If Chen Xuanzang were to eat at the same table as a pretty girl, Miss Duan would be tempted to eat and be jealous.

But today’s special situation makes her a little jealous and even funny.
These little girls also hide their monster identities very well, and they frequently pose.
At the same table as Chen Xuanzang, the little girl who is in charge even leans to Chen Xuanzang’s head from time to time to show her ditch.
Miss Duan has a golden eye and Chen Xuanzang has a pair of eyes.
They just look at a spider’s head and keep leaning against Chen Xuanzang’s head. It seems that he is always ready to bite half his head.
Looking at this situation, Miss Duan really can’t be jealous.
Chen Xuanzang’s ability to remain calm is also due to his excellent psychological quality.
However, this advantage of Chen Xuanzang is really commendable.
Former Chen Xuanzang was an ordinary man who dared to be as fierce as a fish demon and a pig demon. Now it seems not surprising that he has killed many monsters with his bare hands all the way west and can keep calm when he sees a spider’s head shaking in front of him.
However, the psychological quality is excellent, so it’s okay for such a big spider to shake its head in front of itself, and it’s not enough to keep getting closer and closer.
So Chen Xuanzang adjusted his mind and took the initiative to say, "Girl, I wonder if you have ever heard of the Buddha Dharma?"
Okumo demon smell speech opposite Chen Xuanzang leng one.
She has really heard of the Buddha.
These days, the Buddha’s Dharma is in full swing, not for mortals or even monsters.
From time to time, I can hear those loud-voiced monsters yelling at me, and my mind is red.
Okumo demon doesn’t know what this means, but it doesn’t prevent her from remembering the so-called Buddha.
There are only a limited number of buddhas in Lingshan. There are three buddhas known to the world: Tathagata in the past, Buddha burning lamps and Maitreya in the future.
The Buddha was born suddenly.
It’s not like Buddha, but like a heavenly devil doing magic things in the name of Buddha.
The most important thing is that his Buddhism and thoughts still have terrible appeal.
Okumo’s demon coming to heaven and Lingshan Buddhism will soon take action, but it is strange that neither heaven nor Lingshan Buddhism has moved.
This is so abnormal.
"I have heard a little!" Some thoughts flashed through Okumo’s mind and he responded with a casual look and asked Chen Xuanzang, "I don’t know if the master talked about the Buddha?"
Chen Xuanzang introduced himself. "The third burial of Chen chen Xuanzang’s method number is the brother of the Buddha."
Okumo demon gasped at the air conditioning, scared and horrified. "The muscle demon monk Tang San is buried!"
Because of the shock, Okumo demon was forced to show his true colors as a spider.
Chen Xuanzang saw that the Okumo demon showed his true colors and the other side was going to turn against each other and fight. He immediately raised his hand and knocked over the table and said, "Uber, I knew you weren’t human."
Dishes and meals fell all over the floor
Is it lively to bang and bang?
These meals are real meals, not a distraction.
Just look at these meals. Chen Xuanzang feels good about this nest of spiders and monsters. The first thing is to concentrate when a guest doesn’t shout, beat and kill from the beginning.
When the pig’s restaurant trapped passers-by, all the food in his restaurant was a cover-up, and ordinary roots could not be eaten.
By comparison, these spider spirits are much kinder.
Chen Xuanzang’s body is full of golden mana, his clothes are bursting and his iron fists are tightly held.
"If you want to fight, I will fight!"
"I don’t know how many unrepentant monsters were killed by me with my bare hands on the westbound road."
"It’s nothing to add your nest of spiders."