This is what I know, but Xie Na didn’t talk to Fox.

Thank the third person for destroying other people’s families, but I can’t look at it at all!
Obviously, my partner for many years is the most familiar friend in private. Why can’t I guess Xie Na’s mind?
Holding his forehead, he said shyly, "Although I don’t know the specific situation, I heard that there are three of them going in, so why are you yelling …"
"Three people?" Xie Na immediately swallowed a mouthful of water and looked at the drama. The dean trembled and asked, "Dean?"
"I can tell you," the dean shook his head, but after all, he hesitated to know the dean and said seriously, "It’s really beneath your image to yell like this outside the ward." Then he turned and left.
Now, thank you, where will you not know that you have kicked the iron plate?
On the other side, I chased Fang Siyi away from the fox and found that Fang Siyi did not go back to the ward but went to the rooftop.
Fortunately, the weather is good today, but there is no wind.
Then Fox looked surprised, and the Chinese thought escaped and pulled out a small bag.
Then I took out a piece of tin foil from my bag, poured out a little blade of grass, and then rolled it up. Fox lit it with a startled expression and took a sip gently.
"You …" Fox was completely confused.
Fang Siyi doesn’t like smoking
Fang Siyi, who is similar to Fox and has severe tobacco allergy, is a complete resistance to smoking.
However, he has such local smoke.
To be precise, this is not a cigarette, but an herb.
A medicinal cigarette specially use for treating pneumonia.
But even so, it is rare to see Fang Siyi smoking.
Especially since four people live together, Siyi has never smoked again.
"Ahem!" Because herbs are not as choking as cigarettes, it is obvious that the smell is equally unpleasant
"You said …" Fang Siyi took two puffs and looked at the distant sky with a calm look. "Am I going too far?"
"Where!" Fox rubbed the tip of his nose and then wrapped around Fang Siyi’s arm and gently said, "If you really go too far, you should take the initiative to ban them both. Where can you let her take maternity leave?"
"But I also let the toilet stand change her."
"It’s not a big deal to change the class host, and since she is pregnant, she is bound to take maternity leave. The difference is just early and late." Fox onlookers are easy to understand.
"I really don’t fit to be a bad guy …" Fang Siyi wry smile.
"Hee hee, you don’t need to be a pawn …" Fox said naturally.
"But you see, if I don’t go hard, I dare to yell at everything in front of me today, and I feel like a failure."
"Really … she is also confused …" Fox tried to say, "After all, she and Yingbao are good."
"Say … how are the two of them?" This Fang Siyi is a bit strange.
"You don’t know?" On the contrary, Fox was surprised.
"Know what?"
"It was when I was pregnant." Fox shrugged and said softly, "Yingbao took a variety show and then made up with Xie Na. Didn’t Yingbao always be busy last year? I also specially took out three days to play with her. "
"Huh?" Fang Siyi leng leng was about to speak when the phone rang.
"Yingbao, right?" Fox asked with a smile.
Fang Siyi picked up the phone and looked at it.
"Answer it. She’s worried."
"Don’t pick up" Fang Siyi not only didn’t pick up, but turned the mobile phone.
Fox looked at Fang Siyi in distress situation and calmly finished all this. He shook his head and said nothing.
Forget it. Let her worry.
After all, I just thanked him, which is understandable but annoying.
Chapter 135 Fox gratitude (25)
Fang Siyi also knows that the five of them are now in the eyes of outsiders, which is a very incomprehensible situation.
He’s really sorry for Yingbao’s behavior today.
People are like this, they often choose to ignore anything when it comes to themselves.
Fang Siyi is no exception.
Rational, he knew that Xie was also out of kindness of a friend.
But emotionally, he hates Xie Na’s behavior.
Xie that Fang Siyi although never contact with this person, but according to the situation just now, it is too straight.
It may be possible to make friends with this character, but lovers are definitely a fascinating situation.
Look at the picture of Nai in the leap soil and you will know that this is no longer the case.
For the first time.
No wonder we became friends with Yingbao.
Such a thought will gradually disappear.
On the other side YingBao holding a mobile phone some stunned.
This is the first time that Fang Siyi refused to answer her words.
Yingbao some stupidly.
"Sister Ying?" Assistant Xiao Yang looked at Yingbao and looked worried.
"What is it?" However, Yingbao, a good professional actor, was able to break away from her emotions immediately.
It’s a sound, but it’s hard to be cold
Xiao Yang shivered all over and felt that he was about to cry.
"Ying Jie … the director informed a scene to start …"
"I know" spit out a sigh YingBao should way.
Then I got up and went to film.
It made Xiao Yang want to cry. It was the whole afternoon. Although Yingbao could perfectly restore the character’s emotions as usual during acting, Yingbao became silent during the whole afternoon filming.
The hilarity of the whole cast disappeared.
Director Xiao Yang frowned and asked naively, "What happened to Yingbao?"
"Director …" Xiao Yang is about to cry. She can’t say that her own artist got into this situation because she was rejected, can she?
See Xiao Yang prevaricated director also didn’t continue to ask.
Then came all kinds of mistakes.
Of course, it’s not Yingbao, but the cast, he’s opposite the actors.
This can’t blame them.
After all, a pistachio of the original crew suddenly turned into a reticent look. You can ask her to play against the drama, but she can also play against it. There is no emotional sound, and she often keeps silent when facing it. What can you do when you ask him to shoot the actors?
It happened that Yingbao was able to show the drama very smoothly at this time, which was very embarrassing.
Mistakes naturally become inevitable.
When the director saw something was wrong, he quickly gritted his teeth and ordered the filming to end.
Then I felt toothache when I saw that I was in no mood to leave Yingbao as a puppet.
"Today, Yingbao must be restored!" The director said to Xiao Yang
Xiao Yang agreed with a wry smile.