At this time, Qing offered the Pangu Bell, and there was a shocking shock, which caused Bude to have a concussion. The deity and the two gods were separated and shaken. Just as this shaking was distracted, the Qing hand’s Kongtong seal and the seven-star whip of the female milk had also been hit.

Kongtong seal dragon roared like thunder, incarnating the size of a hill, with several miles of Fiona Fang. When you cover it. Budeke looked up, only the sky and the earth really darkened, and when he looked at the Kongtong seal as big as a hill, both Budeke and many other onlookers were shocked.
What artifact is this? You can size it at will?
Qing’s move has repeatedly made them shake the line.
Budeke’s deity, the avatar of water attribute and the avatar of dark god are busy together, and the voices are rolling. Take advantage of the opportunity to transport the darkness to the extreme, step by step for miles, just missed the converging attack of Qinghe female prostitutes, even so, I was scared out in a cold sweat.
I saw the seal on the South China Sea. "bam. With a bang, the huge waves set off a thousand feet, splashed out and hit miles away, while under the whip of the seven-star god of the female milk, with a bang, the south of the South China Sea was like a broken one, and a crack was squeezed out for miles.
Just as Budke’s face was ugly and he was about to use his own unique skill, suddenly, a majestic voice sounded in the sky: "The cemetery of the gods will not be opened until a hundred years later, for a period of one thousand years. Then, if you have any grievances, you will enter the cemetery of the gods and solve them. If there is another fight in a hundred years, which will spread to the mainland of Yulan, don’t blame me for being rude, hum! "
The last "hum" contains a divine attack. Even if it is better than the purple blood devil and the twelve-winged angel of the light world, it only feels soul shock.
And Qinghe female prostitutes rushed out of a Xuan Huang Zhi gas in their minds, and they wanted to go up into the sky, and they attacked the gods and scattered them.
Bude can’t help but stop attacking and look at Qinghe Nuwa, and his face is sunny or rainy.
Originally, I was going to kill the Qing and Nuwa by the female seed, and the purple blood rang Chengzhu people who robbed the Qing people of their weapons stopped.
Most people have never seen Beirut, but they know that it is the voice of Beirut. Beirut, as the messenger of the Lord God, guards the cemetery of the gods. When to open it depends on his meaning, and the strength demonstrated by the gods attack in Beirut, which is just thousands of miles away, will make many strong people worry about the consequences if they violate the meaning of Beirut.
Many strong men, some of whom are of the earth, don’t take Beirut’s warning to heart, but they have to worry that they will be excluded from entering the graveyard of the gods.
The strong people from the major celestial bodies are hesitant. First, the Pauline family from the celestial body left first, and when they saw the Pauline family leave, other family forces slowly left.
However, the purple blood demon came to Qing and made no secret of his fighting spirit, saying, ". You can be my opponent. I hope you won’t let me down then. "
Qing looked at the purple blood soft sword behind the purple blood demon and said faintly, "I hope you won’t let me down then."
Purple blood demon Zheng, immediately sneer, eyes shining with blood-eating light: "I purple blood demon will not let you down."
Then he turned to look at the female milk: "Hey hey. Your woman is good. " Say that finish, immediately flew away.
The prostitute’s nose wrinkled and she snorted. When she was about to offer three dazzling rings, the purple blood demon had already disappeared, and the speed was much faster than that of Budeke.
Qing looked at the dead purple blood demon and sneered, "Let you live a few more years first." At the same time, it seems that the strength is still not enough. In front of these peak superior gods, even if they join hands with Nu Wa, they can only be invincible at most.
The reason why Net Gang was able to force Budeke back was that it actually took advantage of HarmonyOS’s sword and other treasures, but it was weaker than Budeke’s attack. Of course, Qing had not yet launched the chaotic world and the eye of the scourge.
Bud can have seen the purple blood demon fly to Qing. I thought that the purple blood demon was going to attack Qing, and my heart was not happy. When I saw him leave, my heart sank. Finally, I had to endure the murder for a while and endure it for a hundred years.
A hundred years, for these people, is just a blink of an eye.
"Let’s go." Bude took a cold look at Qinghe prostitute, then shouted to everyone and flew away.
In an instant, everyone walked away, and the South China Sea returned to calm, leaving only tens of thousands of bodies of Warcraft floating on the sea.
The prostitute’s face was shackled and came to this world, and she was sulked again and again. If we had just destroyed the purple blood demon and Budeke and others to ashes, it would not be their turn to be there.
However, the strength is still low, and we can only restore our strength as soon as possible. Then, hum. The pressure on the female breast pushed the sea surface down by more than ten meters.
Feeling the mood of Nu Wa, Qing Fei came over. Said: "Wife, let’s go, let them live for another hundred years, and after a hundred years, it’s not too late to destroy them."
In one hundred, I believe that I will be above these so-called peak superior gods.
The prostitute nodded, and then joined hands with Qing to fly to the mainland of Yulan.
After coming to the mainland of Yulan, I discovered Beirut, a dark forest in the mainland of Yulan.
Beirut, know, this is one of his two places at once, not the Lord God himself, and his Lord God himself stays in hell.
Thinking of the warning in Beirut just now, I snorted coldly, and then I will go to hell to visit your Lord God.
After lowering the ground, clear your mind. Will be the best kit of all put out.
When Lin Meng came out, he went up to Qing Gong and asked, "Boss, a member of the ashcroft family. They? " Buck and Long You and others also looked at the boat.
Qing shook his head: "Let’s talk about this later. Let’s find a place to settle down first. Then we will have to stay in Yulan mainland for only a hundred years. Then Qing asked the crowd about the distribution of some imperial powers in Yulan and Orchid mainland. Under the guidance of Dilin, everyone flew to its largest empire, the Star Empire.
When he came to a big city of the Star Empire, Qing used gold coins to buy a manor covering an area of nearly a hundred miles in Fiona Fang.
Manor set, clear up the ashcroft family just killed by the people of the gods, although only killed more than one hundred gods, but some of these gods also have two gods in two places at once, plus they have a space ring with two godheads, there are more than two hundred and thirty godheads, and twenty or thirty lower godheads.
There are more than 230 goddesses, which should be promoted to the supreme goddesses even with the knowledge of gods. Then give it to the gods and monsters to refine. As for the four people who refined the deities, such as the seven purple-striped bear, the iron-backed bear, the golden-eyed ape and the thousand-legged magic sister emperor, Qing also gave it to the upper deity to refine it again.
Qing plan, after their own violet mercenary group, if refining godhead, refining only superior godhead become superior god.
Of course, the Qing dynasty has branded the gods in these goddesses, and is not worried that these people will turn back when they get cold feet.
In the manor, after arranging the gathering spirit array and the defense array, Qing gave these superior gods to the people for refining, and then closed the door with Nu Wa, leaving things to Lin Meng and Long You and others to deal with.
A hundred years, for them, is just a blink of an eye.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-eight Forced to go through customs
Miming Divine World, deep in the sea of divine prison, a palace outside Aowei Island, the general manager Ling Qianxin reported to Montero in a respectful voice: "Young master. That Qing Ye and his party went to the Magnolia plane. "
Montero frowned: "Magnolia is a face." He has also heard about the recent rumor that the Yulan plane has a main deity and a main artifact, and the family has also sent people to the lower bound.
"Well, you go down, continue to check this catty, Qing Ye, and report to me immediately if there is any new situation." Montero road.
Ling Qian, the manager, replied in a respectful voice, and then retired.
After Ling Qian, the main manager, retired, Montero went to the temple. In a short time, he came outside the temple, and through the purple guards, Montero entered the temple, and then reported the matter to Hanjin, the owner.
"I didn’t expect this Qing Ye, and I also went to the mainland of Yulan. This is all right, so we don’t have to pay more attention. Well, you go back first. This matter doesn’t work for the time being. You go back and prepare for the plane war after 10,000 years." Han Jin stood on the temple hair and said.
"Yes, master." Montero said respectfully, and then withdrew from the temple.
After Montero quit, Han Jin immediately called people, and then gave an order to Maro, the leader of the Twelve Winged Angels who are now competing for the main artifact in Magnolia.
At this time, Qing Ye and Nu Wa had just arranged everything in the manor selected by the Star Empire and began to close their doors.
As far away as a manor in a small empire of a catty on one of the mainland in the South China Sea where Qing Ye and Nv Wan are located, Ma Ruo frowned: "I mainly killed Qing Ye and took the weapons from him? And bring his wife back to the world of light? "
Qing Ye and Nu Wa fought Budeke. He took his other angels to see it, and also saw the weapons in the hands of Qing Ye and Nannai.
Before his lower bound, he didn’t know that Qing Ye and Nu Wa had hatred with their Augusta family, otherwise, they might have gotten ahead of Budeke.
However, Beirut’s warning made him have scruples now.
After the meeting, Ma Ruo summoned four other 12-winged angels, told them what Han Jin, the master of the house, ordered, and then said to one of the 12-winged angels, Lai Keqi: "Now you will take ten 10-winged angels to Yulan mainland, solve Qing Ye, and then bring back his weapons and female Juan.
Lai Keqi hesitated: "Lord Maro, but, that Beirut."