Luo Tong’s surface S is also changing at this time. Obviously, he doesn’t believe that Lin Dong was actually turned into an arm flesh and blood after suffering from the light of nine chickens.

It really hurts.
Lin’s hoarse voice was low, and soon he slowly raised his head. At this time, his face was filled with amazing cold. Although he resisted the killing of Luo Tong with the help of the keel of the universe, it was also quite terrible that an arm’s flesh and blood was biochemical and painful. He knew that this time it was not the keel of the universe in Luo Tong, which could definitely make him seriously injured.
Lin stared at the surface of S-changing Lotung, which was suffused with Zijin S Ze’s eye pupil, but it was surging with a little fierce climbing.
The fierce crime in the eye pupil suddenly became strong to the extreme, and Lin’s figure directly turned into a light and shadow storm, and the murder all over the sky made the temperature of heaven and earth plummet.
At this time, he is still a statue of killing God, arrival, and with that arm without any flesh and blood, everything is so tragic.
It was also at this time that the deep dragons roared and a looming anger enveloped this world.
That anger is old and arrogant.
It’s not Lin Dongfa, but the most powerful keel of other dragons. It also holds a proud nine-phoenix metaplasia light, although it is powerful, but it is not enough to provoke it.
Luo Tong looked at the astonishing ferocity, and Lin’s eyes were also yn heavy. Soon, the nine-color light behind his hands became more and more dazzling.
I don’t believe that my Jiufeng clan Jiufeng biochemical light can’t stand you as a mere human being.
Angry smile is also Luo Tong’s mouth facing this difficult forest movement. Obviously, he is also stimulated to be really angry. If R can’t even pick up the forest movement, will he still be called Jiufeng gens?
Jiufeng pilgrimage
Luo Tong’s handprint changed, and that face turned out to be gradually pious. Then he turned out to worship in those amazing eyes, and that look was still in worship.
It was also at this time that the ancient shrill sound resounded, and the nine-color light behind it stirred up the nine gorgeous huge tails, and a huge nine-color giant bird with a noble breath flashed like this
As soon as the nine colorful giant birds appeared, the nine gorgeous tails were suddenly vibrated, and the nine colorful lights were condensed all over the sky. The giant birds flapped their wings like this, and the light and shadow were torn apart everywhere.
Gorgeous light and shadow smell of death.
Lin Dong looked up at the colorful giant bird that was plundered suddenly. The colorful light of the giant bird shone on his body, and suddenly there was a sharp pain. The blood on the skin surface penetrated into the flesh and blood, but it showed signs of melting.
However, in the face of such changes, Lin Dong shows no signs of retreating, and he is also white. At this time, he has the same way to retreat. This move contains the intention of killing. If he wants to be a little make a fool of oneself, he will have a chance to live.
Fight for survival in death.
In this death-like threat, the bones of forest animals are also eerily creeping up. The jade S-ray is permeated with flesh and blood, and the ancient and overbearing dragons resound. Then the jade S-ray is condensed on the surface of forest animals. From a distance, it turns out to be an ancient dragon shining with jade S-ray.
The dragon winds its way, and a kind of coercion pervades this world, which makes people’s bodies bend a little. That feeling is just like Yulong is a monster beast king in front of them.
This kind of coercion
Draco demon handsome stunned looking at the jade dragon behind Lin suddenly body shaking violently, even the voice is getting some shaking.
Honghuang keel
In the end, the sound from his mouth was more shocking than horror. He thought that Lin Dong’s acquisition of the ancient keel had looked up several times, but he never thought that Lin Dong’s acquisition was not an ancient keel, but the most powerful dragon keel.
The one who once unified the monster beast world is holding the keel.