There is a very high Jiaodianyu in the center of chalk in that city, which is the most conspicuous building in the city, and it should be able to lean over the city there.

The other bustling cities in that place are quite quiet. Of course, this special place is not an ordinary dynasty, but it is qualified to enter the nirvana of those senior dynasties. Only when the ordinary people wait outside, the envious eyes are simply looking at it.
Perhaps it is because the ancient secret keys are all connected with one point in that lofty temple, and the forest movement has experienced three subtle fluctuations. Obviously, it should be to gain the other three ancient secret key forces: Youquan Dynasty, Honghuang Dynasty and Magic Rock Dynasty.
And this induction is obviously mutual. The ability of leaders in these three dynasties came when Lin Dynamic should come to them, and they also perceived the ancient secret key in Lin Dynamic’s hands.
In this temple, there is a golden hall, which is very vast and wide, but at this time, there are many figures in this hall, and these figures are obviously not ordinary people.
And being able to sit in this hall is almost all regarded as the ancient battlefield, and the northwest region is quite famous. Wang Chaoqiang can sit here and be a powerful symbol.
On the side of the main hall, three figures were sitting in their seats with a strong horizontal fluctuation.
Three people live on the left, and one is a big man with a bust. This man’s skin is covered with tattoos and he has a wild breath. He sits there quietly, but he is still a wild beast, which is not to be underestimated.
On the right is a woman in a purple and black dress, with a cold appearance and long black hair, which is also a beautiful point in this hall.
Among the three people, the chalk epicenter is a handsome man dressed in black with a warm smile on his face, but it makes people understand that this person can never be a good crop.
Behind the tired man in black stood a familiar man dressed in white. It was at the beginning that Lin moved his hand. Shi Xuan obviously, the former was Shi Kun, the leader of the magic rock dynasty.
Our fourth ancient secret key has finally come true.
In the hall, Shi Kun’s eyes suddenly raised his face and his smile suddenly became rich, and his voice sounded in this hall at the same time.
Some whispering halls suddenly became quiet, and many people’s eyes were full of pondering. None of them here saved oil lamps, and even in the face of the magic rock dynasty, they would not be as afraid as other dynasties.
There are four ancient secret keys, and no one is sure whether this ancient secret key can play any other role in the secret cache besides opening the ancient secret cache. However, it is obvious that holding the ancient secret key in your hand can make you heavier even talking in this place. Almost everyone here wants to hold the ancient secret key.
Of course, the four ancient keys are all the main magic rock dynasties, and it is not easy for the three dynasties to win the ancient keys from them. It is too expensive for most dynasties to hit them, so the last key is the easiest target in people’s eyes.
People here have all heard the news that Lin moved away from Shi Xuan some time ago, but this pill is not a deterrent to them. They are not comparable to those ordinary dynasties.
Oh, haha, I’m curious whether that Lin Dong has superhuman powers and can steal the ancient secret key in the hands of your magic rock dynasty. That Shi Kunju’s left naked man’s eyes are also strange and he looks at the hall and laughs.
It’s just to blame. When the Magic Rock Dynasty got the ancient secret information, it wanted to be afraid that the selectmen would be detected by us and then intervene. This just sent those small characters. Which scale was finally picked up by this forest, and the gentle and graceful female voice in a purple and black dress was light.
The strength of this dynasty is not weaker than that of the magic rock dynasty, but it has no scruples.
Hum, that’s just good luck. If he hadn’t fled with the help of the ancient secret key, I could have captured Shi Kun directly behind him. Shi Xuan looked cold and said,
I was worried that he didn’t dare to show up. I didn’t expect him to be so courageous. Now that I’m here, let him be the owner. In the end, Shi Xuan’s eyes suddenly appeared with solemnity of murder. During this period, the news that Lin Dong escaped in his hands was heated, which made him lose his face. He was determined to catch Lin Dong. It is necessary to let him taste what is called immortality.
Hey, hey, you have an ancient secret key in the hands of the magic rock dynasty. Let’s leave this one to us. When Shi Xuan’s voice fell, the hall was a little chuckle.
Shi Xuan eyebrows a wrinkly to say what Shi Kun is with the wave laughed to who can get rid of the small who is the last ancient key.
Haha, Brother Shi Kun is generous. Don’t worry, that guy’s head must be the magic rock dynasty. Then it’s better to let others know that he has offended the magic rock dynasty.
Some National People’s Congress (NPC) laughed that the appearance of Judah grabbed Lin Dong and won the ancient secret key, which was a sure thing.
Hehe, it seems that many people want my head.
However, just as these laughter sounded, a light smile suddenly sounded from outside the hall and then slowly echoed in the hall.
The atmosphere was quiet, and then the road was filled with many strange looks. The line of sight was cast at the door of the hall.
Shi Kun’s face smile remained the same, but he didn’t look up to see the meaning. His palm pulled a ferocious smile at the lip corner of playing with an iron ball.
Lin move behind Shi Kun Shi Xuan eyes is suddenly Yin cold to gnash her teeth.
Aside the naked man dressed in a purple and black dress, the woman also looked up and looked at the door of the hall with a little banter. Don’t you know that most people here are waiting for him?
In their eyes, the low-level dynasty of the Great Inflammation Dynasty has good courage, but it is a little bit little.
In the sunshine at the entrance of the hall, the eyes rustled, and after a while, the two figures slowly entered the vast hall in tandem.