Two young people wearing red-flame windbreakers appeared in the dark earth city, and their faces changed slightly after a mental sweep.
"This is a zombie crisis? Still strengthen! "
Some’ zombies’ that were polluted in the early days are moving the dye source one by one, and those lucky enough to touch hundreds of meters away will gradually be polluted.
Oasis city walls, city rituals to prevent the outside, but can not prevent the outbreak of pollution.
"This is … disaster!"
"It’s worse than the disaster that happened to our blue star that year."
The youth’s name’ Zhou Jing’ is an ordinary divinity myth of the 366th graduate of the firewood training camp.
When the blue star mysterious arrival and disasters were everywhere, he was still an ordinary person who couldn’t even wake up, and he could move with the public and hide in the shelter.
"But if it weren’t for the mentor’s establishment of a training camp and the establishment of a defense circle in Lebanon, our blue star experience would be very tragic … In fact, in the early years, the number of people who died in those western countries and disasters could not be counted."
This two-person squad Zhou Jing is a senior, and the other one is a younger one.
Since the establishment of the Blue Star Alliance, they have won several small masters who have grown up in the same period.
Speak two people constantly to kill those filthy broadcast source one by one.
But it is still too slow to do so.
They dare not make a wide range of moves to kill one by one, but even if they give priority to killing those large pollution sources, there are still countless zombies left and it is difficult to deal with them when they are mixed with the living.
"Help" Zhou Jingdao.
"Help? It is not difficult for us to clean up these fallen people when we spend more time. There is no need to disturb the bosses with such a small matter. "
"This is no small matter. Although we have the ability to clean it up, how many lucky people can there be left in this black tucheng when we clean it up? Even oases will shrink
"Our duty is that the stability department can’t take any risks and send out a message for help, so we can judge whether reinforcements can come later."
Compared with him, he is an experienced doyen with this myth to sprout a new Zhou Jing.
He knows better that his mentor will arrange their myths one by one in the rear area.
The disaster of Heitucheng can be considered as a trivial matter, but Heitucheng is also a part of the oasis wall, and thousands of miles of dikes will also collapse in the ant nest. Any disaster will appear, and they must be nipped in the bud.
The signal will come out soon
And according to the situation of Heitucheng, the headquarters sent a mythical master who can deal with the current situation in a targeted manner.
A disaster will soon disappear, and people who have died will be resurrected.
However, there have been hundreds of incidents like Heitucheng in the past three days, big and small, which were suppressed one by one by the myth team that had been prepared to burn the fire.
The red sun in the sky, the extreme night, the Heihe River, the old days, and so on are constantly intertwined and scattered, and terrible disasters are robbed.
Fang you looked straight into the depths, and the indescribable evil spirit fought directly.
"The demons of the night, the old dusk, the mother of desire, etc. have all awakened, but the remaining four statues of eternal frozen soil, desperate disasters, limited weaving masters and fallen emperors are still missing … and the evil spirits have spread all over the universe, and there are places to hide."
He has a slight guess, but he has too little information to be sure.
Be able to guess one by one that the fulcrum constantly extends out of various situations and prepare a response plan.
At this time, the awakening evil spirit in the fog can be roughly divided into two battlefields.
The dark Lord and the old dusk fought against the scarlet moon together.
Dark Shadow and Desire Mother jointly resist the distortion of Heihe River.
"Evil spirits fight hard, but they still keep their senses, otherwise the dark shadow will not merge with the mother of desire."
The dark shadow symbolizes the concepts of gloom, death, negative emotions, shadows, etc., while the desire mother represents life, reproduction and emotions … They should be sworn enemies because of the situation.
These two indescribable evil spirits joined forces to face the twisted Heihe River and still fell into the wind.
He saw the Heihe River running through hundreds of millions of shadows and dyed pink clouds gray and black.
"Is it so powerful to distort the Heihe River?"
"It may also be that the dark shadow was distorted before it woke up, and the attack power of Heihe River has been damaged."
But even without this, the joint estimation of two evil gods can distort the Heihe Five-Year Plan.
The other half of the sky, the scarlet moon, was also suppressed by great terror, and the dark Lord and the red moon in the old dusk shone every inch
If a statue of high position looks a little longer directly, there will be a red moon rising in the depths of the soul and falling into the red moon believers.
Fang You is not afraid of his observation and is prepared.
In addition to those horrible scenes, the sky in his vision also has a galaxy of lights formed by the convergence of mathematical beliefs.
In three days, the evil of evil spirits continued to ravage mankind and other creatures, and the power of belief was also very strong.
These beliefs are his confidence, and he has gathered for three days.
Fang you maintains these beliefs, so that the light will not burn for the time being
"I can kill evil spirits with so many beliefs!"
"But … I may have a chance to gather all my strength to fight to the death."
"And there’s more than one evil god."
The evil spirits are fighting and have an evil spirit alliance, which is good news for their creatures.
After the alliance, the night is dark, and the dusk is facing the scarlet moon. Even if it is still in the wind gap, it is not so big, otherwise it will not be able to fight for three days and three nights.
The scarlet moon suppressed the remaining two, and the two evil gods continued to decline, but they also suffered damage themselves.
Fang you can see clearly!
The scarlet moon can devour him, but before it devours him, he is really weak! This is the opportunity
They must seize everything and seize the opportunity!
"and soon they are waiting for the opportunity to come."
Fate is unpredictable
Not surprisingly, unexpectedly appeared.
Battlefield one is still under fire at the moment, but the face of Liu Feng changed when he received the news.