So he built a steel mace with four edges and a broken armor, and the weight was as thick as a goose egg. There was also a 40-pound knife. The blade was only three feet long with one hand, but it weighed 12 pounds. This thing can be used for beheading. Of course, if it is a long-handled weapon, Whitewater still made a Zaoyang-of course, there are steel spears and broadswords, but the Harry Potter world should not.

Dior left the forbidden forest for a holiday with Whitewater for the first time. "The only regret is that I have to communicate with Su Fei as a pen pal regularly, otherwise I estimate that this woman will really find her way to England from France." From the Hogwarts express, Whitewater muttered that others wanted to kill him-they had a French beauty but they haven’t found a woman yet.
The dance is unreliable.
For example, Harry and Ron didn’t develop with the Indian sisters, and Furong dumped her slouched partner-what’s this guy’s name again? It’s estimated that Zabini, who was played with scum, didn’t have more contact with his partner, while Ginny and Neville-probably at the level of acquaintances?
Whitewater decided to buy a Wizarding World real estate in England first. It is necessary for him to go to a real estate agent in diagon alley-most wizarding houses need to avoid muggles. Note that a few wizards live in muggles, and those manors are an exception. They are protected from muggles.
What Whitewater needs is just a Victorian house. This can be obtained from the Muggle government through a special docking agency of the Ministry of Magic, and then someone can build it. Finally, Whitewater House was bought in the suburbs of London, which cost him ten thousand dollars-a Victorian house with three floors and a ground room is not small.
However, Whitewater didn’t want a fireplace, but instead it was a Roman-style hot gas flue with a large bathroom and, of course, a showroom to prepare for the war.
After Whitewater was prepared, he magically connected his private room with the outside room to form the main city and the cinema. After all this came to an end, he was ready to take Dior to go hunting-the first goal was the wolves who might be in England.
There is a shortcut to find werewolves-that is, Lupin’s "breath" has been remembered by Dior and White Wave Hyenas. Following the breath to find werewolves’ stench will eventually bring them to White Wave. "Be careful not to smash their heads and find them on a full moon night is the best time." White Wave muttered, "Otherwise, why do I need a head? You can’t change the reward. "
There is no psychological burden to kill these werewolves. White waves sit on Dior’s back. This long-horned scorpion lion shows its wings for more than ten meters. Flying magic protects it from being discovered by Muggles. "It depends on this in the end." White waves muttered with a small compass in his hand.
It was much easier for him to go to knockturn alley’s dark magic prop store to find something than for Dior to find it-this time he really hurt that unlucky Bojinbok when he went there. He tried to kill Whitewater well and if possible, pinched his handle for a long time to blackmail-so Whitewater educated him to break his limbs and tortured him to force him to speak.
Do such people dare to report to the official? Maybe, maybe not, but Whitewater said that he grabbed a knockturn alley mixed wizard and asked him to test it. Is there a curse? If there is, he will go back and smash Bojinbok’s skull. Fortunately for Bojinbok, this compass is not.
All it takes to kill a creature is to allow this compass to find a specific target. The needle will point in the direction of the target. "In order to prolong the time as much as possible, I killed a murderer," Bai Lang said. "I think it’s very good, don’t you think, Dior?"
"I think it’s very good, too," Dior said.
Gray Parker and the werewolf who followed him have just finished a brutal murder in rural England. They killed an old couple in a small house. They sat in their house and rummaged out food and drinks, eating and drinking. With rude laughter, they tore the human body to pieces. Tonight is a full moon night, and it is time for these guys to become wolves.
At that time, they may attack the surrounding houses, bite the poor Muggles to death and tear them to pieces, and even destroy their bodies-the disappearances in the Muggle world may be that these guys show their truth after the moon clouds, accompanied by a long howl, and wizards have turned into wolves on all fours.
They were excited by the bloody smell of the broken bodies, and the biggest wolf was their leader, Gray Parker, Fenrir Gray Parker. The wolf’s face showed a grimace. He was ready to take the wolves out to kill. At the moment they knocked on the door,
"Yo, let me count. There’s at least a dozen or three heads here. It’s estimated that all the famous and ferocious werewolves in England are here? I always feel that it should be a werewolf’s big head or the European continent. "A figure covered the door and a long cane slapped his palm."
Chapter four hundred and twelve Weak crime
Whitewater looked at these ugly guys in the room. Although they haven’t turned into wolves, they don’t look like human beings. He looked at the wall of the room. "Well … I really can’t stop them from hitting it. Well, the plan can’t be blocked and killed. Let them come out and kill it."
Wolves have also seen the face of the wizard who blocked the door. It looks young and never more than ten years old, but this beard slag can be seen even in the moonlight at night. This young wizard is not short, and his height is no worse than that of some werewolves-werewolves are also one meter six.
Whitewater retreated a few steps to give up the door, but he paused for a moment to think, "Don’t be so troublesome." This man waved a bone stick directly and smashed some walls on both sides of the door frame. A big hole appeared in the wall, and the werewolves gave a long howl and turned into a wolf.
These wolves rushed out of the hole, and Gray Parker, the wolf as big as a pony, jumped at Whitewater, which did not change into a tiger. Even Dior and hyenas watched the battle in the shadows-Whitewater said that they should be responsible for killing those who fled the battle.
"What clumsy fighting skills!" Whitewater sighed, "There is pure destruction and rage, and there is an evil desire to hurt others and turn them into werewolves-this is really weak!" White waves that don’t flash or avoid the pledge are an iron bolt.
His arms folded horizontally, and then there was the Kabakaba sound-Gray Parker gave a long cry of pain. Yes, his two front paws were directly broken, and before he continued to howl, he covered his eyes with one hand, and then his head was buckled by white waves when it hurt.
Whitewater with a press accompanied by dull rupture Gray Parker’s head was pressed to the ground, and a pit suddenly appeared on the ground. Whitewater stepped on the frame, and Repak convulsed his body and wrist because of brain shock, and it became from Pakistan to grab Gray Parker’s head and pull it back.
With the crisp click, Gray Parker’s head and body formed a 90-degree angle. "Get up!" White wave gently drinks and pulls the werewolf leader’s head, which is shorter and wider than normal wolves, and a part of his spine is broken and pulled out. White wave grabs this head with one hand and is quickly chanting "Mommy Mommy Red!"
If you don’t hurry, you can’t do it, or this head will revert to Gray Parker’s head, which will lose its collection significance. "It’s even weaker than I thought … The werewolf in this world is too weak to rely solely on the body to fight werewolves." I have never really touched him except this werewolf, and Whitewater commented in a big way.
This is also a whitewater. It is very easy for a wizard to rely on his physical strength and terrible self-healing ability to face a werewolf, which is extremely dangerous. The wizard’s body is no different from that of a muggle, and the werewolf is very resistant to spells, but he is not good at making dark magic. It is very easy for a wizard to rely on his physical strength and terrible self-healing ability to get seriously injured or die.
However, Whitewater’s body is much stronger than that of a werewolf. He is still a martial art, and everyone uses a sharp and subtle method to practice the golden bell to turn himself into a steel bar, an iron bone, a bronze head and an iron arm. Even if the magical power of the golden bell is suppressed at the moment, he still has a body as strong as a bronze cast iron. I’m afraid the pistol in this world can’t hurt him, and most rifles can also break the skin-where can a werewolf do this power?
So after he killed Gray Parker, he cast a spell to protect his head and throw it to the ground-"I’ll clean up the war later." Whitewater mumbled a word, and then he jumped on him. He killed Gray Parker too fast, and he only took two breaths. The werewolf was an idiot except Lupin, and he didn’t react.
When the white wave reached him, he grabbed a man and stood up and attacked the werewolf’s jaw. His left hand grasped it and his right hand pinched it along the neck. He immediately shouted. He cleaned the head of the werewolf’s extravertebral parts and took the cervical vertebra with him. The white wave was thrown red by the white wave mommy. The blood was messy and the fur was turned out. The meat was dirty. What was the mess? The white wave smiled a little.
The third werewolf was easily decapitated. Whitewater bent his palm like a spoon and scooped his head. "The tenacity of the werewolf’s flesh is so much." Whitewater was a little uninterested. He flashed his body and kicked a werewolf away with one foot. This time, he didn’t even keep his head.
The figure is low and then a werewolf is pressed like a tiger pouncing on food. This time, the wolf head is directly grabbed and pressed, and it is easy to press the wolf head all the way to the asshole and then separate it. Such brutal killing finally makes the remaining werewolves collapse-they have not been able to touch their minions at present. This strange little wizard body.
More than six or seven werewolves fled in vain instead of chasing "Go, it’s your prey." He said indifferently, "I’ll handle my head here." From the darkness, two pairs of eyes lit up like flames-one is gold and the other is blood red.
Whitewater received four intact heads together. "It’s not necessary for him to keep the flesh except Gray Parker’s head-it’s not good enough." Unfortunately, his spell level is limited, and at most, he can clean them and then try to deal with them according to the method in the book-at worst, isn’t there a Muggle world treatment method?
Skinning first, then removing meat and tissues, removing grease, wax or resin to protect bones, then filling cotton or gum, and then marking the treated skin with Grepak’s head is complete, and it is easier for those guys who need bones to deal with it.
Find a lot of bread bugs to eat the flesh and then throw it into gasoline to remove the fat. After air-drying the same wax or resin, it can be used as a standard-Whitewater is very ready to keep their spine … "Then it should be a vampire? Ah, don’t go to Gunter’s old house to get rid of Voldemort first. "
At this time, Dior came back and threw two werewolves with claws in his mouth. "Is there any breath?" Oh, do you want a peeling marker and a bone marker? Ha, ha, ha. It’s really a good idea. "Whitewater looked at the distance and clicked slightly." Has this guy eaten yet … Forget it. Let him clean a battlefield later. I believe it will eat everything. "
Two werewolves were killed for the first time, and the magic saved their form. White waves satisfactorily lit the poor old couple’s room, which was regarded as their cremation. "Your enmity has been reported to those guys, and their fate is worse than yours …" Otherwise, how can you say it is a black magic prop? This compass is the soul of creatures to "fuel" these werewolf souls, which are completely full of compass energy.
Chapter four hundred and thirteen Escape
The criminal gang of Grepak werewolves has fallen. Maybe this is not their department, but the death of Grepak, the most ferocious and daring werewolf, declared the irreversible fall of this gang-maybe there will be bold werewolves trying to take Grepak’s place later? But that’s Auror’s job.
Gray Parker and his strongest and most savage werewolf have now become a whitewater battle. Altruism decided to get a goal after handling it-Voldemort’s werewolf was eaten by his magic call hyenas, and the battle he kept was put in the leather bag room. "Let me try the universal spell …"
In Whitewater’s mind, he thinks about the idea of separation of fur and flesh, while in his mouth, he sings "Hum, you, you, you, you, you, red!" I just didn’t shake a broken fan to learn to swim, sir, but he had a magic wand that shone bit by bit according to the beat, and the werewolf’s body was separated as expected.
The hyena couldn’t help it. As soon as it separated the meat from the dirt, it pounced on it and devoured it. "Well, if you take care of the fur and bones, you have to do it in a normal human way. Scraping, tanning and so on. Let me see how to deal with it."
Tanning leather is a stinking job. Soaking, cleaning, tanning, drying and fatliquoring can’t be done in a month-then the holiday will be over. The normal human treatment method is too long. "It will take half a month to degrease the fur tanning agent with acetone and then clean it."
Whitewater decided to hand it over to a professional fur tanning factory for treatment. It would take money and then a forgetting spell to solve the problem. It has to be said that the level of magic meat removal is much better than that of bread worms or strong alkali cooking. As a result, Whitewater just needs gasoline or acetone to soak it for degreasing-this will take several days. Whitewater decided to take this opportunity to get rid of the slag Voldemort.
He knows where Gunter’s old house is-there are records in the library, but few people see "Dahan Getton … there is a dilapidated house that looks like it is about to collapse and then there is a dead snake hanging". Whitewater didn’t ride Dior, but took a train and a taxi to the broken place in the English countryside.
I’m afraid that Voldemort’s Ministry won’t know without magic-at this time, Voldemort’s loyal guards are full of rats and stains, and maybe Crouch Jr. … Voldemort’s really powerful thugs are still in prison.
Whitewater walks along this broken place with one foot high and one foot low. "You haven’t repaired the road properly. Look at this grass. This bush hasn’t been trimmed for many years?" In the distance, Gunter’s old house stands like a silhouette, but the white waves move quietly. He is very fast and has arrived in front of Gunter’s old house in a few minutes.
He didn’t go through the door. Voldemort and his pathetic minions should have set up many magic traps here. I’m afraid the magic ability of Whitewater can’t be cracked, and he will be caught in the trap. He is going to test it first, and then he will blow this place up with explosives later.
"There is no magic trap?" Whitewater climbed to the roof and carefully propped up his body-this place was in disrepair and accidentally collapsed on the chimney on the roof-the support point here should be the strongest. He is still wearing an assassin suit and is now quietly lurking.
After listening for half a day, he grinned and pulled out a melon-like Grenade from his arms. "Hey, hey, attack Grenade will give you a shock wave first, then." There are several melons in Whitewater’s arms, but that is a defensive Grenade.
So he pulled the safety, reached into the chimney top cover and skillfully threw the melon away-otherwise, the Grenade would get stuck in the chimney, and the curved smoke crossing could not fall into the fireplace, and the handle would explode five or six seconds after it escaped from the white hand.
Whitewater clasped his hands on the roof, expecting an explosion. Otherwise, a shock wave accompanied the explosion directly collapsed the roof. Whitewater could swear that he heard the screaming.
Whitewater made a thousand-kilo drop along with the falling roof, and by the way, it smashed through the floor, falling directly to the second floor and the first floor. Whitewater almost immediately saw the sofa protected by magical light, and of course, there were flaming rotors everywhere. "Yo, is this Voldemort?" Arrogant words come from Whitewater’s mouth.
"Turn around and see. I really want to see what a little monster without a nose looks like?" Whitewater is ready for a lot of preparation. If these guys launch the Abada, he will stop the sofa. That thing can already be seen. This is a baby-like monster with snake scales and a flat snake face. "It really is a freak," Whitewater said.
"Who are you?" The baby’s voice is very light and weak, and peter pettigrew has stammered, "Master, this is Hogwarts Lang Enbai who knocked down the dragon man." His words are trembling.
Whitewater stared at Voldemort. "Tom Marvorolidel or Voldemort saw you for the first time since I killed the basilisk … Speaking of which, the shadow in your diary is also good. How did it become an ugly snake face now? So I told you it’s not good to mix with snakes. "
During the conversation, he reached out with his right hand and grabbed the jaw of a giant snake that suddenly attacked from behind him. "It’s rare to see a poisonous snake so long." Whitewater glanced at the snake "Viper? I remember if her name was Nagini. Ok, Tom and Nagini are good friends. Say goodbye to each other. "After that, Whitewater smashed the snake head-although the horcrux cannot be destroyed by ordinary objects, Whitewater was not violent.
Who let Voldemort be stupid enough to use a snake as a horcrux … Metal objects or dead objects will recover and remain horcrux after deformation, but creatures can’t. They will be killed by dead creatures. Can they still be horcruxes? Now Nagini has proved this-no "This snake is too weak. How could she think of attacking a man who can knock down the dragon from behind? Too confident in your covert actions and venom? " Whitewater said with a mocking smile
Voldemort didn’t say anything at the moment. Maybe he thought about how to say, "Gray Parker is your hand, right? Welcome, the horse will go with them. Tom Gray Parker’s head has become my collection and those werewolves in his hand. I think they decorate my living room with wolves’ skeletons. I will soak you in formalin and put them beside their heads. "Whitewater said as he walked over."