XuanXing some funny looked at the side purple Lin mastered some areas LeiJie title purple Lin unbeaten just strange even if they are not fully sure will beat.

"Xuanxing, you should practice the law …" At this moment, Lei Jie went out and his heart was very confused.
"That’s right, I didn’t practice coagulation." Xuanxing naturally asked what Lei Jie wanted to ask. "Lei Jie has passed for so many years, haven’t you figured it out yet?" Xuanxing said with a smile
Xuanxing’s conversation confused Zilin and his three wives. Eldest brother seems to have known Lei Jie for a long time.
"Let’s talk about this later. Let’s have a look at it first." Lei Jie suddenly felt a strong fighting spirit, but even so, there was still no murder in his eyes. The energy he released only contained pure fighting spirit.
What does it mean to see this Xuanxing lightly picking this Lei Jie from her brow?
"Come with me" XuanXing didn’t ask, but moved directly to the nearby barren area and went to Reggie in a fog. The Zilin couple also followed XuanXing to launch the relocation operation.
"Xuanxing, although you didn’t practice Ning Yuan definitely, I believe that you are the first person I have met who is worthy of making a move." Lei Jie smiled faintly. "I hope you won’t hold back in the battle you received, and of course I will try my best."
"As you wish," XuanXing replied with a smile. He was quite aware that Lei Jie had mastered some fields three billion years ago! But today, his strength is bound to improve, and Xuanxing will never hide other people’s mistakes, and he may be defeated by Lei Jie himself with a little carelessness.
After a few polite words, Xuanxing Reggie tried his best to move the body’s energy, ready to deal with each other’s sudden attack. Both of them didn’t move the artifact. Xuanxing was disdainful of moving the artifact. Anyway, every part of his body was an artifact. Even if he launched an Excalibur to kill Xuanxing, he could do it with his hands, but the power would be discounted. He didn’t know how abnormal Xuanxing’s physical strength was. He felt that there was no need to move the artifact.
"Shout … bursts …" A violent blue Gangfeng suddenly appeared in front of Xuanxing and swept to Xuanxing rapidly, glancing at the blue Gangfeng’s face expression in front of him. This Gangfeng’s attack power is really strong. If it is wrapped in it, it should be equivalent to being hit by thousands of artifacts! However, there are no cracks in this Gangfeng, and the physical strength of Xuanxing is extremely artifact. Xuanxing can’t ignore this Gangfeng because it causes no harm to itself.
"Bang … bang …" The road flips constantly. Although Xuanxing was tightly wrapped by cyan Gangfeng, his body stood still, but not far from Leijie, he was shocked.
You should be able to easily break the armor attack by the wind damage you have created! However, after Xuanxing suffered a wave of Gangfeng attacks, there was not even a drop of blood on his body surface, and his robe was badly damaged. "So physical strength …" Reggie was a little hard to accept that Xuanxing had hit himself too hard, and it was great that his physical strength reached the peak of the artifact, but Xuanxing … His physical strength must be an artifact!
"Xuanxing, it seems that I still underestimated your strength. I can be an artifact." When Lei Jie spoke with a wry smile, a pole Excalibur appeared in his hand, and according to Xuanxing’s observation, it was found that the attack power of this pole Excalibur should be very strong and powerful, which is definitely much stronger than ordinary pole artifacts! In addition to the Excalibur, Lei Jie is wearing a golden armor.
"Extremely artifact … I can’t stand its attack." Xuanxing laughed. At the same time, Xuanxing also appeared a lavender armor and killed Excalibur and shook Xuanxing’s hand.
Although Xuanxing’s physical strength has reached the realm of extreme artifact, Lei Jie can’t avoid some flesh and pain if he is filled with divine power and stabbed himself with an Excalibur.
At this time, Lei Jie has been hanging on his face, and the smile has completely converged. Seeing that his eyes are tightly staring at the Excalibur in Xuanxing’s hand, his face is confused again, and then he releases his knowledge and carefully feels the energy fluctuation around Xuanxing’s body. As time goes by, Lei Jie’s face becomes more and more confused.
Xuanxing didn’t take the opportunity to attack, but quietly looked at the other side of Lei Jie Xuanxing. Some people couldn’t imagine that Lei Jie would suddenly change his face.
"Maybe it’s overrated." Reggie andao If that sword is really as you guess … I am definitely not Xuanxing’s opponent.
"Beware of Xuanxing". After waking up, Lei Jie directly launched the field he mastered, and at the same time, he also launched the removal operation and suddenly rushed at Xuanxing.
"Bang … bursts … bursts …" Blink of an eye, the Excalibur in Leijie’s hand has stung Xuanxingshen violently, and Xuanxingshen’s armor is constantly flashing purple brilliance. "David Tang …" The Excalibur will fly violently in Leijie’s hand.
"The brothers ….." Move the distant Lei Jie to feel a little depressed. Just now, when he attacked Zilin, he also released the divine force to absorb and refine. At this time, Xuanxing also gave himself the divine force in Excalibur to refine. If he kept pestering himself, his physical and mental force would be consumed sooner or later.
"It’s my turn to attack." Xuanxing smiled. Although Lei Jie launched his "field", now he has a soul. Yuan Ying’s semi-suspended field has caused himself the slightest impact, and only the field mastered by the God King can limit his actions.
"The first type!" Xuanxing had a dark drink at the bottom of my heart and saw him instantly appear in front of Leijie. At the same time, his excalibur suddenly gave off a harsh purple brilliance.
"Removal …" Reggie was startled by the sudden appearance of Xuanxing, but his field was bound by the law. This makes it difficult for Reggie to accept, but it makes it even harder for him to accept. Later, I saw the purple sword shadow sweeping towards me, and suddenly Reggie looked at Xuanxing and his eyes became a little strange.
"Bang … bang …" Several sword shadows thrust at Lei Jie in essence, and Lei Jie’s face suddenly changed! Because his hood was shaking violently, there were signs of rupture at any time. Reggie did not dare to hesitate and immediately launched a removal operation to escape from several purple swords.
"Sure enough!" LeiJie heart way, his eyes moved to the hands of XuanXing killing Excalibur again. At this time, he can almost be sure that this Excalibur handle should be some old deathlessly carrying guy!
At this time, Xuanxing also felt the speed of Reggie. Xuanxing believed that his speed method would be so horrible compared with Reggie’s speed. Xuanxing was naturally able to move the whole story because Reggie had mastered some fields. It is also very reasonable that Reggie’s speed in the field is faster. Since the other party has a speed that makes him dust, it is impossible to threaten his life unless he lets himself attack at will … Xuanxing doesn’t believe that Reggie is stupid.
Reggie looked at XuanXing with a strange look and then moved to XuanXing again! Although the power of Xuanxing Sword Decision is terrible, it always takes some time to launch it, so Lei Jie is ready to make a surprise attack!
Xuanxing doesn’t want Reggie to stop fighting. He has some questions to ask Reggie. Xuanxing is ready to end the fight as soon as possible.
"Shout …" Xuanxing table suddenly burned a layer of purple flame. Just before Xuanxing was moved, Lei Jie hurriedly stopped his hand. The purple shenhuo gave himself a very dangerous feeling. If he was touched by Lei Jie, he had no doubt that he would be tortured by this shenhuo.
"It’s just that it’s no longer better than going." Lei Jie simply said that if Xuanxing is absolutely able to beat and kill himself! However, it is impossible for Xuanxing to beat himself because his speed is comparable to Xuanxing’s.
Smell speech XuanXing immediately put away his own fire and didn’t want to fight with Reggie. Reggie’s request was just what he wanted.
XuanXing two people immediately to the party a planet fall, and then purple’ they also catch up, although on the surface XuanXing two people just now should be a tie, but purple’ is not so know eldest brother speed is really better than but LeiJie want to beat LeiJie almost hopeless, but LeiJie strength is far less than XuanXing even if XuanXing where LeiJie can’t how XuanXing but in turn let LeiJie stay put … XuanXing absolutely have the ability to kill!
"Reggie, you just called me here for a competition?" Xuanxing a smooth bluestone sat down at random to ask out the doubts in my heart.
"If I didn’t guess wrong, my uncle …" Here, Lei Jie’s eyes showed a trace of sadness. "It should be that the King of Hong Punishment came to see you?" Reggie’s face recovered quickly. Xuanxing seems to have known himself for a long time, and he knows himself better. Reggie would guess so.
"That’s right." Xuanxing nodded his head. In front of him, Lei Jie suffered a lot. Not only did his parents die when he was a child, but he was expelled from his legacy three billion years ago.
"Sure enough," sighed Lei Jie. "I suppose he and I said a lot of nice things?" He didn’t wait for Xuanxing to answer the phone, but continued to talk about it on his own. "At the beginning, I had some persistent ideas that were too extreme. Yes, I really wanted to cultivate the master Ning Yuanjue at the beginning, but after three billion years, I also figured it out. Now that I can successfully become the king of God, why should I risk my life to cultivate Ning Yuanjue?"
"I suddenly heard the news of skyshatter recently, and I also told you that you and I are all practicing simplified coagulation yuan definitely. If this is the case, we are considered disciples, so I specially came to see what kind of brother the master has received, but who thought you didn’t practice coagulation yuan definitely?"
"So you’ve figured it out?" Xuanxing smiled and asked Lei Jie if he could figure it out. Xuanxing naturally felt a sense of relief. If he made a decision on setting yuan and was obsessed with it, he really couldn’t help himself.
"Ha ha ….. I figured it out and regretted hating the master, causing big trouble and even bringing trouble to my uncle." Lei Jie was a little sad. "If I have an organic conversation, I still hope that the master can take me back to the door wall."
Listen to Lei Jie, Xuanxing shook his head secretly and was kicked out of the door by a deity. It’s not that simple. Unless he is helped by a deity, Lei Jie should not be able to restore his identity.
"XuanXing have something to ask you" LeiJie suddenly transit way.
"oh? What’s the matter? "XuanXing felt a little confused about this. Does Lei Jie have the ability to do things?
"Can I be taken back by the master in the future … I’m afraid I need your help." Reggie stared at Xuanxing tightly and was expelled from his master. This is the greatest shame for practitioners. Although Reggie’s situation is a little special, he still doesn’t want to bear the name of an abandoned disciple.
"Me?" Xuanxing was puzzled by Lei Jie’s words, and he didn’t know what god statue could have such a thing.
"Yes, I know something more than you. What can I ask for your help? I can’t tell you yet, but you will come from Huibai." Reggie laughed.
"Er … I’ll remember this if possible" Xuanxing nodded to help Lei Jie realize this wish. It’s very simple to be able to speak with several deities. Lei Jie should be taken back, but … can he speak with deities? Xuanxing immediately shook his head here. At this time, he is only a god, and there is still a long way to go from the realm of god.
"Thank you for this sentence is enough." Reggie gratefully nodded to XuanXing. "Actually, I’m just about to make a direct breakthrough in the realm of the King of God. Forget it. It’s meaningless to have been stagnant in the realm of the King of God. Anyway, I’m not going to practice real coagulation. I should be leaving now. I hope you can continue to practice hard." Reggie got up when he spoke. He was ready to sprint the realm of the King of God!
If he said to himself, "Let’s just break through the realm of the King of God", Xuanxing would definitely recognize that there is something wrong with this person’s head, but it is not too much for Lei Jie to say such a thing, because he has a god like himself! It’s a miracle that Reggie didn’t become a god king for three billion years. Xuanxing has no doubt that if Reggie is willing, he can become a god king in hundreds of millions of years and millions of years!
"By the way, it seems that you and Zilin can absorb energy?" Is preparing to suddenly asked from Reggie Yu Xuanxing energy some special celestial middleman almost all know this matter by Reggie will have this question.
"It should be about the same." Xuanxing muses that he can really absorb energy except the dead gray energy. If his body is milky white enough, even the dead gray energy can be absorbed and refined to the fullest.
"I have a demon baby here. This energy is a little special. It is said that even the gods can absorb it." Lei Jie smiled and saw a golden demon baby in his hand. "Do you want to try it?" Reggie shook the demon baby in his hand
"I’ll" one side hasn’t been chimed in. Zilin suddenly came over and stretched out his hand and took the demon baby in Leijie’s hand. He didn’t believe that in addition to the energy of the eldest brother, there was his own way to absorb it in this world.
"So small …" Looking at the palm-sized demon baby Zilin seems a little unsatisfied, because this demon baby actually has the late realm of the Lord God. Usually, the height of the main god beast baby is at least 60 to 10 centimeters, but the demon baby in his own hand is so small. This is indeed a little small.
And XuanXing at this time is tightly staring at the hands of purple’ demon baby even the deity can absorb energy, which proves that this beast is special and his head is not matched. XuanXing always thinks that this demon baby is not simple.
Zilin’s mouth slightly opened to see a hint of pale golden energy floating from the demon baby and then moved to Zilin’s mouth. Zilin was ready to continue to absorb it, but Zilin’s face suddenly became strange, and at the same time he closed his mouth and stopped absorbing the demon baby’s energy.
Because he suddenly found that this light golden energy is very strange, he can really absorb it into the body, but he will refine it by himself! Moreover, this kind of energy is still dishonest. It can float directly from its own body through its own body, and then this silk energy returns to the demon baby body.
"It’s weird …" Zilin’s skin is black, and his little face is even darker at this time.
"Reggie, what is this demon baby?" Xuanxing suddenly asked because he found that the demon baby’s eyes were rolling, but it just didn’t squeak as if it were unconscious.
"Ha ha, purple Lin can’t do it, XuanXing. You can try your problem just now. I’ll tell you later." Reggie directly took the demon baby from purple Lin and handed it to XuanXing. Reggie took it out purely out of curiosity and didn’t have his eyes.
Xuanxing didn’t refuse. Anyway, he was curious about this demon baby. He really wanted to try whether he could absorb this energy.