The head of Yaohai Sect watched them leave and turned to Elder Ge and the taciturn elder. "Two younger brothers, what do you think of Zhuge Liang’s child?"

The taciturn elder rarely spoke: "Although this son is an abandoned spiritual root, his qualifications are average, but his mind is extraordinary."
"Yes, yes!" Elder Ge said, "In that scene just now, ordinary people would have been frightened out of their wits. This boy was even talking and laughing with each other. Even Liu Ze’s murderous goods have a good impression on him. It must be said that his mind is extraordinary, but he is a little ridiculous."
"Ha ha, after all, it’s a young man ~ ~ ~" Yaohai faction leader chuckled.
"No attribute spirit root …" Several people have their own ideas.
Out of the hall, the elder of the sky was shrouded in a vague fairy light and slowly dragged her into the air. She held out her hand to Zhuge Buliang and said with a smile, "Come on, I’ll take you back."
"No, no, no ~ ~" Zhuge waved his hand again and again, saying, "Elder martial sister knows how to use the sword. I’ll go back with her, just to experience the feeling of using the sword."
Elder Bilong smiled: "All right, Mengli, you take him back."
After that, the elder of the sky was wrapped in fairy light and left like a meteor.
Chapter 11 hijack (below)
The woman in white has a tight brow. Now she really wants to teach Zhuge a hard lesson in the past, so she has nothing to do with the blind booing and has to carry him herself. Since childhood, Frost Leng Xue has the title of "Ice Beauty" in Yaohai School, making a big man stand by his side. Although Zhuge Liangliang is only 14 or 15 years old, she hates Zhuge Liangliang to the extreme, making Zhuge Liangliang stand on his flying sword is really worse than killing her.
"Don’t just stand there, let’s go!" Zhuge didn’t look at her bright, hey hey smile, revealing a smile of trickery.
The white woman’s silver teeth clenched, with a snort of cold, and the Xianjian behind her was drawn. It was a long sword with a faint blue light.
"Go up!" The woman in white suddenly gave a charming drink and threw it into the air when Zhuge was not bright. The latter screamed with fear.
The light blue fairy sword drew a streamer and rushed to Zhuge’s unlit feet. Zhuge stepped on the pale blue fairy sword before dawn, shaking as if he would fall from the air at any time. The white shadow flashed, and the white woman stood in front of Zhuge’s dim light, steadying herself.
Two people close contact, bursts of fragrance into the nose.
The flying sword rushed into the sky, and the speed was extremely fast. Zhuge quickly grabbed the round shoulder of the white woman with his hands unlit. Although separated by clothes, he can still feel how greasy the skin of the woman in white is.
"Let go!" The woman in white drinks coldly. It was because she didn’t want to be close to Zhuge Liang for too long that she accelerated her flight. Unexpectedly, Zhuge Liang put her hand on her shoulder.
"Elder sister, you fly so fast, what if you don’t catch you and fall!" Zhuge kept screaming before dawn.
The woman in white was upset, her cold cheeks were red, and she whispered, "Damn guy! Simply scare him and let him let go. " After thinking about it, her mind moved, her feet pressed hard, and the flying sword carried them in the air for a 360-degree rotation.
"Oh, my god! !” Zhuge’s face changed when he was not bright, and he was very frightened. His hands on the white woman’s sweet shoulders suddenly hugged her soft waist.
The woman in white was a serious surprise. She only felt like an electric shock, and almost couldn’t control the Xianjian and fell from the sky.
The woman in white thundered, "Bastard! Let go! "
"You have nothing to do, you want to scare people to death!" Zhuge screamed before dawn and hugged him even tighter.
"I told you to let go! Hear it! " The woman in white is really anxious. Since she was a child, she has been aloof and abnormal, that is, the hands of other men have never been touched, but now she is really hugged by a man. How can she not be annoyed? What’s more, Zhuge is not bright.
Finally, the woman in white slowed down the speed of flying sword, and Zhuge did not light up and put his hand on her sweet shoulder. The white woman’s charming body moved slightly, but this time she wasn’t making any noise. It was much better for the other party to put his hand on his shoulder than to hug himself.
"What’s the name of the teacher elder sister?" Zhuge put his head to the face of the woman in white before dawn, and asked, it’s been three or four hours since I met her, and I don’t know her name yet.
"Yin Mengli!" The woman in white answered coldly.
"Oh, it’s a beautiful name, very poetic. What does it mean?" Zhuge shook his head before dawn. However, this question is really a bit out of tune. Since the name of a family is beautiful and poetic, I don’t know what it means.
Yin Mengli was too lazy to pay attention to him again, only taking care of the imperial sword.
Seeing that he didn’t please, Zhuge left his pie mouth before he lit up and stopped talking.
The imperial sword flew for less than a few minutes, and the Yin Meng glass slowed down the speed of flying the sword. Zhuge did not light the probe and looked forward. I saw a mountain in front of him, but it was much smaller than the floating mountain that was the first peak of Yaohai School. Pavilions and pavilions are also built on this suspended mountain peak, and the fairy fog fills the air, just like a hidden heavenly palace.
And this floating mountain is full of fairy trees with lux flowers, which have not been seen before.
At the moment, it is not out of the range of Yaohai Paixian Island. A ladder connects Xiandao and the floating mountain, which seems to be an overpass.
"Here’s …" Zhuge looked at the suspended peak with some surprise, and wondered how many floating mountains there were in this Yaohai Sect.
"It’s called the Blue Palace." YanMeng glass said coldly, cold words.
"It’s really verve, even the Great Hall of the People is not so grand." Zhuge said without light touches his lips. Yin Mengli was disgusted with Zhuge Liang, so she was too lazy to answer his puzzling words.
Yin Mengli’s fairy sword returned to its sheath, and Zhuge Liang fell in front of this pavilion. Zhuge Liang saw a plaque of "Blue Palace" hanging above this pavilion. I can’t help but feel a little depressed. How come every palace here has to hang a similar plaque? Is it verve?
Compared with the grandeur of Yaoxian Pavilion of Yaohai School, the Blue Sky Palace looks fresh and elegant.
When Zhuge Buliang and Yin Mengli entered the pavilion, they found that the elder of the Blue Sky was already waiting, and there were more than a dozen female disciples of the Yaohai Sect gathered inside. Elder Bilong used to recruit only female disciples, thus limiting the number of disciples in Bilong Palace. There are only a dozen female disciples.
Zhuge immediately brightened up before dawn. These dozens of female disciples were all extremely beautiful. Although they were not as beautiful as Yin Mengli, they were also graceful and graceful people who could become immortals. Who is not a person with wonderful bones?
As soon as Zhuge Bu Liang arrived, these female disciples immediately whispered, and Yingying Yan Yan discussed it, and her eyes kept looking at Zhuge Bu Liang.
"The master said that a male disciple would come to our Blue Sky Palace, which is true ~ ~"
"Haha, I didn’t expect our master to understand and recruit male disciples."
"I thought it was a handsome boy, this boy looks very ordinary ~ ~"
"Not bad, pretty handsome ~ ~ ~"
Although the voices of several female disciples are very low, Zhuge can clearly hear them when he is not bright. At this moment, he has a feeling of being played by a monkey.
Zhuge Liang shrugged his shoulders and greeted these senior sisters: "Hi, classmates ~ ~"
At first, several female disciples were stunned by Zhuge’s strange language, and then there was a burst of Yingying’s charming laughter, one by one, beautifully dressed and charming. Zhuge didn’t light up and quickly recovered his mind. Every girl here is a beautiful woman who peaks the country and peaks the people. After that, how can she cultivate immortality here …
Elder Blue Sky sat at the head. She introduced many rules of the Yaohai Sect to Zhuge Buliang, and gave Zhuge Buliang a pamphlet, saying, "These are all rules of the Yaohai Sect. You should recite them as soon as possible and keep them in mind, or you will get into trouble again."
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Chapter 12 The Gate of Life and Death
Zhuge took the thin book before dawn, and his head got bigger at once. This thing looks very thin, but it is full of words, which is almost comparable to the code of conduct of primary school students.
"Meng Li, you will teach this little teacher younger brother the future cultivation, okay?" Elder Sky turned to look at Yin Mengli.
YanMeng glass charming body yishan immediately, absolutely beautiful jade yan some white, but still nodded his head. But secretly complain in my heart.
"Master, I have an opinion!"
At this moment, a girl in red who seems to be 16 or 17 years old stood out. The girl was born with a delicate appearance, but her skin was a little dark. She was a little black girl, but her eyes were full of clever and playful feeling.
"What’s the matter, Kewei?" The elder in the sky looked at the dark-skinned girl.
"Why don’t you give me the younger brother to teach? Sister Mengli is so busy that she has to help you with the chores of the Blue Sky Palace." Little black sister blinked her clever eyes and laughed.
"Well … I’d better leave this matter to Meng Li. What are you doing, my little girl?" The elder of the sky smiled bitterly, and secretly thought to himself, this girl has not saved trouble enough. It is not a leisure advocate to watch Zhuge not bright. If these two people come together, can they still fall out in Yaohai Sect?
"Well, you all go down, Mengli, and I’ll leave the cultivation lessons to you, and you can arrange accommodation for him later." The elder of the sky said, turned to leave, and after a few steps, it was gone.
"I have chores to deal with. Why don’t you meet me at Chenhua Pavilion later?" Yin Mengli coldly dropped a sentence and followed.