It’s done!

The Mars base in Yinlian District has been planned and built for so many years, and it has finally become!
In the future, we will finally be able to compete with Huaxia District!
In the future, the Indian Joint District will finally be able to gain the status and discourse that their six joint districts really deserve!
Over the years, they have been wronged in the printing area!
Now you can be proud!
And he, Nyirabu, will become a historical figure in the Indo-China area through this incident!
On the future of India-India Zone, such as the history of India-India Zone, Nyirabu will never be bypassed!
Relaxation is excitement.
Nyirabu bought a bottle of champagne.
"Ladies and gentlemen, the initial completion of the Mars base in the India-India area cheers!"
Yueyin Lianqu comprehensive base smiles.
In the same moment, Mars.
Measure one’s mind and achieve one’s goal
The source cited by six pieces of red jade slips can flow back and forth.
It turns out that the six sources of energy flow should be to go back to each family and find each mother.
Each cycle of each source energy channel
But with the intervention of a spirit fluctuation of the earth
No.5 red jade slips suddenly burst into flames.
Instant five red jade slips lead to a surge in energy flow.
The No.5 red jade slips directly diverted the guided energy flow of the No.6 and No.4 red jade slips nearby by one to twenty percent.
Instant five red jade slips behind the source energy flow skyrocketed.
Surge like a tide
It is through the seventh piece of red jade slips in the head that the flow rate of source energy is affected.
No.5 red jade slips go through the passage and approach No.6 and No.4 red jade slips with him.
Several of its red jade slips, including the energy flow of the No.2 jade slip in the energy channel of Huaxia District, have not been affected.
To protect the source energy of Mars base in Huaxia area, solidify the channel, and make the spirit move again.
Separate a wisp of spirit to influence the number one red jade slip.
The representative position of No.1 Red Jade Bamboo Slip is the source energy overflow channel of Mars base in Milian District.
There is a reason for choosing the disaster of Milian District!
The torrent of source energy led by the red jade slips on the first day suddenly surged and became surging.
At the same time, it was not allowed to retreat, but the source energy flow was weakened to some extent.
Xu tui can sense the phase change through the No.7 red jade slips.
I’m overjoyed!
Once again strengthened the spirit of No.5 and No.1 red jade Jane.
The source energy flow guided by Red Jade Bamboo Slips No.5 and No.1 has been strengthened again, but it is extremely limited.
There should be a channel reason.
Mars can’t be seen underground, but you can feel the undercurrent surging when you retreat!
First source energy surge channel
Looking at the debugging and installation of the source-energy converter, Sotum smiled happily and looked at the mouth of the passage and the thickness of the arm. The source-energy column had been laughing from ear to ear.
Suddenly Sotum’s eyebrows frowned slightly, and he heard strange rumbling and sneering.
"Did you hear any strange sounds?" Sotom looked at the body staff.
The staff around him frowned, and he also heard similar sounds, but he couldn’t find the source of the sounds.
Listen carefully to a cable toom staff abrupt look at the source energy surge channel that has been solidified.
Fall to the ground with a jerk
In just a moment, the staff officer Sotom turned pale.
"General underground!"
"The sound comes from underground!"
Sotom facial expression, a change is Voldemort to listen.
Is Mr. Tum Voldemort moments rumbled impact suddenly suddenly suddenly and violently.
Rock fragments mixed with drops of magma spewed out from the first source energy overflow channel instantly.
It’s like a blowout
The color in Sotum’s face disappeared in an instant!
At this moment, he hoped that they had just solidified and the source energy surge channel was strong enough!
Can hold up the tide!
It was Sotum who despaired when the idea just came to his mind!
Recently, he saw that in less than three seconds, they solidified, and the outlet of the surge channel was washed away by the source energy like a blowout!