He is like a riddle, similar to Mo Xie, and his profound feelings are not exposed. He is always true and false, but it is true and false and difficult to argue.
And she also lost her mind like a tumbler.
I don’t know which day I picked a peach blossom in my dream, two flowers and three flowers. She can’t tell who she feels is her true feelings and who she sympathizes with is her gratitude.
When you are in a daze, a dumb but cold call comes from behind, and then a hot head touches her neck. Is the hot heat wave hitting your heart? My slave is as tender as the spring breeze but as cold as the wind. The dumb and evil words hide that terrible and violent.
Korea turned around and fell into Cass’s arms, half-leaning and dragging on his arms. He blinked at how many eyelashes he said, Are you a ghost? What is your heart?
Ha, ha, ha, slave, you’d better not be hurt by my perfunctory. Cass’s bloody eyes are full of warnings brewing a storm.
Are you attracted to him?
Cass persistently asked that his brow was full of violence and pity. After a sleepless night, he finally decided to take a step, but she randomly picked peach blossoms and flirted around. The golden skirt made him look more and more unsightly. This dress was really beautiful, so he heard a hiss. The golden robe was torn into pieces and torn into two halves, and fell to the ground sadly.
What are you doing?
Korea curled up in panic and tried to bend down to pick it up, but Cass got a squeaky overbearing grip on her slim waist and made her analyze each other eye to eye.
You are really a playboy slave.
Cass lengther asserted.
I’m a playboy.
Last night, I threw myself into the lake today. Is it necessary to warm the bed for Mo Xie’s shemale? Cass’s words are sharper than a wan blade, stabbing Korea and dropping it. Your red face really annoys me. It’s not that I don’t tear it off. Cass caressed her cheeks and eyes slightly, and she was bloody and frightened, scaring Korea and dropping it with bated breath. You are so overbearing.
Bullying is bullying.
Isn’t it?
I once told my stupid woman that if she didn’t love me and betrayed me, I would cut her heart out. Cass narrowed her long and narrow phoenix eyes and smiled at her. She was violent because she rubbed her palm slightly. Well, he admitted that he was jealous of Kirin. You are my slave, and it is no exception. If you don’t follow me, I will tear your face off and ask you to seduce everywhere.
So cruel
Korea curled her lips and glanced at Cass for a half-ring. This guy is really overbearing and terrible. If he is pegged to that life, don’t try to live in peace. Don’t put on his clothes. I suddenly Kas wrapped his lotus-root skirt in Korea and curled his shoulders, which made his body temperature clear.
No one is allowed to wear my slave.
You’re so arrogant. You look at the poor gold robe on the ground, but he tore it up. It’s cruel to be arrogant to the extreme.
From now on, you are my exclusive slave. Eat, drink, sleep and don’t try to escape.
I have to listen to you
There is a limit to her patience, okay? Even if he is her Lord, there is a limit. Unfortunately, she is wrong. For him, the limit is bullshit.
You and I kissed
Kiss your noble Lord, kill Shekas, stir up the beautiful eyes of Danfeng, turn to spring waves, and the evil spirit is red and beautiful. You have to listen to the uncle pause. He clamped her jaw and glanced at the hoarse lips. Why do you still want to try?
The cloister is full of beautiful scenery.
The cold wind roared outside the door.
And the warm breath of the door weave forms a white mist that is as straight as the sky.
I want to kiss you.
I want to kiss your slave Cass. I glance at her lips and throat in a confused way. The whole body is dry and the heat is burning. I long for her lips, her breath and her sweetness. Even if my heart struggles hard, I still can’t restrain that bone impulse.
Give it a kiss
Korea curled her chest and glanced at Cass, who was also flushed. She wanted to take a deep breath, as if her breath had been taken away by him. You really kissed me. She glared at me, touched her crisp lips and picked her eyebrows.
Kiss and kiss. Don’t bark.
Cass cold hum
Therefore, calmly shaking the sleeves and pretending to be an old hand in love means that the appearance is oblique to Korea, and the shyness still passes away.