"Hey, hey, the horse is going to win their magic capital Fudan University in the second round. What are you doing?"

"Yes, if you don’t come, you should discard it!"
There are waves of doubts in Chuangshi Internet Cafe.
At the moment, outside the Chuangshi Internet Cafe,
If water a line of people with a frown.
"Han Xuanxuan what are they doing? What hasn’t come yet? "
"If we don’t come again, after the game, we will lose, even if pk performed well in the past and missed a game."
If water and others communicate, Beijing’s eyebrows are always locked.
From the previous Han Xuanxuan’s words, Han Xuanxuan gave him the feeling that he had been preoccupied. Moreover, Han Xuanxuan left directly with Fang Xiang and bare hands this afternoon. Although it was said that it was a fake with Ruoshui, if Shuishui did not know where Han Xuanxuan went when Beijing bus asked Ruoshui.
Moreover, in the urkqq group, Jingba also saw that Suk would come back in the near future.
Does it mean that Suko has returned to China?
There was a doubt in Beijing, but even if Suke went back to China, Han Xuanxuan wouldn’t say that they didn’t even come to the game. If you get together with Suke, you can get together anytime, and they don’t play 24 hours a day …
It was also when Ruoshui checked his wrist watch again that an Audi a6 stopped in front of them.
Coming from the back seat of the car are Han Xuanxuan and Guangguang.
"You have come to the game, don’t you know?"
If the water didn’t good the spirit to the two people, when it comes to this period, everyone is familiar with it, and they don’t speak carefully everywhere. Moreover, if the water is really familiar, Han Xuanxuan and Guangguang are still very accommodating.
And if the water questioned Han Xuanxuan and Guangguang, they didn’t feel any embarrassed.
"What do you think?"
Looking at Han Xuanxuan and bare car if water hurriedly asked 1.
"Fang wants to have something to do and can’t come to the afternoon game."
"What can’t come? !”
If the water leng.
In the second half of the college league, all the faces are from elite colleges and universities from all corners of the country. At this time, can you say that he can’t come? Isn’t this funny? !
Also see if the water there face changes Han Xuanxuan light say with smile
"But although the party can’t come, but …"
That is, at this time, three other figures of Audi a6 sedan also came from the car.
If water and others see two men and one woman.
As if water doubts Han Xuanxuan what do you mean? Who are these three people? I heard Beijing-Pakistan ecstasy shouting behind me.
"Lying in the trough!"
"Suker elder brother! Brother curtain! Wan’er! "
Nani? !
When I heard the name of Beijing bus, if the water around me was good or the flowers on the other side, these people were dumbfounded!
A fantasy westward journey player, how could they not know that Suk didn’t know the end?
What do these two names represent in the dream world? !
"Oh, it’s Jingba."
"Long time no see."
At this time, Suk also saw Jingmba and others waved at Jingmba and said with a smile.
"Brother Suk, you miss me so much!"
At ordinary times, he didn’t talk much. At this time, Jingba suddenly arrived in front of Suk a few steps ago, but he and Suk didn’t have Han Xuanxuan, and they ended up in such an iron place. Even when he arrived in front of Suk, he seemed at a loss what to do.
Suk also saw the embarrassment of Beijing and Pakistan, smiled and hugged Beijing and Pakistan in the previous step.
And all those who haven’t seen each other for a long time have been melted in this embrace.
After Songjingba, Suk’s eyes fell on Ruoshui and others.
"If you are water? I heard Han Xuanxuan and Fang thought about you. "
When Sook speaks, the only thing that water can do is choke.
A fantasy westward journey player, he always regards Suk as his idol! Otherwise, he wouldn’t choose to play the career of Nengwuzhuangguan.
The ability to play wz is to follow Suk’s footsteps.
When I heard Suk talking to himself, my heart would boil! Explode!
He nodded heavily at Suk.
"It’s … it’s me, Brother Suk. Hello!"
Suk also nodded back and turned his eyes to the younger sisters’ faces on the other side of the flower.
"Oh, and Fudan University girls, hello!"
These girls on the other side of the flower are all senior players on the Fantasy Westward Journey, and the girls on the basic Fantasy Westward Journey all have a common hobby, that is, brushing achievements!
Although I adore Sukebi, the girls on the other side are hot in their eyes, but not at Suk, but … at Wan beside Suk!
Yin awan was the first person to achieve the dream westward journey that year! She has finished almost all the achievements in Fantasy Westward Journey.
At that time, when Wan left Dream Journey to the West, the achievement points seemed to be …
What does this mean? It means that all the achievements and activities that can be achieved in Fantasy Westward Journey are in the bag.
After saying hello to Suk, the other flowers and others came to Ah Wan soon.
"Sister Wan’er!"
Girls are naturally more familiar than boys, not to mention the flowers on the other side. These girls are more lively. When Lang and his party went, they surrounded Ah Wan, which made Ah Wan feel at a loss.