This also includes that when Veronica had a small piece of her arm touching Veronica’s hand, Lynn felt it bounce instantly.

"Veronica, it hurts so much."
Veronica and Bilu fell to the ground, and Lin also took the broken arm back … and looked at the other end of her eyes ready to attack the creature.
This’ spinosaurus’ is not so easy to deal with … It can force special energy to send off objects.
It just spit out the ball, and so did it. The debris that exploded inside was actually made of Walsh organs.
That is, hiding special energy organ fragments.
After being touched, the contact position will be cut instantly.
To be precise, it will instantly … send away all the objects it touches.
However, it will also consume the energy of these fragments, so they can’t stop cutting objects.
And it is similar to this situation.
The skin of’ spinosaurus’ is covered with a miniature’ storm’
That is to say, the skin substance that comes into contact with it may be sent. The closer it is to the Ministry, the stronger it will be … So the micro-arms will invade it temporarily.
At this time, the other party rushed over again.
Lin found that it has obvious shortcomings, that is, the ball just now … it can’t be played continuously.
It mainly fights through close attack, of course, it can directly touch the material as well as the ball effect
Cut-!’ Now Lin saw a tree split into segments when it touched spinosaurus, and these split logs were hit here by a wonderful force
Bang!’ A few kicks and flying pieces of wood Lin saw that the giant mouth of spinosaurus had bitten the front and immediately jumped up and threw a stone into its mouth at the same time.
Bang!’ When the stone was about to enter the throat, it exploded into debris like a crack. At this time, it had jumped to high school. Lin Bilu said, "Is there a smoke bomb? That hit it. "
"I know! Veronica! " Bilu then took out a piece of things from his pocket and hit the spinosaurus. In an instant, a large amount of smoke covered the shape of spinosaurus.
However, this piece of smoke is decreasing at an abnormal speed and will soon dissipate.
And Lin also felt … Spine-backed dragon’s special energy … was also greatly reduced.
As Lin thought, anything close to it will consume it and send energy, including smoke and dust
Except that it won’t walk away and step on the ground, it is protected by special energy.
However, this kind of protection is easy to be subtle, but a large number of substances are exhausted
Generally, when it splashes dust by itself, it will not send wave-avoiding energy, but Lin will attack here … It should be afraid that there will be micro-arms mixed in the smoke.
So it will consume a lot of energy to send away the smoke close to it.
"Goo …" At this moment, spinosaurus stopped attacking but turned and ran away.
"Veronica classmate! It’s getting away! We are going to win! " Bilu said she wanted to chase after him, but Lynn stopped her.
Lin looked at the running direction of spinosaurus … It really ran to the exposed bus organs.
It consumes too much energy now … and needs to be supplemented.
It should be supplemented by eating a small part of the organ.