These are not enough to shock Situ Hao. What shocked Situ Hao is that there are thirty or forty beautiful women around a strange wine pool in the middle of this hospital, sitting or sitting with them, and their figure is also excellent.

This means the meat forest in the Chinese wine pool, but the meat here is a harmonious body of women’s fragrance and beauty.
Situhao’s desire for women has already reached a flourishing level. When these women enter the eyes, although he is a flea illusion, he can’t help but feel that his body is burning with a fire.
As soon as the Chinese teenagers entered the courtyard, the door behind them was taken. The temperature in it was very suitable, and even if they didn’t wear clothes, they would never feel cold. The most terrible thing was that those red-harmonic naked women rushed to China and looked slutty and rubbed around the Chinese teenagers. The bones in their mouths were tender and soft.
Get out of here
Situhao, if the human body must have been unable to resist this fatal lure and confusion, she will fall on them, but the Chinese teenager drank such a sentence with a cold voice.
What a wonderful life this little beast has in front of him!
Situhao really envies him more and more.
Women seem to be extremely afraid of Chinese teenagers. He shouted and landed, not with spring scenery in his face, but retreated to one side.
A group of teenagers who are tired of seeing China are very impatiently mumbling, Mom, if only that chick could let me catch it back yesterday. The old man is sure to fight with her for 300 rounds. What is her grandmother’s position? She actually holds the mink and guards the beast, and then the Chinese teenager has a deep feeling.
Listen to the Chinese teenager’s words, Situ Hao can’t help but see beautiful girls in his mind. When those women who are not in touch with each other are dangling in front of his eyes, he really doesn’t have the previous enthusiasm.
These women are really vulgar in front of that beautiful girl.
The Chinese teenager went through the meat counting wall and went directly to a separate room on the other side. He sat at the table and started to stay. Where are you now, little beauty? The Chinese teenager muttered silently.
Situhao saw the Chinese teenager lost in thought until the time came. He jumped directly from the Chinese teenager and fell to the ground to return to the body. He immediately secretly cast the mastermind technique.
The soul force of the Chinese teenager is quite weak, but in a short time, Situ Hao took his soul out of the body to a corner of the room.
As the soul of the Chinese teenager is far away from the inter-body, Situ Hao quickly stops the soul-taking technique and hits several big holes in the Chinese teenager at the fastest speed.
When the Chinese teenager’s soul body was born, Situhao had already offered a sacrifice to Wu Jin, and the blade was placed across his neck.
You, who are you? The Chinese teenager looked at a bloody Situhao with horror and asked with a trembling voice.
Situhao looked at him coldly. Don’t you want to capture me and feed on my magic bullet?
You, you are Situ Hao.
Yes, it’s always Situhao, you fucking mother. I really don’t know how this world can be such a beast as you and your father.
Master Stuart, spare me.
SiTuHao didn’t let him finish, so he clicked on the dumb hole of Chinese teenager GaGa Ga. I heard that your practice is Yin-picking. Since that thing of yours has hurt so many people, I’ll always uproot him so that you won’t dare to harm anyone again. It’s also considered revenge for more than 20 lives in Shenyang.
The voice fell to the ground, and the young man’s face changed greatly. He wanted to talk but couldn’t get along.
Situhao no matter how many left hands grab the Chinese teenager’s roots and transport them with force, a piece of blood is flying in his hand, tearing the Chinese teenager’s roots together with the crotch cloth and really pulling them out by the roots.
Then Stuart Hao sucked two-thirds of the blood of the Chinese teenager according to his own plan, then broke his mouth, cut off his tongue and cut off his hands.
Cheep! At this moment, the door was beaten, and the ancient family owner actually walked into Chapter 1, and my sister appreciated you.
The ancient housemaster walked into the room, and Situhao was frightened to disgrace.
This is the ninth-order Wu Situhao. He didn’t strike back against such a master.
The ancient householders were shocked by the bloody scene at the moment, but wait for a while was there and didn’t know what had happened.
Little master? The ancient master looked at Situhao stupefied and asked.
Situhao’s body is covering the Chinese teenager at this time, and it is really impossible to recognize him because his face was spattered with blood when he cut his tongue just now.
Report that the master’s young master hasn’t come back yet. This man is a young master, and he has been specially treated by me to cut off his hands and cut off his tongue.