Chen Chao came back late.

"How about it?" I stared at Chen Chao with a smile.
Chen Chao shook his head and said nothing.
My heart thumped and I quickly asked, "Did you lose your virginity?"
Chen Chao shook his head again.
"Well! I wish I hadn’t lost my virginity. This time, I want you to experience the news. If you don’t go after this time, we’ll think of another way! " I slapped Chen Chao on the shoulder.
"Little Martial Uncle, I want to go a few more times!" Chen Chao suddenly turned a little red and faltered.
"ah!" I look one leng.
At the same time, mosquitoes and bears who have just changed their skills and practiced knives are also one leng.
"Chen Chao you won’t lose your virginity? Warm and fragrant heroes! " Bear there to Chen Chao quipped.
"I didn’t!" Chen Chaoda shouted
"Then why go again?" I asked Chen Chao.
"Because I think that girl should be kind!" Chen Chao gave a ridiculous reason.
"Ha ha ….." Both the bear and the mosquito laughed. They both grew up in the underworld. Although they have never played with this kind of young lady, they have heard that many things are not as simple as Chen Chao.
"As the saying goes in Chen Chao, you don’t want to be stupid!" I look a little serious. This common saying is summed up by people through a lot of facts, and only when it is correct will it come.
Think about it. It’s also a woman who has slept with several men. How can she have feelings for you?
"I know, but I want to try!" Chen Chao is also a bit stubborn.
Actually, I admire stubborn people and people who can’t pull back once they have decided something. Because of this, it is possible for them to succeed in a certain field.
At the same time, I am such a person myself!
I stared into Chen Chao’s eyes for a minute and then said, "Okay, but you must know it!"
"hmm!" Chen Chao nodded his head.
From that day on, mosquitoes and bears followed Xiao Hongfeng, while Chen Chao went to the sauna city three times a week, each time for more than an hour, and Liu slowly ordered it.
Liu slowly was tossed about by an old pervert for two hours yesterday. Although she was a little tired today, she still came to the sauna city because she was very short of money.
What she didn’t expect was that this time the guest turned out to be Chen Chao again, which was the third time she had received Chen Chao.
Liu slowly saw that Chen Chao’s face relaxed and his professional smile turned into a full face of exhaustion.
"Very tired? Lie down and sleep for a while! " Chen Chao see liu slowly face tired not from the in the mind one leng then hand a refers to the big bed said to her.
Liu doesn’t know what slowly. She is relaxed in front of Chen Chao, and she also has a feeling of treating Chen Chao as a little brother.
She was afraid to wrinkle the black veil, so she took it off, got into the quilt and curled up.
Chen Chao sat in the bedside chair and looked at Liu slowly without speaking.
"Can you hug me?" After two minutes of silence, Liu slowly and suddenly said to Chen Chao
"This …"
"If I am dirty, forget it!" Liu slowly sounds a little self-destructive.
But in a second, Chen Chao was lying in bed and his strong arms put his arms around her.
Liu slowly and suddenly felt very safe and warm, so she really fell asleep unconsciously. When she woke up, she looked at the twenty tickets on the bedside table and felt at a loss.
"Be sure to ask him what he really wants to do once?" Liu slowly got out of bed, collected the money and thought to himself.
Xiao Hongfeng was very nervous during this period, and the number of bodyguards increased to more than a dozen. Because a jasmine gave him a poison trick, it didn’t work. The drug-taking rotten boy disappeared in Q city, and the police didn’t find it illegal that night.
"That rotten boy must have been killed by Yizitang, but why haven’t they acted?" Xiao Hongfeng secretly thinking in his heart.
This calm made him feel even more terrible!
"Hongfeng, don’t think too much. Now the righteous word hall is no longer the righteous word hall a few years ago. You Xiao Hongfeng is not the same as Xiao Hongfeng a few years ago. If they want to move, you have to consider the consequences." Jasmine wrapped around Xiao Hongfeng and said to him with her mouth on his ear.
"Words are so said, but my heart is always not steadfast. You have never seen the younger brother of Yizitang cruel. They have a fever for Yizitang and really fight together. One can top the three of us! I shouldn’t listen to you to provoke them once! " Xiao Hongfeng is a little regretful now, but the bow has no turning back. Now that the beam has been tied, I just want to find a way to deal with it.
"Afraid of what they will do, or we’ll send someone to cut their boss halfway!" Molly’s face gave me a hint of ferocity, saying that the most poisonous woman’s heart is not false at all.