"I didn’t know it would be good to think that it was refined like that, but after listening to what you just said, let me know that this has not been refined, and there is still a rise."

Liu Shigong asked, "What does Ling Daoyou mean now?"
"Let’s wait until I find a material suitable for fire, and then ask Liu Daoyou to help me refine it."
Liu Shigong smoothed her Hu "since Ling Daoyou has this determination, Liu can’t be treated at will."
Tell you what, Taoist friends are looking for suitable fire property materials. During this period, I also carefully pondered, such as refining the best spirit as much as possible to maximize Taoist friends’ strength. "
Ling Youdao bowed his hand with gratitude. "I wonder if I can thank Liu Daoyou."
See Liu Shigong motioning with his hand and said, "I also have some origins in Cang Li Ling’s family. At the beginning, if Ling Jie Sheng Ling Jie ran, two Taoist friends believed that I would hand over all the spiritual devices of Cang Li Ling’s family to me for refining, and I wouldn’t have achieved today."
Learning the skills of cultivating immortals requires not only good understanding, but also a lot of resources for practicing hands.
Master Liu Shigong said that his understanding was not bad.
However, he is only a casual practitioner. If there were not so many materials for him to practice hand refining, his achievements would never be compared with the present.
When he was just a master of refining device, Cang Li Ling chose him to invest as much as possible to entrust him with refining the spirit device. It is because there are so many materials that he has achieved today.
So he is so polite to Ling Youdao.
Ling Youdao got up and handed over to Liu Shigong. "Then please Liu Daoyou."
"No, no"
"Just leave as soon as possible to find materials suitable for fire properties."
Smell speech Liu Shigong also said, "Well, I will also pay attention here. If there is a material suitable for fire properties, I will buy it for Ling Daoyou first."
Shigongge not only sells ritual instruments, but also helps people refine ritual instruments, and at the same time buys refining materials.
Say ling Youdao accepted xuanguangzhu and walked out of the pavilion.
"This matter can’t be solved in a short time, but we should find an inn first."
Ling Youdao directly found an inn nearest to Shigong Pavilion and paid ten days’ rent.
Then he went out of the inn again
In the street, there is a shuttle crowd center, and I can’t help but think, "It’s hard to find a suitable second-order fire property material."
There are not many fire property materials in Beihai Xiuxian boundary, and some small workshops can hardly find good fire property materials. Baiyun Workshop City is not a small fire property material, and there must be some, so I am worried that these fire property materials are not suitable.
"Forget it, I don’t want these bad things now. Let’s ask one shop after another to see what fire property materials are in Baiyun Square City."
Ling Youdao is not a procrastinator who wants to do it immediately.
He walked quickly into a material store and asked directly, "Do you have second-order fire materials here?"
The man behind the smell speech counter shook his head and said, "There is a first-order fire property material, but there is no second-order fire property material."
"This Taoist friend, I’ll keep an eye on it for you if you need it."
"Well, this is where I live now. If you receive the second-order fire property materials, please tell me when you come, and I will come as soon as possible to see if it is what I need."
Ling Youdao picked up a brush and wrote a blank sheet of paper where he lived.
The people behind the counter nodded and smiled and said, "Friends can rest assured."
Ling Youdao walked out of the shop quickly, walked through the crowd for a while and then entered a shop.
He also asked, "Do you have second-order fire property materials here?"