Well, she’s going to dinner, too.

In words, we agreed to meet at the door. She didn’t bring her cell phone and left the door lightly.
The city is very big. She is waiting for the night bus in the building. When she goes to the school gate, she meets an aunt who is just familiar with the same building. She prepares the door with a pack of things in a moped.
I’ll take your aunt Gu to greet her in Dutch.
Gu Mengmeng see no shadow car agreed to sit in the back seat of the train.
Aunt took her riding in the quiet and beautiful campus, and the white tulip street lamp lit up the way. In the evening breeze, she closed her eyes slightly and enjoyed the comfortable atmosphere in spring. This feeling was like going back to the yard when she was a child, and she narrowed her eyes in the back seat of Gu Jingxi’s car.
It’s beautiful here, auntie. She really admires it.
For many people, it is misunderstood that the Dutch put a hundred taboos on sex, which leads to chaos. She has been here for so long, but she has not realized that every country has a different cultural atmosphere. Just like China dumplings and Japanese sashimi, the Dutch roast suckling pigs, you can’t force others to live with you.
The pursuit of life is comfort, and it is unnecessary to strangle the soul that yearns for equality without the bondage of unification.
Holland is my home, and I love it very much. My aunt took her to the appointed school gate and smiled and said.
Gu Mengmeng hugged her aunt and thanked her with a smile. I was very Amsterdam and Holland.
Aunt, a group of Gu Mengmeng students say "hello" and they surround Gu Mengmeng around the center of the circle.
The only woman in the class came to the Saudi Times to record Sha Liman English and praised her teacher. You are very beautiful tonight. This dress is very beautiful.
Other students are accompanied by sparkling eyes, looking at them beautifully. If a bright pearl shines in the night, the Oriental teacher will shine.
Gu mengmeng heart
Look at her body, her few casual clothes are a short cheongsam with Chinese style, plain color and dark stripes. The exquisite workmanship and her loose black straight hair set off her oriental temperament, which is very charming.
Thank you for your compliment.
Sha Liman seems to have a special coat. She looks up at Gu Mengmeng from time to time and finally can’t help but ask the teacher, can you tell me where I can buy it?
Gu Mengmeng was asked for a while before answering that she was my lover and gave it to me. If I could ask him where to buy Chapter 210 Red Light District.
Flowers, windmills, clogs, canals, cafes and hemp red light districts all represent Dutch cultural characteristics.
We decided to go to Amsterdam’s most famous red light district at night and then go to the famous flower street.
You can’t see the dirty face in the red light district. The features of ancient architectural sculptures along the street look almost like a living museum. The beautiful canal reflects the shore scenery. The neon lights are flashing, the red lights are ambiguous, and the beauty clouds are floating. It has become a paradise for men to forget to go back to their lives.
As night has just fallen, the number of people in the street has gradually increased. These seemingly casual people have a leisurely pace, but their eyes are fixed on the glass door by the river.
Gu Mengmeng Sha Liman walked behind the boys and tried not to pay attention to their eyes flashing with deep interest.
Sha Liman is a sensitive and intelligent girl. She asked Gu Mengmeng in cheongsam just now and went to see the Oriental teacher. She knew that she must have touched the teacher’s dull pain and the teacher couldn’t afford to go shopping.
She guessed that it might be the lover in the teacher’s mouth, and then she guessed that it was either awkward or divorced.
So in order to make the teacher feel better, she took Gu Mengmeng and followed closely behind her classmates. She commented on the girls wearing sexy three-point long eyelashes behind the glass door and compared who they looked the most beautiful, who was the most temperament, who was the loli and who was the charming girl.
You see, the teacher succeeded easily. Sha Liman seems to have discovered a new continent, pointing to a door that has just put a curtain on the right hand side and shouting.
The gay men in front are laughing and looking back at them.
Sha Liman was embarrassed to take Gu Mengmeng’s hand and said that it was really a deal. I saw the girl swinging her ass at the man outside, and then the man stopped the girl to lift the curtain and bargain. Finally, the man went in and watched the curtain put.
In the red light district, when you see a curtain closing the door, you know that it is easy to go on inside. It is a convention here.
Gu Mengmeng smiled and looked at the curtain door.
With curiosity, Sha Liman continued to move forward.
There are many passers-by with different nationalities, black, white and yellow races, and most men, such as Gu Mengmeng Sha Liman, have attracted a lot of heterosexual admiration.
Sha Liman enjoyed it, but Gu Mengmeng felt uncomfortable.
She is thinking that Conway is also in Holland and will definitely not bring her here to play.
Being so stirred by Sha Liman, Conway’s stagnation in her heart temporarily disappeared. With the sensitivity of professional photographers, she carefully looked at the fascinating environment around her by the surrounding red lights.
The girls who receive guests here are about 19 to 20 years old, and very few of them look older. They are petite, slender, tall, slim, plump and sexy, and their fat buttocks are sultry. No matter what type they are, they are smiling, cute and fragrant, and they are light and swaying. Those men who pass by are shaking their hearts and unable to move.
Sitting leisurely in a bar chair with his legs facing people, painted with colored nail polish, orchid fingers sexy with a cigarette in his eyes blurred, spitting smoke rings on the street, making men who want to pick wild flowers feel like dreams and drunkenness, regretting and paying for their pockets.
Then she Sha Liman witnessed the bargaining process of three men of different races and nationalities and a group of girls. First, an Asian was the first to negotiate and walked into three doors. The door was closed by a very young girl who looked about nineteen years old. Gu Mengmeng looked at her watch and Sha Liman looked at her watch. She couldn’t help but laugh. It seems that she is not the only curious person.
After a while, the big wave of blond hair on the left was also connected, and a European guest hit the European again after another ten minutes. He came away with a smile and followed by the last dark-skinned African man.
Sha Liman haw kept laughing and insisted that Gu Mengmeng guess which one was the longest.
Obviously, European men have been eliminated. Now, look at Asian men and African men. Who can have the last laugh?
Gu Mengmeng pointed to the left door and said I bet on Asia.
Sha Liman gave her an ambiguous look and said that it seems that the teacher is very clear.
A few minutes later, the left door finally hit the handsome young Asian, and he came outside, waiting for his companion to ask him with a smile. How did it take so long? They left the alley laughing and laughing, and African men came soon. When it came to the end, it was really our Asian men who had the longest time.
Sha Liman to blush Gu Mengmeng cocked up his finger.