You know, most of his freshmen are trained with the old team

If those teams get blood Dan, they will naturally be distributed to the new students after being distributed by the old students.
The thought of Lu Fei’s small eyes emit green light and look at Meng Chen like watching a mobile Baoshan.
"Alas, it seems that it is difficult for me to lose weight with the boss!"
Fat directly patting fat belly and hooking up with Meng Chen. "Boss, I think it’s still early. Why don’t we kill two triangular blood beasts again?"
Liu Fei squinting directly encouraged Meng Chen to forget the scene of being chased to death by the triangle blood beast.
"Yes, I will attract fire this time!"
Meng Chen squinting landing fat face look calm way
"Ah, the boss, I think we should see what Liu Hong is doing now. I’m a little worried about Xiao Su …"
As soon as Lu Fei’s eyes changed hands, there was a piece of operator map.
Pursuit symbol graph
Lu Fei gave Lu Xiaosu a piece of interest-chasing figure according to Meng Chen’s command when sharing time with Lu Xiaosu.
In this way, Meng Chen can note the whereabouts of Liu Hong’s team at any time if they are not too far apart.
And Meng Chen secretly told Lu Xiaosu that once there was any danger, they would immediately follow the interest figure and they would arrive soon.
When Lu Fei injected the true element into the symbol diagram, a faint virtual shadow appeared.
The virtual shadow has a bright red point connecting the landing flying hand pursuit symbol diagram.
"They didn’t move. They seemed to be resting."
Liu Fei stared at the virtual shadow red dot and said
"In this case, let’s take a rest. I suggest that we absorb and refine the blood Dan in our hands first, and maybe we can break through again."
Meng Chen’s eyes are flashing, and Liu Hong is more powerful than Li Kuang.
Moreover, Liu Hongshen is an old student of Dongling College, and there are few high-level Wushu Meng Chen who doesn’t believe anything.
Meng Chen knew that he could defeat Li Kuang because he took advantage of the right time and place.
If he and Li Kuang are allowed to be fair to each other, Meng Chen’s dual strength plus’ Yan Xing’ and the outcome of blood demon body will be four or six.
The atmosphere is getting heavier day by day!
Every weight will condense a yuan seal
No matter whether it is flesh or truth, it will undergo extreme transformation and become more powerful.
If you want to face the heavy air environment at this time, even if you move once again, Meng Chen is not sure that you can win with one blow.
"Tian Ji" is an attack means of Lingbao-class Tian Tooth Life.
It is also Meng Chen’s biggest killing move so far.
Meng Chen didn’t want to leak his cards until it was time to die.
"In the final analysis, it is still the gap between realms."
Meng Chen corners of the mouth with a wry smile.
Meng Chen didn’t know that he had only stepped into budo for more than two months, and he was able to have realistic power. I don’t know how many people were shocked. Whether it was the Dayan Shengyang Classic or the ancient emperor’s inheritance was a rare accident in hundreds of millions of years.
However, as The Hunger said, people who go against nature are destined to carry more things.
Night fell again, and Tianyuan Canyon suddenly became quiet.
After a night of experience, many teams are looking for places to trim.
Some people will also come up with blood Dan refining breakthrough.
Tianyuan Canyon Blood Beast Coagulation Blood Dan is definitely the best breakthrough panacea for fighters in the gas environment.
And once you break through the gas boundary and step into the Yuan Dan boundary, this blood Dan will become very small.
It’s wonderful and bloody. Dan has cultivated talents to realize it
At the moment Meng Chen directly cut a cave in the cliff, plunged into it and took out seven horns of blood, blood, beast, blood, Dan’s hands, and practiced.
As Meng Chen settled in the whole cave, Zhen Yuan gathered crazily.
Gradually, Meng Chen’s cave was full of aura.
Yu Lufei had a practice experience with Meng Chen, and after witnessing the scene in front of him, this time he specially found a corner far away from Meng Chen to practice alone.
"It’s really a pervert. This cultivation scene is so much even at the peak of the gas environment?"
Liu Fei waved his head and looked sad.
He found that after staying with the boss for a long time, he could not help but feel a little inferior.
Hole * * Meng Chen consciousness gradually sank into the sea of gas …
Originally like a lake, Qihai has expanded a lot again at the moment. There are two slaps floating in the Qihai, which are connected by the seal of the seal of the seal of the seal of the seal of the seal of the seal of the seal of the seal of the seal of the seal of the seal.
And a tiny green light spot is suspended in the center of the air sea.
Mysterious species!
The fingernails are as big as lakes, and the sea is small and almost invisible.
However, it is such a species that it is suspended in the center of the air sea, and even two yuan seals seem to be afraid to go beyond half a step.
Most of the time, the species is suspended, and that is in a quiet state.
Meng Chen simply didn’t care about it and sank into the practice.
With the external aura and blood Dan being continuously refined, Qi Hai Zhen Yuan becomes full again …
Chapter 139 A beast with a human face
Seven days later, Tianyuan Canyon
A fierce battle is breaking out in an open place.
"Ye Hu, Xiong Yuan, pay attention to distract it. I’ll find a chance to kill it!"
A teenager in a white robe stared at a distant blood beast with a protruding boulder and a fine awn.
The young man named Ping Jiang is an old student of Tianmu Wufu, who has six strengths in harmony with the atmosphere.
There are six people in their team, but one of them is an old student of Tianmu Wufu, and the others are freshmen.
But good people listened to his command for seven days and also killed a lot of blood beasts, each of whom got some blood Dan.
This two-horned blood beast was the object they observed all the way for a long time before finally deciding to surround and kill.
The two-horned blood beast already has the five-fold strength of the gas environment.
If one is not careful, his five freshmen will suffer casualties.
Nowadays, the blood beasts that are constantly killing and attacking these two horns are gradually showing signs of fatigue, and the flames ejected from the blood horns are no longer as hot and horrible as before.