The news of gathering babies in Baiyun Liumen naturally leaked.

At that time, the five factions did not directly start work. After all, the general direction was to deal with the demon race
Besides, at the beginning, Yan didn’t want to cause panic, causing the Xianmen families to rebound. Yan’s infant brother larger foe.
If Baiyun Du Jie is forcibly stopped, everything it has done before will be tantamount to nothing. At that time, the five major factions did not directly intervene, but quietly gave the news to black dragon Gate, but even black dragon people did not know how the news came.
Once there is doubt, the subsequent development is logical.
Black dragon goalkeeper told the news that Jin Chan Guan, a Buddhist monk in Haisha, didn’t believe in Baiyun Juying at first. After all, it seems that it was created by Cang Feng Yan for thousands of years, and how a baby monk Baiyun Gate could have such power.
But this does not prevent them from exploring many things. If they don’t know, they will be shocked. Baiyun has not appeared for a long time, and all kinds of changes in Baiyun Gate have said that Baiyun is likely to gather babies.
After a short shock, the three immortals then reached a consensus, that is, Baiyun cannot be made a baby.
As a result, they teamed up with the enemies of Baiyun Gate to note the trend of Baiyun Juying until Baiyun succeeded in provoking the sky to rob them.
This war had a profound impact on the meteorite waters, but it was a small matter for the five factions. Even the decision to give the news to black dragon Gate was decided by a monk in the foundation period.
The Xianxia Sect is different. Although its strength has changed, it can always be regarded as a strong medium-sized force. Only by accumulating enough can we gather so many Lingshi.
Otherwise, Bi Zhengfang will also face the same problem as Baiyun, the head of Baiyun Gate, that is, he has to leave the mountain gate to gather babies.
Bi Zhengfang quietly left, and no one knew where he went. Because of this, the five schools also didn’t know where he went.
If he succeeds in surviving the apocalypse, he will naturally appear again, but if he fails, it may be the chance of a monk in the future.
Ling Family in Baiyun Mountain in Meteorite Sea Area
At this time, it has been several years since Mu Yan ran closed. Ling Youdao has been sitting in the family for her.
On this day, Ling Youdao sat on the edge of the cliff to meet the breeze blowing from the sea and suddenly heard a woman’s voice behind him.
"Husband, you didn’t find me."
This speaker impressively is Ling Youdao’s wife, Mu Yan ran and heard that Ling Youdao got up and looked at her.
Laughing, "I knew you were here, but I pretended not to."
Upon hearing this, Mu Yan ran snorted slightly from embarrassment. "My husband has become more and more advanced. I am already a monk in the middle of then, but it is still difficult to get close to you."
Yes, after several years of closure, she succeeded in breaking through and is now a monk in the middle of the elixir.
In the early 300 s, the monk in the middle of the elixir was not good at this talent, but it was not bad.
Seeing Mu Yan ran casting charm on himself, Ling has a meditation mantra for a certain year in the crossing. He can’t be fooled by beauty.
"How dare you charm your husband? If you break through, won’t you look down on your husband?"
When he said this, Ling Youdao was not angry at all, but with a shallow smile.
"How dare you?"
After a scene, the couple sat on the cliff and longed for a pillow. Ling Youdao had a shoulder, and Ling Youdao stretched out his hand and grabbed her.
Ling Youdao nodded. "But this kind of strength can’t last long. The background of the Magic Palace is too shallow, but now it’s true that Xuanzong Ziyun can stabilize the voltage at one end of the Magic Palace.
Red Sun Gate or Xuan Yue Gate, including listening to Taoge alone, is no match for Wanmo Palace at this time. "
Indeed, it is not true that the number of monks in Wanmo Palace is almost three, and the number of real people in Xianmen is flat, which shows that it is powerful
Mu Yan ran said, "Now Wanmo Palace is powerful and the five sects are not easy to move. He has made it the sixth largest fairy gate of Beihai Terran."
"Madam, what is the most important thing for the Wanmo Palace?"
Mu Yan ran hit the nail on the head and said, "A large spirit pulse can’t support a large fairy gate without a large spirit pulse."
Ling Youdao nodded and looked to the southwest. "Yes, Wanmo Palace needs a large spiritual vein most. It’s impossible for Terran to notify the area to get it, then it comes from the demon family."
Mu Yan ran was slightly surprised. "How dare they at this time?"
Ling Youdao replied, "Just watch."
Chapter six hundred and forty-seven Pre-war plan to attack Haiyuan Ma clan!
Three elders of Wanmo Palace in the southern section of Wandao chain are in charge of the palace, and it is difficult for real people. Five elders get together to discuss, such as dealing with Haiyuan Ma clan in the west.
Lao zu Heiyan looked at the population and said, "What do you think or what can you do about the war between the Ma clan in Haiyuan?"
As the saying goes, a group of people can always think of more ways than one.
The words sound just fell and it’s hard for the real person to take the lead in giving his master a face.
"Report to my master, I am far stronger than Haiyuan Horse clan. The only thing I have to care about is Haiyuan Horse King.