The brain can also be said to be the place where its thinking remains, through which it can adjust the environment here.

At first, it can strengthen or weaken the sense of terror here, and now it can make this kind of terror mutate.
People who have lived here for a long time, members of the adherents and some other creatures have mostly adapted to the horror here, but if there is a mutation, this adaptation may be gone.
This may kill the original adapted biota here.
And it is very surprised that Lin and Abu are okay, so it wants to communicate with Lin Abu … to see what is okay.
At the same time, it also means that it is only a small variation at present.
So the ghost creature can resist here. Then it plans to complete the mutation, so no creature can live here.
And those living things far away from this place will forget it completely.
In this way, they will win completely.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-five Brain
"At first … I didn’t notice this."
"The builder … may be it."
Lynn and Abu continue to run … while chatting.
Abu said it didn’t react until he communicated with the white cylinder before.
This huge builder is probably also a member of the team.
It is also because of this that the builder can connect with the abandoned abyss … or it has been integrated into the abandoned abyss.
Recognizing it is equivalent to recognizing and abandoning the abyss.
However, it is still necessary to go to the builder’s brain to know whether this is true or not, so Lin and Abu are heading for that position.
Now the ghost creatures here are still in a state of stop, although Lin didn’t feel the change of terror here
Of course, it’s not just Lin and Abu running here, and the white column is also chasing after them
It is very slow, which seems to be because it can resist the terror here, but it can’t move quickly or do anything violent, otherwise it will be eroded by terror.
But it wants to stop Lynn and Abu from getting close to the’ brain’, so it has been chasing after them.
It has been pulled for a long time … Lin thinks it can’t be chased if nothing happens.
Now Lin and Abu are very close to the location of the builder’s brain.
In fact, this brain position will change, and it will disperse and gather in a new place every time.
The location of the original white cylinder is the location of the brain, but after Lin talked with it, the brain dispersed and gathered in a new place.
Now Lin came to this place.
It looks very ordinary here, and there is no difference from the surrounding environment. When you walk to a specific position and step on the ground, you will fall in a burst of fragmentation and soon form a pit of more than ten meters.
Then you can also see the fractured surface brain.
This brain has a diameter of 10 meters and looks like a cloud of dust gathered together.
"Well ….." Abu jumped into the pit first and it came into direct contact with this mass like dust.
"I can’t feel anything …" Abu said with some surprise. "Isn’t it?"
Lin Veronica also floated to contact the brain at this moment, but Lin could feel that it was full of mixed information.
It feels like there are many biological thoughts mixed, from which you can feel many memory fragments from different perspectives.
Most of them are unforeseeable memories floating around in the virtual space, while others are abandoned activities.
These fragments are very short. Lin probably guessed that they were all small creatures, not the memory of the builders.
While Lin continued to feel carefully, Lin finally felt some memory fragments that seemed to be the builder.
These fragments are all related to the hanging city, and they are all records of biological activities in the hanging city.
"What do you want to do!"
Suddenly something flew at a high speed, and Lin Veronica jumped and hid at once.
This thing is like a white sphere. This is a white cylinder thrown out.
Lin found that the original speed was very slow. It suddenly accelerated and arrived here.
"Don’t touch that thing!" The snow-white cylinder said, "it is our hope to end all this! You can’t destroy it! "
"What has many biological memory fragments in it?" Lin doubt way
"Memories … fragments?"
The snow-white cylinder seemed to suddenly freeze for a few seconds before it said, "What is that?"
"… can you feel it?" At this time, Abu also issued a question.
After chatting for a while, Lin found that they all felt a little different.
Roman Abramovich feels nothing when he touches this’ brain’, but if the snow-white cylinder touches this thing, he can feel … great terror.
However, the cylinder has a strong resistance to terror. It will not avoid terror like ordinary creatures, but it can detect the details of terror here.
For example, feel what kind of horror is in it and let yourself influence them.
From here, Lin also feels that the cylinder is a very powerful creature. Other creatures are crazy to avoid terror, and it can actually touch it like that.
It also found a way to mutate terror.
What’s more amazing is that Lin feels different from it and doesn’t know what it is.
After the discussion, Lin said that it would not destroy the brain, and it promised to let Lin test it.
Then Lin continued to test the brain.