that Xuanguang Rapier is a lightsaber and the price of powder is millions, and the soul of the sword can also make the cinnabar sword and the grapevine mallet go to the sky, they didn’t let the line go to Datun.
The main stocks are naturally cinnabar sword and grapevine hammer, and these two pieces of equipment are not small.
There are two kinds of equipment in the fighters: talent gloves and warrior battle songs.
Because of the higher price of the latter, Tianyu decided to let the thread people stock the gloves.
There are fewer fighters than ghost swordsman, but some people will buy halo equipment to brush the guardian altar.
The number of sharpshooters is almost the second largest in Arad.
It’s a pity that there is a 4-level purple’ color’ revolver that can work wonders in the Guardian Altar-Colt and Ping Hanwei.
Other weapons either increase intelligence or are secretly’ sexual’ and’ sexual’.
It is also in the altar 1114 that there are some places to attack the secret sex, so there is no need to stock up.
There is no sorcerer’s profession … Among them, there is a halo genus’ sex’ equipped with a’ flower’ magic wand, and the increase is 1 point for dark genus’ sex’ against’ sex’.
The other two pieces are pink’ color’ equipment, namely the Doomsday Monarch’s Staff and Lynn’s second Staff. Both of them add 3 points of intelligence, which is meaningless for the Guardian’s Altar.
There are a lot of power and physical attacks in hierophant weapons, but I don’t know if these effects are good in the Guardian altar.
Anyway, compared with the maximum hp of Xuanyu set 15, Krezer’s body blood volume is really nine Niu Yi’s hair. Because Creze has 10,000 points of blood volume after filling HP’s essence, what can you do with 15 points of blood volume?
Plus, the uncle is cold. Compared with other double-sex occupations, there are a small number of male uncles. This time, the uncle’s equipment is not very good.
Finally, the Dark Messenger has a weapon with 45 power-Makala Flame.
In jewelry, there is no effect except that SS-the method of’ confusing’ eyes add 4 points of strength.
It’s ss, the equipment, that makes Tianyu and them how to chariot?
Hou Tianyu made a total in the group. This time, the main goods were the ghost swordsman Dan Sha Jian and the grapevine mallet, the fighter’s natural gloves, the sharpshooter Colt and the defender.
It’s good to just stock up on other equipment, or it’s ok for the lines to stock up spontaneously.
The plan has been decided, then it will be implemented.
It’s nearly two o’clock at noon, and the guardian altar is moving horses.
But Tianyu, they are in no hurry because there are still some tonight.
At noon, they can just put away their halo equipment.
The Guardian Altar will be reopened from 7: 00 to 8: 00 this evening.
Tianyu, what they have to do now is to equip the aura in the guardian altar before 7 o’clock and spread the effective news as much as possible.
This matter is actually not difficult. In Tianyu’s own impression, the first day after he left the guardian altar in his previous life, it seemed to be a well-known bug, which led to the price of halo equipment rising again and again.
At that time, the cinnabar sword rose from 50,000 to 60,000 to 400,000, while the grapevine mallet rose from 20,000 to 670,000.
However, this generation may be different, because now the supply is in Tianyu’s hands, and if they want to fry to a million, there will certainly be many buyers willing to buy it.
Although the number of people who buy goods will decrease with the increase of prices, it is obvious at a glance which one is sold at a high price and two at a low price.
It comes to six o’clock in the afternoon.
"How’s it going?" Tianyu online group typing asked.
"Almost", the head of the body line has made statistics on the receipt of goods in various large areas, so he typed and said.
Then Erxiu analyzed and simplified all kinds of data that were difficult to count to Tianyu.
Because most of the equipment prices are less than 50,000, it is calculated as 40,000% of a piece at the statistical time.
"In each region, there are about six Colts and three gifted gloves for the two weapons of Ghost Swordsman, and the price of one of them is 60,000." Tianyu looked at the statistics sent by Erxiu and chanted.
"Two-whew ghost swordsmen’s weapons and revolvers were fired to a million and a gift glove was 151,000 pieces." Tianyu sent a message to two-whew.