At this time, Qing offered the Pangu Bell, and there was a shocking shock, which caused Bude to have a concussion. The deity and the two gods were separated and shaken. Just as this shaking was distracted, the Qing hand’s Kongtong seal and the seven-star whip of the female milk had also been hit.

Kongtong seal dragon roared like thunder, incarnating the size of a hill, with several miles of Fiona Fang. When you cover it. Budeke looked up, only the sky and the earth really darkened, and when he looked at the Kongtong seal as big as a hill, both Budeke and many other onlookers were shocked. What […]

The calm sea suddenly broke through the wind in a hurry, and a reddish light came from far and near, and then rushed away at an alarming speed. At those high-speed seas, a conspicuous water mark was pressed by life.

in a grand fashion And soon after this latosolic red light swept away, the rear suddenly rumbled like an earth-shattering, and soon a hundred lotus flowers appeared, and a ferocious blood shark broke through the water and then chased after the latosolic red light in front. This chase and flight also makes this fairly quiet […]

"Really? That’s great!" Ranging from windson say that finish Chen Er happy cried strong brotherhood beyond words. And Chen Er around him also showed a reassuring smile.

"Well, let’s get out of here first. The smell of blood here is too strong. Who knows if there will be no big guys coming." Said windson waved away the "purple light" and put away the ring, but frowned and saw that there was no danger around for the time being. This just took out […]


He is like a riddle, similar to Mo Xie, and his profound feelings are not exposed. He is always true and false, but it is true and false and difficult to argue. And she also lost her mind like a tumbler. I don’t know which day I picked a peach blossom in my dream, two […]

Everyone has to face the reality after all.

"Mom years? I haven’t seen my father for years. I’m afraid I’m almost as tall as him now, right? Will you still say’ Dad will come back’? " Party night sitting on the sofa watching old many Meiyi asked. "In another year, your father will come back after you finish the college entrance examination." Meiyi […]

Keep searching and tell everyone to be on high alert and warn them when they encounter a whirlwind. You stay here and I’ll go over there and have a look.

The red snake casually told me to fly away again, and this time it was smart enough to check it out. It is Yang Tian who has not left this time and has been secretly observing a group of ravens, including the East Emperor Sheng Yunlong and others. Mother wants to die, she kills you […]

Very smooth, very slow and very elegant.

This kind of pace makes Puerto Rico very uncomfortable because it is impossible for his generation to step on such a pace. "You …" He wants to say you want to die. "What’s wrong with me?" But the other party shut him up with a word. He almost bit his tongue because he closed it […]

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A couple of fish in the water Hand grasping hand Go through bridge opening. Hanging nest tree Jielishan Lanji pointed around. Cross is her husband. 19855 Hunqu Sister. Bamboo embryo middle child A child in a wooden fetus It’s your groom with all your hair. Sister. Sunny weather Rainy days Is to roll all over […]