Muyusha said, "I didn’t pay attention to the fact that I just watched the war. It doesn’t matter how he went. What matters is who he is." Maybe he really had something to discuss with the patriarch … "

Wood strong one leng and then nodded, "well, that’s uncertain. He can really discuss something with the patriarch."
Xiaoyu Library really wants to see Zhong Xiaohao’s appearance like a breeze, but Naizhong Xiaohao’s spire can hear the sound but can’t see anyone.
Now, when I think about it carefully, I finally gave my thigh a hard clap. "His mother Kuye knows who he is."
Mu Jianqiang asked curiously, "Who is he?"
Xiao Yu Hua Ku’s eyes flashed with excitement. "I can still save Grandpa Qi Tianzong with Qi Tian Ling. I think he should be Sun Haosun Chenxiang, a good brother who once worshipped my great idol Jiu Ye …"
Wood strong said a sentence "no …"
Qi Tianke in the sky outside has asked Lang, "Thank you for your help, Taoist. Is it because Taoist doesn’t know when to visit me?" What happened again? "
Sun Hao smiled. "I just arrived in Qitian for less than ten days, but it was a big miss’s marriage."
Another relative!
In vain, the sky was quiet.
Returning to the crane, his face is rain or shine, and his body involuntarily retreats a little. At the moment when Sun Hao appeared, he already judged Sun Hao’s identity according to the description base of the dustman. Now Sun Hao said that it was a big miss.
He couldn’t help but feel a strong uneasiness. He thought of the big brother who went to the dusty clan and spoke to his disciples with a heavy heart. "If you meet Sun Haosun, Chen Xiang should avoid it."
To tell the truth, he doesn’t believe that he can’t beat Sun Haosun’s agarwood, but just now, Sun Haolu’s comparison with the words of the master elder brother made him feel a little drumming.
Xiao Yu Fei Tian couldn’t help but look at Zhong Qi Xiao Ai when he heard Corleone speak.
Only to find that JiXiaoAi’s face was pleasantly surprised, and tears were rolling in his eyes. This expression was like seeing a savior.
Sun Hao said that JiXiaoAi’s face was flushed even more after Miss Da’s marriage came.
At this time, the earth tiger who led the team to bury Xiao Yu in the market finally stabilized his mind from the shock of being rescued, but also recognized Sun Hao’s memory of Sun Hao’s various severe points. He decided to face Sun Hao with a bow and said, "The earth tiger has seen the agarwood adults. Thank you for saving his life."
JiXiaoAi also react ying ying a worship "XiaoAi seen agarwood adults".
Lord agarwood
The friar finally came over in an instant.
At present, the young monk is the one who walked through the burial day market with Dujiu. This generation of peerless tianjiao Qingyun Gate Sun Haosun Chen Xiang is also a family that is planning to vigorously curb the rapid rise of the younger generation.
I didn’t expect Qi Tianzong to catch up when Guiyi and Baihua joined forces to suppress him.
Sun Hao smiled in the hands of a bright Monkey King. "Aquilaria came to Guizong a few days ago and wanted to make an appointment with Monkey Reality to discuss little love and a big brother’s engagement to Daewoo. It was just that Monkey Patriarch was discussing this matter and it was delayed …"
Monkey reality suddenly a big sweat heart said, "how do I know it will be you? He said that there was a monk Tsukiji holding a monkey order to ask for a seat, but how could he have thought it was you? "
Xiaoyu flew to see Qitian real people.
Monkey Reality responded quickly and said, "I’m very sorry I didn’t expect Aquilaria to come to Monkey with a royal sword. It’s a snub, but it didn’t spoil the broth …"
Catch up here and watch over there. Yin Hua Zhenjun burst out laughing. "I’ve heard a lot about Sun Haosun’s agarwood. Hahahaha, you’re just here today to witness that Bai Hua and Qi Tian are married for a hundred years."
When you speak, the Bank of China white Baihua Gate suddenly shines brightly. Yin Hua Zhenjun’s hand goes forward and refers to Baihua Gate, which flies and rises in an instant. A towering mountain generally presses down on the three real people in Qitian.
Yuhua reality then appeared in a wave of his hand, a dark black hole turned like a whirlpool and rolled to the three true kings of Qitian Zong.
The homing crane reacted slowly, but also quickly launched an attack. A white homing cold current rushed out and attacked Xiaoyu Feitian. At the same time, it also kicked a huge foot and flew over.
If they have left their hands in front, Sun Hao appeared at this moment, but they knew that it was necessary to see a real chapter today, which was almost instantaneous. The three true kings together launched a powerful blow.
"I’ll come" Sun Haoyi at the top of the tower whispered "I’ll come"
The sole of the foot bounced out of the top of the tower.
Bloom a golden blue brilliance like a bomb Sun Hao body flew out.
When Sun Hao’s legs sank and landed at Baihua Gate accurately.
However, Bai Huamen, who rushed to the three Qi naive gentlemen, seemed to be suppressed by Wan Jun Juli and generally sank rapidly to the other side involuntarily.
A lion roared and broke away, returning to a cold current, and agarwood flashed across an arc, directly cutting off its huge foot and piercing the whirlpool black hole.
Sun Hao, a real gentleman in Yin Hua with a horse stance just look, Bai Huamen laughed with his hands on his shoulders. "Xiaoyu, Earth Tiger, please stand back and show agarwood that they are powerful. Hahaha, I don’t know if the real gentleman in Yin Hua can let you fly this magic weapon."
Yin Hua Zhenjun never imagined that there was a monk in this world who could set up his own Baihua Gate in the flesh, and it was not only a huge suppression force, but also seemed to freeze his gods’ knowledge, and he seemed to be a magic weapon for the platform.
You know, Baihuamen Guanghua body is a magic weapon that can melt everything in the world than high temperature, and it is even greater than Sun Haosun Aquilaria.
And that sun Haosun agarwood, who looks as usual, has great strength. If he hadn’t tried his best to make the platform, Baihuamen might have been suppressed at this time.
Once Bai Huamen was suppressed by Sun Hao with his body without any effort, he Yin Hua Zhenjun also made a fart.
My heart was more shocked than I was, and I said, "How is it possible?"
Yin Hua Zhenjun Zhenyuan drives hard to keep Baihuamen from being crushed by Sun Haosheng.
Beads of sweat dripped from my face.
Yin Hua Zhenjun is really fighting with himself. It is really the platform that his magical Baihuamen fights with himself with a heavy hydraulic power. The dark smiling face in Sun Hao’s heart is even more faint. He still boasted that "Yin Hua Zhenjun is really good at repairing and resisting agarwood’s gravity, but it is rare to barely save his life."
When you talk, your legs slightly slammed into a heavy mouth. "But can you stop it?" Drink … "
Drinking in Baihua Gate is not controlled by Yin Hua Zhenjun, but the foot of a high gate is pressed into the sand shield of Qitian Shacheng, and the Bank of China Huazhen Jun tries hard to make the platform, but he can’t pull out a bit of Shacheng.
Sun Hao’s legs stood upright, and the lintel of Baihuamen laughed. "This door is just so much. What else can Yin Hua Taoist friends do? Take it out and walk around. This door will be pressed here for the time being."
At the same time, the three true gentlemen were also directly defeated by Sun Hao.
The leader’s strength is vaguely three crowns. Brother Yin Hua was directly suppressed, and his face was blue and white with shame.
The three true kings couldn’t help looking at each other and seeing the horror in each other’s eyes.
Friar Qi Tianzong’s morale suddenly reached its peak, and Xiao Yu’s flying heart finally heaved a sigh of relief.
Sun Haosun Chenxiang, a famous scholar, is really amazing.
The three monks in the room looked at each other when they saw the young monk who smiled lightly and set up a door frame.
It’s really Zhong Xiaohao.
Chapter DiYiQiSan to affection
Wood strong face revealed a bit of a wry smile. "This Sun Haosun agarwood can be installed too much. If it weren’t for his own outbreak and killing, I wouldn’t believe that he is a true gentleman of Yuan Ying. Considering his posture and speed of imperial sword, it’s hard to believe that Yuan Ying can be so bad."
Xiao Yu Hua ku also recalled seeing Sun Hao. I remember that I still thought he was flying slowly. However, I carefully recalled that Xiao Yu Hua ku suddenly pointed to the standing Baihuamen Sun Hao and said, "Should he really be unable to fly?"
Mu Yusha asked, "Is it possible?"
Xiao Yu Hua Ku didn’t answer him, but his eyes flashed at Bai Huamen Sun Hao’s mouth and he was full of praise. "It’s awesome and cool. It’s really worthy that Ku Ye worships idols the most …"
At this time, Sun Haobai Huamen slowly pulled his posture.
Masculine bodybuilding posture makes all the monks who see him shine at the moment.
Even the hostile Yin Hua Zhenjun had to sigh a "good character"
Rising sun masculine hands set up.
The golden dzogchen body drives the golden yellow body, and it seems that there is a bit of green light flowing, and the arms are playing like a real dragon.
Step forward with one leg slightly, clench your fist with your right arm, and pull Sun Hao to half-lift. Guan Haifa said, "Dear friends, please."
Go back to the crane to see the real person in Yin Hua, Yin Hua, and see the real person who was trampled by Sun Hao. Baihuamen made a determined effort and said, "I don’t believe that two Taoist friends, Sun Haosun Chenxiang can handle the three of us and join hands with us."
After that, the strong light is like the sun, and the light rises from him. In a few minutes, Kangle Jia has become a huge ball of light like a small sun
And Yu Hua Zhen Jun also echoed from a distance, and his body became silvery, and a ball of light like a moon cooperated with him, aiming at Bai Huamen Sun Hao.