Lin Dong was vigilant when he saw the crack, so as soon as the Zijin light appeared, he was aware that his face changed dramatically and his body suddenly retreated. At the same time, he suddenly blew a terrible blow and slammed into the Zijin light.

However, the strength that can easily bring a student to the top of the Xuan realm is directly cracked when he meets that Zijin light, and then that Zijin light is instantly rushed to him in Lin’s eyes with horror, and then the light tail flashes directly to his eyebrows and rushes into his body.
In this way, Zijin light rushed into Lin’s body, and his body was suddenly and strangely condensed. Chapter one hundred and nineteen Zijin skin.
When the purple and gold light rushed into Lin’s body, his body suddenly solidified, and then his face became purple in an instant, and there were several purple and gold rays coming in his eyes.
It was quite difficult to curse, and his body trembled slightly from the forest’s teeth. At this time, his body was almost turned upside down in an instant because of the intrusion of Zijin light.
That purple and gold light came from the ancient times with the same head, and it was a very arrogant gesture in the rampage of the forest moving body, and even when it hit, it was a burst of pain.
Lin took two deep breaths to suppress the body pain as much as possible, then quickly sat down and sank into the body, and then the force swept wildly and surrounded the Zijin light that broke into the body
Bang bang bang.
However, his containment obviously didn’t get too big, and the Zijin light was outrageous to a rather amazing extent, and the obstacles were all forcibly hit by it and then churned in the meridians.
Lin move a nu scold immediately mind move engulf ZuFu surging black light swept, and at the same time the ancient array suspended in the abdomen Fang Gan Kun is also a ray of light.
At the same time, the two sacred objects moved the purple and gold light as if they were aware of the danger. Previously, it was a little rampant, but obviously it was still unwilling to succumb to the light flashing and constantly scurrying about in the skeleton of Lin’s limbs.
See where you’re going.
Lin’s mind closely followed this Zijin light, which swallowed the Zufu black hole with a sneer. Now the Zijin light is directly in front and then the ancient array of Kun is swept away, and the curtain of light is instantly shrouded in this Zijin light.
in a grand fashion
Zijin light severely hit the ancient array of Gankun to form a light curtain, but this time it didn’t get the previous effect, but it was directly ejected back.
I’d like to see what you are, how dare you run wild in my body? At this time, your face seems to be fierce. If you don’t eat Zufu Gankun’s ancient array guardian today, I’m afraid you will be immortal by this purple and gold light.
Lin’s mind was locked with the purple and gold light. With this careful note, he was able to find that the purple and gold light seemed to be a piece of purple and gold skin the size of a thumb.
Lin moved his mind and looked at the purple and gold skin for a while. What came from the crack in the light film turned out to be a piece of skin, and now it has run into his body.
This knot really makes Lin move a little in distress situation, but soon he gradually calmed down. Although the purple and gold skin is the size of a nail, it contains an extremely old fluctuation.
That kind of fluctuation is not strange, but it is also a vast gas. However, compared with the seventh layer, this purple and gold skin contains a vast gas, which is almost as different as germplasm.
Try refining
This thought flashed through Lin’s heart. This purple and gold skin contains an extremely pure gas. If you can suck words, I’m afraid it will be of great benefit to him.
At the thought of this, Lin’s heart couldn’t resist some fever, and he didn’t hesitate again immediately. His mind moved to devour Zufu, but he roared and swallowed the light and weaved it on that piece of Zijin leather.
This purple and gold skin obviously has a lot of history, so even in the face of devouring ZuFu, it swallowed refining. At first, it was still, but Lin Dong was not impatient. This thing, no matter what its position, fell into his heavy control, and it could not turn any waves.
And with the gradual increase of the swallowing power of the ancestors, the piece of Zijin skin finally trembled, and a little bit of thin Zijin luster peeled off and then turned into plumes of Zijin gas.
Lin moved to urge Yuanli to carefully wrap a wisp of Zijin gas, and just as Yuanli contacted Zijin gas, an ancient buzz of Judah crashed in the forest.
The force wrapped in Zijin gas almost burst in an instant, and a little bit of Zijin gas rose up and finally swarmed into the skeleton meridians of the forest animal.
Click click
With these purple and gold gas drilling into the forest, he was suddenly shocked to see the body, bones, muscles, meridians, etc. It turned out to be crawling at this moment, and the purple and gold lines spread in the body, and the giant worms invaded the bones one by one, which made people feel creepy.
It’s terrible
Lin took a deep breath of air conditioning, and his heart was filled with horror. The plumes of Zijin gas contained the vast gas, which was almost pure and refined to a terrible degree.