There are two ways to get it at present.

One is to collect all the map fragments in the current area, which is how he got his first palladium treasure chest.
And the other is to kill the mythical beast in the secret land.
The first one in Tokyo, Lin Yue, will be launched after killing the post-unification, and this time it will be launched after killing new york.
But it’s not the same as once, not just a mythical beast.
"One time, the so-called’ Tokyo area’ was purified, and this time it seems that even the waters near new york have been purified … Will there be all kinds of mysterious animals in the nearby waters?"
Lin Yue has never seen any strange animals in the water, nor has he seen anything special in this different world, such as special creatures in this world.
But there is really no reason not to prove that it has fallen into a secret place, and there are a lot of mysterious animals in the vast ocean of the world.
But … compared with the land and the sea, it’s really not easy to destroy the mysterious animals in the sea.
What if there is a monster as big as a mythical monster, even bigger than it?
Such a thing is not impossible.
After all, compared with land, the ocean is wider, deeper and more mysterious.
The average kilometer depth is enough to hide enough unknown and nameless things.
"After I have to get a diving class for flying armor what function? And so on, weapons are indeed a lot worse. "Lin Yue feels as if things are not as simple as he thought before.
Maybe it takes more to purify the earth completely.
And there is one thing that really makes Lin Yue think impassability
Although the two mythical behemoths are different in appearance, they are almost like two kinds of creatures from the root.
Especially the first head back that a lot of plants, the second head that strange fog release ability is to let Lin Yuefa want to know what’s going on here.
"I always feel that they are integrated with nature and they will become very excited after those steel buildings disappear. What?"
Lin Yue shook his head. There were too many things to think about.
[You got the palladium treasure chest! 】
[You have obtained the advanced ten thousand upgrade design 2! 】
[You got titanium alloy 1! 】
Lin Yue found that there was not a palladium treasure chest in the wooden case, but also two advanced design drawings and ten units of titanium alloy!
The unified vote is extremely powerful every time.
Of course, it is no use saying anything if the conditions of unified investment are not met.
But speaking of which …
It seems that no one should get a palladium treasure chest except himself.
After all, every time the palladium treasure chest is broadcast on the metropolitan channel, he has never heard of anyone else’s unified broadcast except himself.
Even the platinum chest investment has not been broadcast.
"It seems that I have been stealing the limelight? Although I really didn’t think so. "
Lin Yue feels that it seems that it is already very good for him to get the first treasure chest in his respective groups of refuge villages.
If they want to go further, there doesn’t seem to be much possibility.
Of course, if there is such a refuge village that can break his monopoly, Keke can confirm that it should be in the top ten in the world rankings.
Lin Yue turned back to the castle shelter.
He is going to explore the door to find Xiaobai.
Xiao Bai doesn’t seem to have come back at present. From that time, after he asked Xiao Meng about the battlefield and got a negative answer, he has judged that Xiao Bai seems to have never come back in the day opposite the door.
Lin Yue is still very relieved about Xiaobai’s strength.
Those werewolves threatened it by root method.
Now Xiao Bai’s strength … is really a level of "holiness" as those people who have been beaten by him and him have said.
So what will Xiao Bai do after this half a day?
After leaving enough food in the living room, Lin Yue walked out of the castle shelter door in super alloy flying armor.
When he reached the door of the exploration, he was surprised to find that a huge door inlaid with gold lace appeared not far away.
"Exclusive land of Gu Men … but if you want to go, it will be days or after the disaster."
The palladium treasure chest hasn’t come here yet, so let’s go and get Xiaobai back first.
Then clean up all the shelters in one day to meet the coming disaster!
Speaking of disasters …
Lin Yue looked up at the two moons which always seemed to be full moons.
Although wearing this super alloy flying armor, he still felt a little bit cold.
It’s not as cold as expected, and the temperature is about the same. Although it’s not cold, it’s enough to make people tremble.
There are four disasters: drought, sandstorm and insect disaster.
So far, I haven’t seen much of the latter two, but I have to guard against them.
Lin Yue thought about these and pushed the door of exploration into the middle.
Opposite, of course, is also a dark.