Drinking longyang nodded his head, and the corners of his mouth moved, but he couldn’t smile at all. He took Ye Chen and walked to the opposite restaurant.

Chapter III South Emperor Sect
This is a closed elegant table, which has been filled with all kinds of dishes. Ye Chen and Long Yang are sitting opposite each other, while Ning Xue is sitting next to Chen, constantly swallowing carefully, almost overflowing her mouth, watching the delicacies of the table and sometimes secretly glancing at her brother in the sealed area. She eats barbecue every day, and most of them are dry food in Longcheng Road in the next day, which she has never seen before, and has already hooked up her greedy department.
Longyang took a glass in one hand and a hip flask in the other, and drank it every time he filled it, but he didn’t force Ye Chen to accompany him to drink. It seemed that he wanted to vent all his bitterness into the wine. Ye Chen didn’t talk. He picked up the small bowl in front of Ning Xue and put it in front of Xiao Ning Xue. Let’s eat it quickly.
Well, I’m so hungry. After enduring the snow for a long time, my saliva finally overflowed. She quickly picked up chopsticks and ate it very indecent.
Another glass of swig and Longyang’s eyes became more blurred. He slammed the glass and said, Brother Ye, I am right or wrong.
A person is right, yes, Ye Chen replied.
That’s right, that’s right, but what happened to her is that her father took a fancy to a woman? Long Yang said painfully that his hands could not help but clench and almost broke his glass.
Ye Chen once again filled the small bowl with condensed snow and said calmly, Brother Long, you are drunk.
I really want to get drunk and get drunk forever, and then I can think about nothing and worry about nothing. Every time I see her, I can face her calmly, but every time I see her, I will fail again. I have trained my mind for five years, but I can’t forget her. Brother Ye, you must be extraordinary. Can you really guess my identity?
Ye Chen, ha ha, smiled and knew that I am not from this world after all. Your status is not important to me. You are too much or a common people. I know that you are the one who saved my life by saving snow. How can a sentence from Tai Dian be more cordial than a sentence from Long Da Ge?
Longyang burst out laughing. If you are an ordinary person, this is really a crime, but you are qualified to say this. When the old-timer of Sword God saved a Tianlong country on his own, he suddenly left and disappeared from now on. He is capable enough to be ignored for a whole day. Even if my father saw it, he should be polite for seven points. You are an old-timer of Sword God. In the future, you must also look down on us royals.
Ye Chen has a smile on his face, but he knows the status of Longyang, but he is close to him. Because the old man gave the black ring, Longyang, the dragon master, regarded him as a sword god. The mainland people don’t know that it is a myth in Tianlong country, and the representative of the sword god is often a sword god. Even if it is the royal family, it is also flattering rather than provoking.
It seems that the old man quietly gave himself a gift. Ye Chen silently thought of it
It’s too much for the emperor to decide on women. He has made no secret of revealing himself in front of himself, even if he wants to get out, he can’t clean it up.
Longyang filled his glass with sound and said leisurely, Brother Ye, you are me. What would you do?
This question is that a wise man will not answer the words that he was involved in the scandal of the emperor’s family because of carelessness. One bad thing is that Ye Chen looked at him and said slowly, you give up and never see her again. You will
I haven’t forgotten her for five years. I know it’s impossible for my generation to forget her. Giving up her will be painful for life. Longyang shook his head and poured his glass again.
So are you determined that your father will fight for it?
Longyang’s body froze and her mouth twitched a few sighs. She came to belong to her father, a woman, and I shouldn’t have gone to fight for her father. It’s really a big mistake, and how could I rob my father?
It’s up to you to prepare for a lifetime of pain or to go against the road and be desperate. It’s up to you for a woman to fight for a long time. I’m an outsider
Taking a small circle is equivalent to saying nothing. Ye Chen took a sip from his glass and then frowned slightly. Longyang is the best wine in this restaurant, but the best wine is not the difference between the two in memory. Putting the glass silently thought that Tianlong Kingdom was equivalent to a thousand years ago, when China did not have modern high technology, even the brewing technology was a mess.
Longyang was silent for a long time. Ye Chen filled the glass in front of him and asked casually, "This infatuated person must be a fairy girl. I don’t know which girl is so lucky."
Long Yang raised his glass with a lot on his mind. This time, instead of taking a sip, he took a sip and let go of his disappointment. For many years, I have never had a person who can really speak frankly. They either flatter Nuo Nuo or dare not say anything more. I have always longed for a friend like Brother Ye who can treat me as an ordinary friend. He sighed with a wry smile. This is all the glamorous appearance of the imperial family.
Ye Chen’s mouth slightly tugged at the emperor’s house. Nain, you were born in the emperor’s house. You can say such things, but one day you can choose to be a common people. Would you really choose?
That person, who was born in the imperial family like a fairy, has been reading beautiful figures for years, but I didn’t know how vulgar those women were before I met her. Five years ago, when I first saw her, it was amazing, and that was the first day when she came to my Tianlong City. She was 17 years old, and she was visiting her father with the Southern Emperor. At that time, my father reacted exactly the same way. He almost did not hesitate to ask the Southern Emperor to promise her his concubine, but she gave a deadline to enter the palace when she was five years old.
South Emperor Zong Yechen’s heart suddenly moved, and he heard the word South Emperor again.
Chapter 1 Three Interrupters
Longyang some surprised to see his one eye and asked Brother Ye, don’t you know this Southern Emperor Sect?
Ye Chen nodded his head.
Longyang smiled and said that it seems that Brother Ye has been away from the world for a long time. The South Emperor lived in Tianchen, and the mainland people don’t know that because of its power, it destroyed a royal family and replaced it.
Ye Chen
According to the ancient saying, our world was born because of the Southern Emperor and the Northern Emperor, and then the Southern Emperor and the Northern Emperor both died in the struggle. However, they were left behind and inherited from generation to generation in Tianchen mainland. The Southern Empress founded the Southern Emperor Sect, while the Northern Emperor descendants founded the Northern Emperor Sect. Their power is extremely powerful, which is by no means comparable to other forces in Tianchen mainland, but fortunately, they never participate in earthly struggles. They are also born to be sworn enemies with the Southern Emperor and the Northern Emperor all the year round, but they never win or lose.
Twenty years ago, one day, the South Emperor patriarch suffered a plot against him, and the poison was in danger. Therefore, the South Emperor Sect was defeated by the North Emperor Sect. At that time, my father ascended the throne at the beginning and the South Emperor Sect fled all the way to the palace and was discovered. So my father disregarded people’s opposition and risked the royal family’s extinction to intervene in this matter. A water rhyme Dan in the palace relieved the poison of the South Emperor Patriarch and moved the three major masters of the palace. More than a dozen spiritual masters helped the South Emperor Sect to regain its fighting power. The South Emperor Patriarch held the North Emperor Sect and their struggle was frozen. More than a dozen level masters and spiritual level masters joined the Guards to easily break this balance, so the Southern Emperor Sect defeated and won the biggest victory in the war of the Northern Emperor Sect, and the Northern Emperor Sect fled and disappeared for 20 years, and the Southern Emperor Sect searched for it for 20 years and also gained it.
Nanhuangzong never owes a favor. At that time, Nanhuangzong promised that his father would grant him a request, but it was fifteen years later that his father said his request, that is, let Nanhuangzong Shuiyuntian betroth his only daughter Shuimengchan to him.
Longyang smiled bitterly. Even the most powerful windy country in Tianchen mainland was terrified, and my father risked being retaliated by the Northern Emperor in exchange for a request. Because she was so charming, men couldn’t resist Brother Ye. I couldn’t compete with my father, that is, I could compete with my father, but I could never compete with the Southern Emperor.
Is the emperor’s request really a woman? At most, it is part of it. Even if he wanted to clean up the Tianlong royal family, it would be impossible for Nan Huangzong, the only daughter of the South Emperor, to refuse because of his dignity. It took him fifteen years to ask Tianlong Emperor to wait until the two-year-old girl grew up. That’s a good calculation.
Thought of here Ye Chen casually asked Long Dage this matter should be your royal secret, aren’t you afraid that I will leak it?
Longyang shook his head and said, it’s not a secret, but it’s already spread all over Tianchen mainland. Now, who doesn’t know the news that the southern emperor’s daughter will marry me?
Ye Chen secretly sneer at this.