You will marry me today

Walk with me hand in hand.
Create a happy life
Did you come yesterday?
It will be a pity.
You will marry me today
The lingering sound is full of happiness.
Comrade Gu Mengmeng has never sung a song, but Jolin Tsai’s second voice has been successfully interpreted.
Enya Gu Jingxi looked at each other.
They looked at Taiwan in unison, and a couple of people were sighing together.
The power of love is great. Chapter one hundred and twenty-five Pork intestines noodles
The wedding banquet was held in the army canteen.
Although it is not as magnificent, exquisite and luxurious as a five-star hotel, it is better than the window. The clean atmosphere is harmonious and warm. The wall slogan has been replaced by a red big double table. The pork feast is delicious and appetizing. When the local wine fills everyone’s cup, it is refreshing and fragrant.
After the royal group said it,
Conway changed into a light short lotus-pink cheongsam, and Gu Mengmeng got a toast at the table.
You have a drink.
I’ll have one.
It’s not enough fun for you not to drink.
I don’t drink enough friends.
Drink and drink.
Before the wedding banquet was over, Major Kang was wiped clean.
Don’t look at Gu Mengmeng, the royal group, and tell her that Big Sister should help the wolf to go back to the bridal chamber. I’m afraid it’s hard to say later.
He meant to make Gu Mengmeng flush.
She first went back to Beijing at the same meeting, and after greeting Enya Gu Jingxi, she helped Conway back to their new house with a little drunk.
Stumbling all the way and wanting to fall down finally got him to a red wedding bed in the mountains and rivers of the motherland.
His eyes were closed tightly, but his handsome face showed a real smile. He occupied the bed when he lay on his face.
Gu Mengmeng nai gave him a gasp and tried his body’s hot temperature to make sure that he was relieved to drink.
She leaned against the head of the bed to celebrate the warm wedding room, but she could clearly see that he left many traces in addition to those fancy red.
Thick military books are piled up with high-rise wooden tables and chairs, and there is a thick notebook computer that can’t see any model. Now the red word is pressed on the surface, and the black corner is exposed. A pair of shell casings are placed in front of the window to make tanks and planes. From a distance, it seems that they are not glued together.
I walked over and was interested in twisting it up to study how the villain put it in, and then the bed came behind him. He groaned.
He half squinted his long eyes, his tail lashes curled up at the tail, and his blurred eyes made him look full of male temptation, especially when he was still wearing a collar button, and he had already exposed the healthy wheat-colored chest muscles inside.
She quickly flashed her eyes to the kettle and poured him a cup of warm water. She leaned on the bed and pointed the cup at his lips.
Drink water, Conway
Well, he tried to open his eyes wide and laughed when he saw that it was her.
The drunken man was still energetic, but he raised his hand slightly and put her in his arms, holding her tightly and drinking a sip of water. Give her a kiss and drink another sip of water.
Well, it’s choking me. Let it go
It’s nice, wife. I can finally say that I slept with you, huh
Blunt nose alcohol let Gu Mengmeng several want to faint that smell.
Don’t believe anyone who says that men drink alcohol and smell good.
He pulled the mandarin duck at random and was paged, which covered both heads. Wife, I want you to do it.
Gu Mengmeng ear load covered his disorderly mouth scold him to shut up.
Well, well, well, Conway’s eyes are red, making her claws panting and talking about dreaming.