The calm sea suddenly broke through the wind in a hurry, and a reddish light came from far and near, and then rushed away at an alarming speed. At those high-speed seas, a conspicuous water mark was pressed by life.

in a grand fashion
And soon after this latosolic red light swept away, the rear suddenly rumbled like an earth-shattering, and soon a hundred lotus flowers appeared, and a ferocious blood shark broke through the water and then chased after the latosolic red light in front.
This chase and flight also makes this fairly quiet sea become extra lively.
Stop them for me
Summer at the head of the face, cold looking at the distance running latosolic red light eyes full of rage color growl coming from his mouth with thick ShaQi.
Their trip is very important. If Mu Lingshan escapes again and goes back to the undead whale family, it will inevitably cause a great wave. When the time comes, they will face the anger of the undead whale family, even if they want to come to The Hunger shark family, they will have a great headache.
Whatever you do, you must not let them go.
Thought of here, the cold in the eyes of Xia Guan is even worse. A stamp of blood shark’s lotus flower is pouring into his body. Suddenly, the blood shark’s eyes are suddenly red, and the speed is soaring. It is directly to turn a bloody arrow into a red light that quickly catches up with the front.
The formation scattered and trapped it.
When chasing near, Na Xia once again led him to drink those trained The Hunger sharks around him, and immediately dispersed and formed a semicircle shape to chase the latosolic red light in front.
The rear array change also attracted the attention of latosolic red light, in which the giant tripod hummed for a moment, and its tripod body suddenly fell and then rushed into the sea.
Fool dare to compare the speed in water with my The Hunger sharks.
Xia Guan looked at it with a cold eye, and the blood shark immediately dived into the water. After the water, their speed was obviously soaring, and hundreds of water marks in the sea passed by at a more amazing speed, chasing the latosolic red tripod.
It’s really difficult
The latosolic red tripod was quickly swept away in the sea. He felt that the pursuit that followed was not a dark curse, and the speed of the giant tripod’s light was also skyrocketing.
The complex terrain of the submarine reef group in front of the forest movement can be avoided
Manipulating the burning ding Lin suddenly sounded rock sound in his heart, and his smell speech spirit was also a vibration. It is too difficult for these The Hunger sharks to get rid of this and chase them sooner or later.
Ten minutes later, the giant tripod quickly passed by, but in the front of the seabed, there were pieces of reefs like mountains on the seabed. The giant tripod moved and turned continuously, and then it burned the tripod at a dead angle of view. Finally, it became a slap in the face and burst into a giant reef.
Shua shua
Just as the burning tripod got smaller and got into the reef, the blood sharks in the rear roared past again and finally quickly left, but this distance did not last long, and then a group of blood sharks swept back. The leader was the Xia commander who looked at them. At this time, the extremely ugly face was obviously found and lost.
Search this reef area for me. They must be hiding here.
Summer at the head of the rage growled that those The Hunger sharks are also strong and quickly responded, and then the troops dispersed to search carefully for this complex seabed area
When they searched, the palm-sized latosolic red tripod light in the depths of a reef mountain was gradually gathered, and later it almost turned into a latosolic red rock, and the fluctuations were scattered.
I hope I don’t get caught.
When the fluctuation of the burning tripod disappeared, Lin Dong also clapped his hands in its tripod. It was said that the number of horses belonging to the The Hunger shark clan was indeed quite large, and nearly ten people reached the level of being born in Xuan. Even Lin Dong was quite troublesome to deal with.
Brother, thank you for saving me.
Suddenly, the little girl smiled behind Lin. He turned his head and saw that Mulingshan was sitting cross-legged on her huge black door panel. This scene looked quite strange.
Lin Lin’s line of sight was sitting on the black door panel in Mulingshan, and his eyes were slightly condensed. From that thing, he could vaguely detect a rather horrible fluctuation. It can be seen that this door panel should also be a very strong and pure ingot.
It should be the coffin of life and death, and the cover rock of the coffin is suddenly at this time.
Life-and-death coffin cover Lin Dong Wei leng presumably never heard of this thing.