Xia Zhu could see that the seriousness of the matter was very clever and nodded. "No matter what, you should not be too impatient."

"Well" Bai Yinting hugged Xia Zhu shoulder.
Just then, the driver came over with the car, Bai Yinting knocked on the door and looked at Xia Zhu’s car, then bent over and said gently, "If it is inconvenient to go home, I will try to settle her temporarily."
Xia Zhu certainly knew who Bai Yinting said she meant. It was really inconvenient for Yimo to live at home, so she nodded.
I believe Bai yinting will have better arrangements.
Chapter two hundred and twenty I have nothing wrong with this matter
Bai yinting watched Xia Zhu car leave soon and Chu coasters came over. after Bai yinting car, he asked about the specific situation.
Chufei is a little difficult. It seems to be getting more and more complicated.
First of all, it is not known why Qu Tianhao suddenly fell ill and was unconscious, and this matter was blocked from the outside world.
Speaking of it, the predecessor company of Tianhao Group was Zhao Jie’s father’s company. At that time, it was a small company. After years of operation and hard work, it will have today’s scale.
And ten years ago, after Zhao Jie’s father died, it was officially renamed Tianhao Group. Now many people have actually forgotten that old story.
And this is why Zhao Jie wants to return to the company. She also worked in the company for many years, and only quit the company five years ago to be a rich wife.
Therefore, she knows the company like the back of her hand, and there are many companies in the company. She has pulled out the old department and good shareholders, and even her father made friends in the past, but now she can walk around and be active.
Bai yinting is not interested in whether the tianhao group will change weather, because no matter who is in charge, there is no threat to him.
He is worried that Lin Hao is also involved in this business and even family crisis, and then he will leave in bad health.
"Boss, if it’s Qu Tianhao’s wife, I’m afraid I’m not so careful. Lin Hao rarely gives her advice." Chufei analysis
Bai yinting said nothing, so did he, and he thought that Lin Hao was probably not as simple as making suggestions. He always thought that Qu Tianhao was the enemy who ruined him and lost a finger, and he would try his best to repay him.
If Qu Tianhao really dies, will he be implicated?
After returning to the company, Bai Yinting and ChuFei heard Lin Yinyin tell him to look at him and seemed very excited before they entered the ladder.
"The boss has good news." Lin Hao’s face is red and he looks in a good mood.
"Let’s talk about it in my office." Bai Yinting guessed that there must be something in the hospital with Qu Tianhao.
"You haven’t got the wind, have you?" Lin Hao was a little surprised that he was secretive about this matter and did a good job of keeping secrets. Is there any negligence?
ChuFei worry glanced at Lin Hao hope he didn’t do anything wrong.
Lin Hao was suddenly white. It seems that Bai Yinting has been worried about him and let ChuFei send someone to stare at him.
This makes Lin Hao unhappy. He has always been very measured. Does Bai Yinting even have the most basic letter?
Looking at Lin Hao’s cold face, Bai Yinting walked into the ladder and then whispered, "I don’t want you to make a mistake on impulse."
"I’m awake. I’m not wrong about this." Lin Hao is persistent.
"Did you really do it?" Chufei seems to have reached a conclusion.
"I didn’t do anything. It was Zhao Jie who fucked me. I gave her some contacts and methods," Lin Hao replied
After a few people walked out of the ladder, they stopped talking and strode directly to Bai Yinting’s office.
"People are not allowed to come in." Bai Yinting told the secret, and then three people went into the office together.
Bai yinting asked Lin Hao solemnly, "tell me about it. What’s going on?"
"First of all, Qu Tianhao gave us a chance, and what goes around comes around comes around." Lin Hao said excitedly.
Zhao Jie wouldn’t be so determined if Qu Tianhao hadn’t been violent to Zhao Jie and wanted to get rid of her.
In the end, Zhao Jie hesitated. After all, for many years, the husband and wife have been so important. Without Qu Tianhao, she was afraid that she and Qu Lu would not be able to hold up.
Lin Hao has been coaxing her to investigate that a woman outside Qu Tianhao is pregnant, which means that if the child is born, it will divide the family property with Qu Lu.
This incident made Zhao Jie completely angry, so it’s better to be the first to win.
After she made up her mind, Lin Hao planned Zhao Jie to go home quietly with her. Qu Tianhao used to drink coffee every day and then secretly injected him with another toxin every day when he was asleep.
In just a few days, Qu Tianhao’s physical condition became worse and worse, and finally he was unconscious in the room.
At that time, Zhao Jie was very anxious. Just after Qu Luye’s family called for first aid, Zhao Jie’s former doctor came here.
Everything can be said that sewing their medicine will not kill people, but most of them will feel physical strength and stay in a semi-coma sleep state for a period of time, and then all the functions of the body will be healthy, and people will slowly fail and die.
In Qu Tianhao’s hospital, Zhao Jie will stop taking drugs, but she will not give him the best treatment. After he recovers, she may have successfully become the new boss of the company.
At that time, Qu Tianhao had no arrogance to kneel down.
This is that Lin Hao’s plan won’t let him die, but let him watch himself fight the country and no longer belong to him.
What could be more painful than this? He was a king and became a basket case overnight.
"Do you really think you plan to sew clothes?" Bai yinting doesn’t think so.
"If Qu Tianhao dies, aren’t you murdered?" Chufei was scared, too
"He won’t die, but I’ve consulted the best pharmacologist. It’s absolutely no problem." Lin Hao was confident.
"how many people know about this?" Bai yinting thought it was still inappropriate.
"Lin Hao, if this incident is exposed, aren’t you going to jail?" Chufei he was in a hurry.
"You don’t be so pessimistic? Now no one has a chance to get close to Qu Tianhao except Zhao Jie and Qu Lu, and Zhao Jie said that the doctor would never betray her. "Lin Hao thinks they are making a mountain out of a molehill.
"How can she be so sure?" Bai yinting’s personnel identification is uncertain.
"Because the two of them have physical transactions," Lin Hao replied in a low voice.
Bai Yinting suddenly frowned. Both Qu Tianhao and Zhao Jie are very happy in their respective fields. In that case, why torture each other?