"Really? That’s great!" Ranging from windson say that finish Chen Er happy cried strong brotherhood beyond words. And Chen Er around him also showed a reassuring smile.

"Well, let’s get out of here first. The smell of blood here is too strong. Who knows if there will be no big guys coming." Said windson waved away the "purple light" and put away the ring, but frowned and saw that there was no danger around for the time being. This just took out the "Crystal House". When Qin Xinyu and their three girls came outside, they were immediately stunned by the sight of Shura Hell.
"Small wind brother exactly what happened? Are you all right except Tiger Brother? " Blue beibei earnestly took windson’s arm and carefully looked him up and down. Qin Xinyu and Chu Yu also paid attention to Lin Venture Capital.
"We are all fine. I will tell you the details when we get to a safe place." Lin Feng shook his head and immediately asked, "What happened to Dahu?"
"We have lifted him up to the treatment cabin and started treatment. It is estimated that he will be fine in a few days." Qin Xinyu replied.
While speaking, several people returned to the messy camp. All the useful equipment was put away. Suddenly Sun Xiaohai exclaimed: "Look at the big gem!"
Windson and others turned around and saw Sun Xiaohai’s hand holding a fist-sized ivory translucent crystal shining brightly in the early morning sunshine.
"Really, it’s so beautiful." Blue Beibei immediately jumped over and took the crystal from Sun Xiaohai. Carefully looked up.
"It doesn’t seem to be a gem." Windson eyebrows a pick he keenly felt that this crystal contains huge energy and fairy crystal, but it is definitely not fairy crystal, because the energy in the crystal is different from all the energy he has known, and it seems to be a kind of bioenergy.
"Well, there’s one here, too." Chen Wolf bent down and picked up a pale green translucent crystal, but this one is only the size of pigeon eggs. But the energy inside is similar to that in the milky white land.
"Where did it come from? So there was no present last night? " Lin Feng strangely scanned it carefully near the camp with his mind, and suddenly said in surprise, "These crystals seem to grow out of the heads of these animals."
"Can’t you? Is it the crystal nucleus of Warcraft? But why didn’t I see that these animals can cast magic? " Sun Xiaohai couldn’t help but be surprised to see that he is also a loyal fan of some yy fantasy novel. As soon as he heard that the crystals grow in the heads of animals, he immediately thought of Warcraft …
Chen Er is the most decisive. He immediately picked up a head of animals from the ground. Pulling out the alloy and piercing the head, I found a light gray translucent spar still stained with blood and brains, which is also only the size of pigeon eggs.
"Weird never heard of the beast with long crystals in his head. Is it really Warcraft? Does that mean there will be wizards on this planet? " Windson is also a little excited. When he pondered his own self-cultivation, he also consulted many Xianxia and fantasy novel, who are also interested in legendary magic. Although some magical effects are similar to the legendary magic, it makes Windson want to try magic and magic.
"No matter all collected. Study it well in the future. " Windson smile happily of the orders.
Soon a pile of colorful translucent crystals piled up in front of windson. There were more than 100 pieces of pigeon’s eggs, and only two pieces were the size of fists. One of them was dug out by windson himself from the head of the beast that was dismembered by it. By the way, he also collected some blood from the body of the beast, stripped off a little skin and took off the two unicorns, wondering if he could refine something with these materials. Warcraft in yy’s novel is full of treasures.
But windson’s butcher-like behavior attracted the strong resentment of three girls, knowing that these crystals are all monsters growing in their heads. The beautiful women who are usually the least resistant to jewelry immediately lost interest in these beautiful crystals.
"Purple light" hovered around the forest land around the previous camp.
Windson in the search and doll although know two little guys nearby is unlikely, or with the keen sense of spirit beast should have windson they fight in the morning it’s time to find. But windson always hold some kind of luck. I hope the two little guys are not far from them.
"Damn it. Here we go again! " See the front high toward the "purple light" swooped several shadows windson helplessly cursed. Manipulated the "purple light" and hid in the Woods.
This is the eighth time that Lin Feng has encountered such a hateful huge bird. Before that, Lin Feng finally persuaded everyone to let everyone take a rest in the advanced Crystal House with the powerful "purple light", and manipulated the "purple light" by himself to search and find out the nearby terrain and environment. I didn’t expect that "Ziguang" was besieged by dozens of giant birds who didn’t know where to fly just after it rose to the sky.
The feathers of these giant birds with a wingspan of more than ten meters reflect metallic luster, and their claws are as sharp as hooks.
Although several heads were beheaded by "Purple Light" in a short time, more and more giant birds flew in from a distance and surrounded the "Purple Light". Although it was completely possible to kill as many as possible with the defense of "Purple Light" and Lin Feng’s powerful manipulation skills, Lin Feng was in a hurry to find dolls, and there was no time to entangle with these animals, and it was definitely a dangerous thing for the fix-true.
As a last resort, Lin Feng had to escape into the forest. Fortunately, these giant birds didn’t chase into the forest, but they just "reluctantly" circled several times over the forest and flew away.
Just as Lin Feng thought that he was out of trouble and took off again, it wasn’t long before those giant birds flew up again, which made Lin Feng bored. But now the degree of "purple light" in the atmosphere is not much faster than these giant birds, and these giant birds are as smart as the animals that attacked the camp in the early morning, and they also know how to encircle and compress the range of "purple light".
Lin Feng once wanted to get rid of these giant birds by flying height. Generally speaking, the flying height of birds has a certain limit. In tens of thousands of meters high, oxygen is thin, and few creatures can survive in this environment. However, when the purple light flies to a certain height, it is like falling into the sea, and there are huge invisible energy flows everywhere, which makes the action of the purple light difficult, but those giant birds do not seem to be affected at all, and they are as smart as a duck.
"These huge energy flows must be the chief culprit for the explosion of the small reconnaissance satellite that Sun Xiaohai shot."
Windson in desperation had to let the "purple light" fly close to the top of the forest, and immediately fell to the forest to escape at the sight of those giant birds flying. But that’s it. These giant birds still don’t give up. They stubbornly follow the "purple light". Once the "purple light" appears over the forest, they will immediately attack. It feels like they are consumed by forest air.
"Forget it, forget it, you will not play with you!"
Windson compromised. Fortunately, the trees in this forest are mostly tall and 100 meters long, and they are not closely arranged. Only the 12-meter-high "purple light" can barely walk through the forest. Of course, the degree of decline is inevitable.
However, there are giant birds above the forest, and the forest is not calm.
Windson is honored to have seen many strange beasts, most of which have extremely large bodies, like the two behemoths that were beheaded by windson before, and their bodies are still medium among these beasts. Fifty or sixty meters high creature windson also saw several heads and had to avoid them from a distance.
But sometimes trouble comes that you can’t avoid if you want to.
It’s not far away. The three heads are more than 20 meters high and covered in exaggerated muscles. The behemoth looks like an orangutan. It’s flexible and jumping in the Woods and heading straight for the "purple light".

Chapter two hundred and forty-six Atlantis landis
"What the hell is this place? Don’t you know that I hate orangutans the most?" It’s no wonder that Lin’s ethos is extremely corrupt, and he suffered a few losses in the hands of Yao Xiu Jinjiao and was brought here by his master, Black Horn. Now Lin Feng hates to see orangutans.
In a hurry, windson no longer chooses to dodge and manipulate the "purple light" to rush up head-on.
A face-to-face "purple light" caught the giant gorilla in the front, and a flying kick under the giant palm kicked the giant gorilla out and collided with the two ends behind it.
"Purple light" stubbornly caught up with it and kicked it away, grabbed the paw at the other end and threw it to the ground with a standard over-the-shoulder throw. At last, I just wanted to sneak attack, but I was kicked in the face by "Ziguang" and my face hurt.
After several rounds, the giant gorilla was not cheap at all, and it was beaten to pieces. This is windson punches didn’t use weapons, unless absolutely windson also don’t want to kill more evil.
But windson didn’t want to kill, but the giant gorilla didn’t let go of the "purple light". Even though he knew that he was defeated by these three giant gorillas, he didn’t retreat. And these three guys are rough-skinned, like three giant tumblers. They just got up when they were knocked over, and they didn’t see any idea of running away.
They don’t want to run windson, but they want to run, kill and fight, and they don’t want to run. In the face of such a situation, only windson runs away by himself.
Fortunately, when the "purple light" withdrew from a distance. The three giant gorillas stopped chasing, and presumably they knew that their opponents were not to be trifled with.
Out of the fighting after windson know this time to search action is not bottom go to, haven’t search how many range suffered so many battles. It seems that the behemoths in this forest have a strong sense of territory. Once the "purple light" invades their territory, it will never die, and there will never be any fear.
Moreover, this terrible "purple light" as big as a forest can’t be seen at an altitude of tens of thousands of meters, even without these annoying behemoths. It is not possible to complete the search in a short time. It seems that you have to rely on luck to find the doll.
But this time, the search operation was not without any results. In the process of searching, Lin Fengxian found some interesting things in a certain direction of the forest.
Suddenly, a piece of debris appeared in the lush forest, with an extremely wide area. Although only the broken skeleton has been eroded by the years, it can still be seen that this relic used to be a huge building complex and even a bustling city.
As the lens goes on, the huge sign of the collapse of the alloy building skeleton. The remains of machinery were displayed one by one in the Woods.
Looking at the virtual projection in front of Chen Erqin’s mind, their faces are suddenly surprised and happy.
Windson to play with the glittering and translucent get rid of "Lei Bing" looked at Qin Xinyu with great interest the expression on their faces.
After the previous decision to stop the search, Lin Feng easily found the "Lei Bing" deeply inserted into the trunk of a tree in the forest with the induction in his heart. Then manipulated the "purple light" to land on a seemingly safe hill.
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After Chen Er and Qin Xinyu got them out of the "Crystal House", Lin Feng showed them their interesting present in the forest without saying anything.
To tell the truth when Lin Fengji saw this relic in the forest, the color of his face was no better than that of Chen Er.
"This is definitely a relic of a city with a high degree of civilization, but why is it abandoned to such an extent?" Sun Xiaohai said silly.