Fang Ning just agreed that he wouldn’t keep a low profile in this game. He just wanted to be cool and pretend to be forced! How can you be king and not famous in the future? Anyway, he has a big backer, Uncle Tong, so he’s not afraid that someone will find out what he’s playing at the end of the day, and he’ll come to worry about it if he has the guts.

"The beasts compete for hegemony and enter a new era. The player Longtengtian is the first to practice" Basic alchemy "successfully! Won the title of’ practitioner pioneer’! "
"Beasts …!"
"Beasts …!"
Sure enough, three consecutive times when a bunch of people brush the screen.
"Is the Great God God a" basic alchemy "?" This is a cabbage player.
"Actually, someone has really learned the secrets of fixing the truth. It seems that this game is really good and has a particularly powerful hidden function." This is a guy who knows a lot of scenes.
"How to learn that I will pay 100,000 yuan to buy a raiders!" Some local tyrant spends money like water.
Some people kept chatting privately and wanted to ask what was going on. Fang Ning didn’t answer all the questions and chose to refuse all the information.
Fang Ning is one step ahead of other players by virtue of his realistic advantage. He feels that hegemony in the new game is expected to be more exciting, and it will take an all-night rhythm.
But uncle tong can’t stand it. This guy is a little desperate. This can’t be done
That’s enough. It’s over during the break as usual. Don’t overdo it. What’s wrong with this game? You can’t eat it.
Fang Ning "You care about me …"
At this time, Xue Ba, a yellow dog sleeping in a warm bed, was dreaming. In a daze, there seems to be some induction muttering, "What do you think of something trying to seduce the white dragon honour person?" Forget it. The venerable sir is really well hidden. He didn’t seduce me. Go on sleeping. My sister, big bones, don’t go … "
The bottom of the dining table is sleeping on the cold floor, and the black dog Brett also talks in his sleep. "What seems to be happening?" Oh, it feels a little cold. Is there any kind-hearted dog sister coming to warm the bed? "
The truth office is somewhere in the base
"It took seven years to carefully and repeatedly revise the alchemy. The mortal game has exploded. Less than two hours after going out, someone has successfully cultivated and sent a confirmation message to tight encirclement. This should be the practitioner’s suspicion. Finally, something seems to have gone wrong. Although the feedback signal was received to determine the identity of the practitioner, it was not located at the exact position of the practitioner, and it was not received."
"It seems that the function of tight encirclement’s new line has gone wrong again."
"By informing the group of animals who are always out of Bug code to work overtime tonight for debugging …"
Early the next morning, Zheng Daotong called QQ for emergency contact with Knight A. He knew that he could contact one less venerable person immediately through QQ, but it would be time if he ran to find someone.
I just found out that the Truth Office is issuing an urgent notice to all local special affairs offices, informing all the cooperative units that there is a serious crisis in the southwest mountain area and it is spreading, waking all local special affairs offices to enter the first-level alert state and asking all the cooperative units for help.
Fang Ning rubbed his sleepy eyes. Last night, he played too hard and consumed his spirit. Now he is a little sleepy. The whole person is a little lazy.
But when he saw the news that QQ flashed, he immediately came to the spirit.
Actually, it’s a serious emergency. Will China be disconnected from the Internet? That won’t do! I just managed to occupy a leading position in my new game "Fighting for supremacy among beasts", but I can’t have such an accident.
"Okay, share the information with me quickly."
Fang Ning hasn’t finished typing yet. Zheng Dao has sent a document.
Fang Ning soon saw what this so-called dangerous guy is. "Damn it, it’s actually this thing. Put it out quickly, uncle Tong. You can finally brush it once this time."
"Look at the information, you can also contribute this time."
Fang Ning’s "output is output"
Fang Ning and Uncle Tong said and wanted to think and sent a message to Zheng Daofa "Call Black Dog Brett … Forget it, let them rest for three days. Let Fangjia restaurant deliver takeout these three days and let the chef do it himself."
Zheng Dao sighed a little when he saw the information-this white dragon honour person is treated as a compassionate dog.
The knight-errant armor rises from the roof and jumps directly into a fire dragon and flies southwest.
The mountains and mountains in the southwest are distributed around the cottages.
In the past, it was full of laughter and songs, but now it is a river of blood.
A bumblebee the size of a sparrow was flying around in a cottage and stung.
Anyone who is stung will fall down if he is not black and can’t run out of three steps.
And some special large wasps lay eggs after seeing people.
Those eggs seem to hatch very quickly and become larvae in less than a few hours, and then grow on the carcass food.
At this time, local agents have already appeared to organize people to fight against these bumblebees and protect the villagers from evacuation.
Yes, they have a lot of people, but there are a lot of bumblebees. They can barely protect themselves, but they fight back and control the overall situation.
The number of giant rats is the same, but at least some leaders know that long-term development is temporarily dormant and do not make a big move to accumulate strength
These bumblebees know from intelligence that they are not too intelligent and rely on what they can do. They must kill as many people as they can and reproduce as much as they can.
It is no wonder that Fang Ning will be anxious after seeing the information. Can this thing fly and be poisonous or is the insect’s fecundity strong and its diffusion ability terrible? It is not impossible to get a disconnection in China.
Chapter ninety-four Uncle Tong broke out …
Fang Ning stared at the outside from a unified perspective. At this time, the fire dragon passed through the high clouds, and the sky was blue, and the white clouds quickly receded.
I haven’t heard the sonic boom yet. It seems that there is no supersonic speed.
But at the current flight speed, Fang Ning estimates that it will reach its destination in less than three hours.
Fang Ning thought about the afterloading process while enjoying the flight scenery.
Fang Ning: "Uncle Tong, when the time comes, you will have another storm dragon to swallow all those bumblebees in one breath. The scene must be spectacular and it will definitely kill them. The chivalrous name will not soar. This is a serious crisis in China."