"It seems that 33 this guess doesn’t make sense" Kelan turned his head only to find that Mo Jue was staring at himself.

"What’s the matter? I have something on my face? " Koran reached out and rubbed his cheek.
"… I’ve always felt like you’ve seen this face before, but I just can’t remember it. I didn’t remember it until your companion arrived at Agunakatore … you’re the Koran, right! The ancient warship’ Aguna Kotor’ was found in the lava mining area, and the captain of the warship was appointed by the Ark High-level Committee, the Koran! You are not official! You are a group of relic hunters! " Mo Jue said with a little excitement
"Uh …" Kelan leng he didn’t easy, which means that he didn’t intend to hide his identity at all, even wearing a face gas mask is a style that can see the whole face clearly.
He is not the kind of handsome or ugly person who can’t be forgotten at first sight, so it is normal for the other person not to recognize himself at first sight.
"I’m Kelan." He nodded. "But what do you look a little excited … what, are you my little fan?"
"No, it’s not because of this." Mo Jue shook her head vigorously. She didn’t mean anything. In Kelan’s words, she quipped and said incoherently, "You are relic hunters. The reason why you entered the fog forest is because there is an Alpha relic in the core area, right? ! Your goal is the relic. You are looking for the relic, right? "
"The remains of the forest core … do you know that’ remains’?" Ke Lan immediately asked, "What do you know about that’ relic’?"
"I … I don’t know …" But Mo Jue shook his head somewhat disappointedly. "I heard my father say that there is a big secret buried in the center of the foggy forest. He would organize a team to explore deeper into the forest again and again to explore the secret. At that time, the’ lumberjack’ was our sideline and also to cover up the real identity of our team … but everything ended after my father disappeared."
Mo Jue squatted down with his head down and seemed to complain. "Speaking of his father, he is really ridiculous. Even when he is 500 meters deep, he is already so hard, but he still wants to go through the 50-kilometer restricted area to explore the’ secret’ that I don’t know is true or not …"
"What do you know about your father, Miss Mo Jue?" Koran suppressed his heart restlessness and squatted in front of Mo Jue and asked, "For example, what did he do before?" He is like a’ lumberjack’ and he knows that there is a’ secret’ in the middle of the foggy forest … I hope you can tell me all this information, which is very important to me. "
"I don’t know much about my father." Mo Jue shook his head. "When I was a child, I rarely had a chance to see him because he was a soldier in a certain warship of the military fleet … When he retired, I was just an adult, and he sent me to the military academy by relying on the army-he wanted my brother to join the army, but my brother wanted to be a black market businessman and ran away from home with his father."
"Go on," Kelan said gently. Although these things seem to be irrelevant to the key points, many times important clues often hide such seemingly important places.
Chapter seven hundred and forty Mo Jue Memories
"The written test score in our military academy was not good, and we were not selected into the fleet crew class and were assigned to a fast assault ship marine corps," Mo Jue went on to say
"Fourth-class Ma Run takes the worst equipment to do the most bitter and tiring work, and the mortality rate of the whole army fleet ranks first." Thirty-three shrugged his shoulders. "It belongs to the military forces, and as a result, it is not as good as the garrison troops to pay every month, eat food and distribute underwear … Do you know what his troops call Ma Run? Humanoid self-propelled bipedal multi-path animal’ "
"Yes … the treatment of the Marine Corps is very poor, and the assignment to the war is very heavy." Mo Jue nodded. "But it is also because of this that I have accumulated a lot of meritorious military service and experience. It seems that I am more suitable to be a charge soldier than those who manipulate warships … In the third year of my enlistment, I was selected by ODS as a paratrooper in hell."
"Being selected by ODS and saying that you have great talent in this field is the real wave if you are sent to a warship." Thirty-three nods.
"But after less than a year in ODS, I had to retire because I was seriously injured in a war," said Mo Jue, pointing to the artificial parts in my body. "I recovered my injuries and came home only to know that my mother died of illness a month ago, while my father pulled a group of people to form a little-known’ lumberjack’ team."
Mo Jue sighed and continued, "Actually, before I graduated from the military academy, he had already explored the fog forest. The identity of’ lumberjack’ was a cover, but it was not a fake identity. Their team’s various activities, the purchase of equipment, and the life of family members all needed to be obtained by selling fog perches. So they explored the fog forest and cut fog perches at the same time …
"Father, he didn’t want me to join this team, but I was depressed at that time because of the injury and the death of my mother, and even tried to commit suicide … He had to take me with him to look after it, and I was integrated into this team in the long run.
"I didn’t know the real purpose of forming this team. I naively explored deeper into the forest in order to cut better quality fog perches and make more money … until one day my father overheard him talking with several members who first set up this team with him outside his tent.
"The conversation is vague and I can’t hear it clearly, but they have been to the middle of the forest many times, and there are still any wreckage and ruins …"
Wrecks? ! Ruins? ! Is this the site of engine wreckage in the middle of the fog forest?
Kelan couldn’t help taking a deep breath … Isn’t it that there are undead crew members who are qualified to know the secret? What, Mo Jue’s father will know? !
"My father and those people were very alert. I was discovered after eavesdropping for a few minutes. I still remember that at that time, several other people had strange expressions, but they quickly left without saying much. After that, my father pulled me into the tent," Mo Jue said while recalling. "He asked me what I had heard, and I answered just like that. He gave a long sigh and patted me on the shoulder and said whether I should quit the team and find another job.
"I don’t understand what I mean when I ask him … He hesitated for a long time before telling me that this group of people are pursuing a secret in the core of a buried fog forest, which is very related to the reason why Alpha disappeared."
Why did Alpha disappear? !
Can’t help but be Kelanchang. Others can’t help but hold their breath and stare at Mo Jue intently, waiting for her to continue.
"But when I asked him what the secret was, he wouldn’t tell me to quit the lumberjack team. Of course I wouldn’t agree to it. It dragged on for months until they decided to attack the depth of 500 meters …"
"Then your father disappeared?" Kelan suddenly understood the mentality of readers who saw themselves chasing novels and suddenly the eunuch wanted to chop the writer to death.
"Well, my father took notes with him in every action record, and found that several of them often discussed it, but he never allowed me to touch the’ secret’ that my father said. I know maybe not. More than you know, my brother joined us after his father disappeared. He was cheated into business and owed a debt. There was no way to find me."
"What about the notes?" 33 consciousness asked.
"She said it was her father who carried it with him. She must have disappeared with her father." Kelan said, "It’s a pity if this thing can stay …"
Mo Jue nodded and agreed with Kelan’s statement.
"By the way, what about others? What about those people who discussed the’ secret’ with your father? Where are they now? " Kelan asked again
"Not everyone in the team knows about the’ secret’, but a few people who originally formed this team know about it … but they are either missing or dead like their father. There were only two people in that battle, and you appeared about ten minutes after their death." Mo Jue replied.
"fuck!" Koran some angrily punched "if only we could get there earlier! God knows it’s only ten minutes before we actually lost our arm with such an important clue! "
"Even you don’t know what’s in the foggy forest?" Mo Jue asked curiously, "Aren’t you relic hunters? Didn’t you come here because there is a relic in the foggy forest? "
"This matter … how to say it …" Kelan smacked. "Actually, the purpose of our trip and our identity as a hunter of relics are not too big. We are also pursuing a secret, and it is very likely that we are pursuing this secret and your father is pursuing it."
Koran finger press the temples on both sides of the head will Mojue just said these words one by one … Trance he seems to see a few words in my mind lit up.
Chapter seven hundred and forty-one Executed a special person
"Wait a minute, Miss Mo Jue. Did you say that your father served in the Ark Army Fleet? You can enter the military academy and he asked for it? "
Mo Jue nodded his head.
"Do you know the number of your father’s fleet and the number of the warship?"