At first glance, this man can’t escape. If he doesn’t turn around to defend his body, he will be stabbed thoroughly. So he runs forward and turns his body, while ten fingers are like lotus flowers on his chest.

"Lotus Tibetan seal!" His mouth roars a.
"break!" My eyes were slightly narrowed, and I yelled, and then I tried my best to rush toward Zhenwu Jian.
Bang! Bang! Bang …
His ten fingers are like ten lotus petals. Every time I move forward, my real Wu Jian will get a finger from him. After ten fingers, it is full of my physical strength. This sword has been weakened by more than half.
Finally, I saw the man escape again with a shake in his body.
He used the tantric lotus seal in secret to break my sword.
"awesome!" My in the mind dark shout a.
But then there was a loud noise on my feet again, and my body appeared behind this person again.
Psst …
Once again, the sword stabbed him in the back.
Knock, knock, knock …
It is still a trick for this man to repeat his old tricks.
But this time I added a spiral force Zhenwu sword, and my hand spun rapidly.
Poop, poop, poop.
The man’s ten fingers appeared on his head and blood gushed out.
His lotus handprint is gradually weakened by layers of blocking, but at the moment of collision, my real sword suddenly rushed, and a strong rotating force and sharp blade really touched it and cut his finger.
Then my real sword poof went into his chest, but only one inch deep, I stopped, stared at him and asked, "Who did Ji repeatedly say that the living Buddha was?" What organization are you? Have a purpose? "
This man is indeed a Lama. Seeing his face, he smiled and said, "You will be punished!" "
After saying this, his chest rushed forward in front of me, and the tip of his sword came out through his body.
Gu gu zi ng!
Blood came out of the blood tank of Zhenwujian, and at the same time, his face showed a strange smile and he kept bleeding out of his mouth.
"You will be punished!"
Before he died, he still said this sentence
When he saw that he couldn’t run away, he chose to commit suicide.
"Damn it!" I looked at me and slowly poured the body in front of me and scolded 1 in my heart.
At present, we only know the words "living Buddha" and "Yangji"
"It seems that I need to go to Tibet once!" I was thinking in my heart.
Ji has died many times, and the ghost Lama has also died, and the clues from both of them point to Tibetan tantra
Just now, he was a lotus seal, which could actually stop me from turning into a powerful sword. But he didn’t cooperate with the mantra, and all the power of the seal was not fully exerted. If he cooperated with the mantra, even the lotus seal might be able to stop me from spinning a sword behind me.
Hey (not ng) (ā) (nΡ) Ba (bēi) Mi (ēi) Bang (hē ng)
This is the six-character mantra of the Great Mantra. The Tibetan Lama recites these six words every day. Another function of it is that it is almost the same as that of Lei Yin, a tiger and leopard, to encourage qi and blood to strengthen the dirty and get through the governor’s second pulse.
If you don’t believe me, you can read slowly with Pinyin, and then you will feel that it is all a nasal sound and dirty as if it were shaking slightly.
There is also a small trick to this reading. You should read it from Dantian Qi. You should first take a deep breath into your stomach, then slowly deflate and recite these six-character mantra. If you understand it carefully, you will find that your heart will be slightly shaken and your dirty will naturally strengthen when you grow up.
This is the dirty shortcut to strengthen Buddhism. Ordinary people can practice, but the efficiency is very low. Although Tiger and Leopard Lei Yin has to work hard to practice, the speed is three times that of the six-character mantra. That is to say, if Tiger and Leopard Lei Yin practice for 20 years, you will have to read the six-character mantra for 60 years.
However, one advantage of these six-character mantras is that they can be read from childhood.
The ancient tantric power combined these six-character mantra with a printing method to form a mantra mudra.
This mantra, mudra, is a kind of martial arts, which is different from Daomen’s nine-character mantra.
Today, I have seen this printing method, but this dark Lama has not yet combined the printing method with the mantra, so it is not really the mantra of mudra.
I have long heard from monk Yongru that the Tibetan tantric mantra is very strange and mysterious, and I have never had a chance to see it. Even when monk Yongru traveled in Tibet for three years, I didn’t find any clues about tantric Buddhism. I didn’t expect that I found a clue in Xishuangna.
Although the clue is broken now, it doesn’t matter. I know that a living Buddha named Yangji in Tibet is the Tantric patriarch.
This dark Lama should be sent by the living Buddha Yang Ji to monitor Ji Duodan. In case Ji Duodan is abnormal, he will kill people and cut off all contact with him. Moreover, this dark Lama is very ghostly and smells like a dead man. This just escaped my body and felt that he had entered me for ten meters, thus killing Ji Duodan.
I, a dark Lama, groped for his body, but he had nothing but two plum blossom darts. I looked at these two plum blossom darts and carefully put them away. My body quickly disappeared and headed for the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.
A month later, I appeared in Potala Square.
I wandered around aimlessly and turned a blind eye to other people’s strange eyes, so I was still dressed as an ancient Taoist.
"Li Xiaoyun!" Suddenly a sound rang in my ear and I found Liu Chi when I smelled it.
"Liu Chi!"
"Li Xiaoyun didn’t expect to meet you here" Liu Chi came along.
As he approached me, his eyes lit up, because I found that he actually broke through the dark energy and entered the realm of transformation, and his body was very heavy.
"I didn’t expect me to reach the realm of strength?" Liu Chi found a little surprise in my eyes and said
At one time, he was almost killed by Yang Heshan and rested for a year and a half. At the same time, his body was completely restored, and his thoughts were also fully realized. Later, after more than ten years of penance, he broke through the dark energy and entered the realm of transformation six months ago.
"Ha ha!" I laughed and didn’t answer because Liu Chi and I are not friends.
"It’s better to meet each other than to meet us again!" Liu Chi entered Huajian and traveled abroad, and he really wanted to find someone to try his kung fu. Unfortunately, the master of Huajian is not easy to find. Although Wang Yuncheng is a master of Huajian, it is Wang Xiaoli’s brother-in-law after all. He can’t try his best to fight.
In Liu Chi’s heart, I am his best fighter.
"I’m happy to accompany you!" Naturally, I won’t weaken my momentum.
I don’t know what. Before Liu Chi, I will calm down. There will always be a trace of profit. Mang always wants to press him.
The two of us just looked at each other in Potala Palace Square and the momentum increased.
Boom Boom Boom
I don’t know, suddenly our bodies moved at the same time, and then we blew three punches and burst into loud noises like thunder, and then there was a gas fluctuation around our bodies
Liu Chi body back half a step corners of the mouth shed a little blood.
And my body is still.
I’ve been in Huajing for many years, and I almost forgot that my body has already passed through the second pulse, but it hasn’t merged yet. At the same time, I have got through the article that I have a higher understanding of Huajing’s strength than Liu Chi. I have three records to smash him, and he is in the wind and he will be dirty and slightly injured, so that a little blood will flow from the corners of his mouth.