Wei Zheng just said that Wang Feng was excited and asked, "I support our cottage to erect the banner of the Tatar Rebel and recruit soldiers to fight against the Tatar …"

Excited Zhao Yun is also eager to support, "I also support our cottage to become a rebel to get rid of bandits …"
Wei Zheng’s face couldn’t help but show a satisfied smile and said to the two National People’s Congress, "In this case, we have settled. From now on, our brothers in the cottage will be called’ Tiger and Leopard Army’ and the rebel flag will be written in the big word’ expelling the Tatars and doing good for heaven’"
"From now on, where there will be our Tiger and Leopard Army, both the Tatars and the loyalists are our Tiger and Leopard Army enemies …"
Chapter XIV New Army System
"Drive out the Tatars and do justice for heaven"
Although Wang Feng and Zhao Yun don’t know what meaning is hidden in this word, the degree of their credit information to Wei after a serious illness in self-defense can be called’ condition’.
For this word, two people have no opinions and agree at the same time
"We all believe you when you are in charge …"
Weizheng nodded and continued to correct, "There is another problem. Since our stronghold is going to be changed into a rebel, don’t call me’ General’ after everyone …"
"It’s a general …" The two men understood God and answered at the same time.
Determine this important event for yourself in the future, and the defender will think of another important event. After the cottage is changed into a rebel army, how should the entire arms of the army be allocated to be more suitable for the battles he may face in the future?
After a short meditation, Wang Feng, who was still immersed in excitement, asked, "Mr. Wang, did you personally experience the battle last night? Do you think it is necessary to go to the broadsword in front of our pike array?"
Looked at the opposite awkward zhaoyun Wang Feng hesitated to answer.
"General, if you can’t get close to us with a broadsword in front of the pike array, you can’t kill us …"
"Mr.Wang’s answer is very pertinent …" Weizheng affirmed with a smile.
Then Zhao Yun, sitting on the other side with a dignified face, said, "Zhao Dage, don’t have a problem with Mr. Wang either, because I also experienced yesterday’s battle."
"Anyway, there is one thing that we can’t deny. Your weapon is longer than your opponent in the battlefield, so you can kill your opponent before others kill yourself …"
"And we are equipped with pike and broadsword, which is a long weapon and a short weapon. The long gunner attacked the broadsword and didn’t have a chance to fight back."
Zhaoyun racked his brains to find a reason to refute, but he had to agree in silence before the fact.
With the last glimmer of hope, he asked Wei Zheng, "General, are you going to cancel the broadsword team …"
Weizheng nodded and answered without hesitation, "I have this plan … Now we have more than 240 people. I plan to set up two hundred-person pike teams. You Wang Feng have one person and one team."
"One hundred spearmen …" Not only frown zhaoyun even Wang Feng couldn’t help but let out an exclamation.
Wei Zheng affirmed, "Since we are fighting against the Tatar Rebels, our military system will be different from that of the Tatar and loyalist. I mean, from now on, in the middle of our Tiger and Leopard Army, there are ten people and one Wu, one Wu Chang and one 32 people in a row, one plus and minus platoon leaders, one hundred people in each team, three platoon leaders, one vice captain and two."
"And you will be the commander in chief of the pike team, which has three pike rows and nine pike five hundred troops …"
The increase of troops in hand is what every general wants to see most.
Wang Feng’s face was shrouded in excitement. Instantaneous Zhao Yun just frowned and disappeared. The whole face was excited or excited
It took ten seconds for Wang Feng’s excited facial expression to slowly restore calm.
Looking thoughtfully at Wei Zheng, he asked, "General, according to your idea, will our Tiger and Leopard Army equip long guns in the future?"
Wei Zheng shook his head and made no secret of denying that "of course not …"
"We all know that long guns can only exert their power in close combat. If we want to really develop and grow, we must gradually develop into a compound army without fear of the encirclement and suppression of Tatars and loyalists."
"Not only should we equip long guns, but we should also find ways to equip muskets more than guns in the future …"
Of course, as far as the current situation is concerned, we can give up those unrealistic dreams and take the place of muskets for the time being.
"So in our butch army, in addition to the two of you commanding two pike teams, there is also a longbow platoon and a cavalry platoon. Because we are understaffed, these two platoons are temporarily commanded and trained by me personally …"
"Last night, the six best-performing long gunners were responsible for six long spears, and the temporary platoon leader was responsible for the second long spears, and the remaining one long spears was responsible for the temporary platoon leader. In the future training and fighting, if the performance was not good, the temporary officer department would be downgraded, so that if the performance was good, the word temporary would be removed …"
"In longbow platoon and cavalry platoon, 40 new arms of the Ministry of Military Affairs will be selected first, and then they can be assigned to two pike teams. Finally, a few people will be assigned to the logistics trench. What’s more, Lao Wang will be responsible for the logistics trench and the daily food distribution …"
Seeing that both of them agreed and nodded, Wei Zheng glanced at it and it was getting darker and darker outside.
Zhao Yun continued to order, "It’s going to be dark in Laozhao … tonight is the first hot meal after more than 100 brothers entered the stronghold. Tell the kitchen that Lao Wang’s head will be stewed with two wild boars. By the way, transfer two people from the original broadsword team to Lao Wang’s head to help make dinner early. It is definitely the best choice for their generation to let the new brothers join us."
Zhao Yunxin understood God and replied, "General, you said I was all white …"
When more than 100 new soldiers lined up in three long lines and slowly walked to the kitchen, a fragrant smell of meat suddenly came to everyone’s ears.
Some soldiers with sensitive noses exclaimed, "It’s stewed pork. I didn’t expect that being a bandit and eating stewed pork is even better than eating at home …"
One person, a big bowl of pork, stewed cabbage and a bowl of rice …
For a month, Tartars were full of potherb porridge and wowotou. More than 100 recruits squatted directly with their eyes shining and wolfed down with sea bowls, fearing that their food would be snatched away by others.
At this time, Zhao Yun, a 60-year-old veteran of Shanzhai, specially arranged for these recruits to appear with their jobs.
After seeing the new recruits gorging, he smiled and asked, "Brother, how is the food delicious …"
"Delicious is more delicious than at home … even before Tatar came, I had Chinese New Year all the year round to eat pork. I didn’t expect to eat so much meat on the first day here …"
After slowly swallowing a mouthful of pork, the veteran replied, "Eat more when it’s delicious. Let’s eat it here …"
"But don’t eat too much, or you’ll choke. After all, we can eat wild boar every day here …"
The recruit’s face suddenly swallowed a mouthful of pork and asked the veteran with an incredible face. "It’s impossible to eat pork every day. Isn’t that better than our hometown landlord’s day …"
The veteran replied with a proud face, "I don’t know what day your hometown landlord will live. I know that each person in our cottage can get at least half a catty of meat every day. This is the master who personally promised us that he would never lie to us …"
"You don’t know that we’re in charge. We’re in charge. Since a serious illness, it’s like a fairy who has become particularly severe …"
"As far as we eat wild boar now, we are in charge and take us to the back …"
"There is also a master archery that is particularly fierce. Whether it is the hare in the back or the pheasant, if you are seen by the master, you will definitely not escape the master bow and arrow …"
"As far as we were concerned, four of the dozen Tatars we killed yesterday were shot with bows and arrows."
"I’ll tell you another secret. It’s all the credit of our pike team."
"Before the injury, more than 100 people in our shanzhai not only failed to attack the mushroom valley, but also lost more than a dozen brothers. However, after a serious illness, the leader began to organize our training. It was not only three days, but more than a dozen tartars were killed by more than a dozen long gunmen. We didn’t even lose a single thing ourselves."
"You said that if the master is not a fairy, after an illness, there will be so many things suddenly and so much that we can easily lead us to kill a dozen even the loyalists are very afraid of Tartars …"
"Let’s take charge of the cottage is the god in our mind … there is nothing in our eyes that the master can’t do …"
The recruits opened their mouths in shock as if they could cram an egg, and even forgot to eat the big bowl of fat in their hands.
Asked the veteran wait for a while, "Brother, what you said is true. Are we really so powerful?"
"That also said … don’t forget that if you eat wild boar stew now, you will be caught by the master. Without the master, there will be no wild boar and food now, and you won’t be saved by us from the Tatars …"
Chapter 15 Erecting a Flag to Build the Army
"Have you heard? Let’s be in charge. God can’t do that … "