Lingyun left Mo Liudao and called the Quillfire Condor, also preparing to ride the Condor from Xu Tianyu and suddenly said, "Brother Mo, please stay."

Mo Liudao stopped to look back at Xu Tianyu.
"I don’t want to ask Brother Mo about one thing."
Mo Liudao smiled slightly. "What is it?"
Xu Tianyu’s face showed a little doubt, "Luo Zhanjian’s performance in the dark corner was really amazing. If I had to choose a fate between him and Xuanhua, I would definitely choose Luo Zhanjian. I can see that I believe that Brother Mo and Lingyun can also see that Lingyun can not choose him. I can understand that after all, he wants to push Xuanhua out, and Xuanhua can realize that he is naturally a chicken and a dog."
He made no secret of sarcasm when he said this
"I can’t understand why Brother Mo didn’t say anything about Luo Zhanjian, but if your hand can prove that he is lucky, it’s a great contribution. Is it that Brother Mo is willing to give me this credit?"
Mo Liudao smiled faintly. "I don’t think much of the credit. I now want to do these things well and hand over the work and get out of here."
Hearing Mo Liutao, Xu Tianyu immediately understood Mo Liutao. Although he didn’t say it, he already hinted that he was going to break the boundary and leave here soon. What credit did he want or give to him? Xu Tianyu.
Is that really the case?
Even if he is about to break the border, it doesn’t matter if he gets credit, or it is a good thing to add flowers and make him have more power and position in the future.
Don’t people who break the border even look down on this fame and fortune?
Xu Tianyu looked at Mo Liudao in doubt, but Mo Liudao didn’t speak. He rode away from Quillfire Condor.
Watched the mo six away from the figure Xu Tianyu murmured, "how do you say I don’t believe that he can really look down on fame and fortune and would rather give it to me without receiving credit? Or does he have another infidelity … Know that Luo Zhanjian may be unlucky but don’t want to say it … "
Come up to this idea in my mind. Xu Tianyu suddenly felt a cold sweat on his back.
If Mo Liudao is really the latter idea, it will be terrible.
This guy wants to find out his fate, but he doesn’t mean it. That’s not …
Xu Tianyu’s eyes flashed some complicated and difficult looks. As soon as this terrible idea appeared, he could no longer restrain himself. The more he thought about it, the more he felt cold.
At last, an indescribable strange smile appeared on his face.
"If it’s true, it’s a great contribution. With this contribution, you can’t get rid of the fruit?"
"But now is not the time for me to collect more evidence. Besides, he hasn’t broken the boundary successfully. When he does, it will be even more valuable to expose a successful heresy …? Hey … "
"Mo Liudao, if you really have infidelity, you will always show clues."
Xu Tianyu hid his smile and his eyes glowed.
Relying on his own ability, it is impossible for him to break the environment in this generation, so he is not willing to do so, but the fruit of breaking the environment is too rare, and it is almost impossible to get it by his own ability. The only source is to get great contributions, so he will have a chance to reward him.
This is also the reason why these super-strong people are desperate to make contributions.
For them, nothing is more precious than a broken fruit.
In the great darkness, everyone finally left, leaving only Jiang Shuijue, Gong Xiao, Ding Longyun, Xu Xuehui and Shui Lin beast.
Qian Ge ‘an, Xu Hai-shui, Ding Shi’s brother and sister, Zhang Hao and Gao Shengyi and others also stayed to constantly encourage them to let them not grieve.
They also found it hard to accept the death of Su Li, but the fact is that Su Li has not appeared for so long, and even the three guides have left this matter, and it is impossible for miracles to happen again.
However, several people like Jiang Shuixuan decided that Su Li was not dead. They had to wait until he returned to Ge ‘an and others, but they could not stay here all the time and eventually left with a heavy heart.
With the death of Suli, the situation in Shoude City will inevitably change.
The original Su Li can suppress Wang Tianxian and Lin Xinghai. Now Su Li is dead, and the situation will change. Everyone has no bottom in their hearts.
Now there are only four people and one beast who are closest to Su Li.
In the crowd, Jiang Shuixuan and others have no basis in their hearts. Xu Xuehui still seems to believe that Su Li is fine.
After waiting for a long time, Jiang Shuijue couldn’t help asking Xu Xuehui several times.
Xu Xuehui answered to let her continue to wait.
For Xu Xuehui’s performance, although they have always believed before, it is difficult to be confused now.
After all, even the guide decided that Su Li was dead. Can he really come back alive?
But Xu Xuehui firmly believes that Su Li is still alive. Did she really know the real situation of Su Li through some special means? Or wishful thinking and self-feeling?
As we waited longer, people gradually lost their confidence.
Finally, there has been no movement, and the dark stone suddenly appeared to change. The spells were glowing and suddenly rushed out of a black light beam.
Seeing the change of the dark stone, the water beast just jumped up and growled excitedly at the dark stone.
It feels that Su Li is back.
Jiang Shuixuan and Gong Xiao all got up at once, staring at the dark stone and full of tension.
With the convergence of the dark color beam, everything was quiet, and the dark stone appeared in Suli.
"Su Li-"Jiang Shuixuan couldn’t help but rush to a red eye and rushed to Su Li’s arms to hug him tightly.
Su Li didn’t expect Jiang Shuixuan to be so excited, but he was a little dumbfounded. He didn’t expect that everyone would recognize him as dead at the moment.
Gong Xiao pinched her lips and was a little excited, but she restrained herself and silently looked at Jiang Shuixuan, but she had no scruples about throwing herself into Su Li’s arms. The taste in her heart was unspeakable.
She was also very excited that Su Li could really come back alive, but she didn’t show it.
"Girl really has you!" Ding Longyun looked at Xu Xuehui with a smile and then cocked his thumb. He was impressed by Xu Xuehui’s perception.
Even the three guides believed that Su Li was dead, but she firmly believed that Su Li was still alive. Now it turns out that Su Li did return safely.
"What’s going on? What means that your light disappeared? Everyone had an accident." Jiang Shuixuan hugged Su Li tightly, then let him go and looked up and asked.
Su Li Dao "represents my bright spot?"
He was the first batch of twelve people to be sent away-twelve of them were sent to the dark refinery, and the mother crystal appeared with twelve points of light representing them.
Su Li didn’t know about it. After Jiang Shuixuan explained it, he realized that the mother crystal would appear after they entered the dark refining field, which represented their light spot.
If a man leaves the darkness to train soldiers or die, the light spot will disappear. He is mistaken for dead because the crystal breaks and the light spot disappears and the man does not return.
"So that’s it." Su Li couldn’t help but smile. "There was an accident. The crystal was broken by me. I didn’t expect you to misunderstand."
A few people listen to these words are stare big eyes looked at Su Li with a face of language.