Said but see jade Duxiu corners of the mouth slightly outlined "that Wen Yingji is really unreliable. Although this person has a dew marriage, everything is terrible for family interests."

Thought of here, Jade Duxiu moved his eyebrows. "It’s not good to get rid of the old demon in the magic tower of the town when it’s in the middle domain. Suddenly, it’s necessary to go to the middle domain after a sudden impulse, but it’s going to be a few days before I get back to calm down."
The so-called Terran’s return to calm is just waiting for the original king Li Hongxiu to re-order after accepting the landscape and river gods.
Jade Duxiu moved his palm and then slowly closed his eyes. "Don’t let me down in the original tea. In the future, when conquering the wild, you will have to rely on your efforts. Now you have spent six and you need to find a chance to spend nine."
"Hua Jiu even has reached the realm of quasi-immortals, and it is completely integrated with the great robbery of heaven and earth." Jade Duxiu silently budgeted.
It is said that Li Hongxiu’s former heavenly kings and dragons joined forces to attack the city and pull out the village, and several landscape and river gods surrendered in succession, dare not violate the slightest intention.
I didn’t let Yu Duxiu wait long, but I saw a streamer flashing in the virtual space, and I fell in front of Yu Duxiu III.
Jade unique body completely converges Qi Qi, which can’t induce Qi Qi naturally to the place where III lives.
Looking at that hand, Fu Yu Duxiu smiled gently. "It’s so fast. Since then, Terran has been idle for the ancestors and dry days. Isn’t it interesting?"
Said, but see three body slowly dissipated in the virtual disappeared.
Jade in the colorful shed shines all over the body, and the chaotic light is upside down, and the number is chaotic, and the chaotic runes are slowly printed in the scales and then derived from the violet.
"Zulong lamella is really extraordinary. This lamella has been carefully sacrificed and refined by Zulong. There are several hidden feelings in Zulong’s practice. Now Zuo is curious about the Kunlun. I really don’t know what the Kunlun is like." Jade Duxiu’s eyes are full of jade discs flashing, and there are many innate runes in the jade disc, which exudes immortal qi.
"But now that The Hunger had a sudden impulse, it must be that the old guy did something unnatural. This cause and effect is recorded in my head." Jade Duxiu’s wry smile at this time is really a short trip and a long history. At that time, it is necessary to be careful and work together, which may not call the old devil away.
It was that dry day that broke the big deal. I was greedy for the innate yin and yang jade and actually let that The Hunger go
"Destiny, cause and effect, luck" Jade Duxiu slowly talked to himself in the big tent for a moment, only to see that the ancestral dragon scales slowly became illusory and were slowly wrapped by the blue lotus, and then they saw that the petals re-surrounded the lotus flower and the scales were wrapped in the bud, constantly absorbing the meaning of heaven and earth in the ancestral Long Lin film.
"My ancestor dragon’s causal entanglement is getting bigger and bigger. In those days, the throne turned to chaos with the help of Zulong Jingxue personally, and witnessed the creation of the ancestors. Rowen was able to see the fate of the ancestors’ heaven and earth. He saw that the congenital hibiscus wood was broken by Zulong. The heaven and earth wanted to return to chaos more than the throne …" Thought of here, Jade Duxiu stopped thinking and slowly sighed. "Zulong Jingxue Zulong lamella congenital hibiscus wood is all fate.
"If you want to resolve the cause and effect, you have to fight the Four Seas Dragon." Jade Duxiu thought in her heart, "The Four Seas Dragon is a descendant of the Zulong. If you can transfer the cause and effect to the Four Seas Dragon and then behead the Zulong cause and effect, I can get out of this troublesome and terrible cause and effect."
Thought of here, Jade Duxiu walked out of the color shed, looked at the distant scenery and silently thought about cutting off the cause and effect.
Zulong is waiting for people to have a causal relationship with this old guy days ago, but it won’t be easy in the future. Although Zulong’s legacy is accepted now, God knows what pit will be planted behind him.
"Brother", someone came over and paid a respectful tribute to Jade Duxiu.
Jade Duxiu nodded. "Go and tell all my classmates that the turmoil in the middle domain is over now. You can go back to Zongmen and rest. You must guard here."
"Brother, is this really true?" The younger brother heard the words and looked at Yu Duxiu with a bright eye, but he felt that he didn’t believe in his words. He immediately explained, "It’s not that I don’t believe in my brother. I can’t believe that I waited for the same number of people to fight with the demon family, but I was relieved to hear that I could go back."
Jade Duxiu smell speech chuckle "seat is that kind of stingy? Come on, don’t explain. Go quickly. "
That brother grinned at the smell of speech, turned around and ran to the distance, and the surrounding area echoed endlessly. "Brother Miaoxiu said that the wild and demon chaos is over, so everyone can go back and stay here."
"True or false? Can you go back? "
"Xiao Wu, don’t lie to your brother or he will beat you."
"If you dare to joke, I’ll call you ass flower."
"I can finally go back."
"I’m going to leave this life here."
"You talk nonsense. Brother Miao Xiu won’t get us killed."
Chapter 753 Give directions.
Anyway, it is a great event for these ordinary brothers to be able to return to Zongmen alive. This time, if it is not for Zongmen’s dispatch of Jade Duxiu, the quasi-fairy will have to worry about one or two strong people coming here, fearing that the war in the wild will not be so easy to stay here, and my brother may not be nineteen.
Looking at all the younger brothers, they walked joyfully in the direction of the general altar of Taiping Road. Looking at the direction of the wild, they seemed to be able to feel that the demon god was watching him.
"Mang Huang" Jade Duxiu sighed slightly.
Said the jade unique step towards the direction of the Tai Su Road "the four seas dragons give up the Kunlun Mountain, but I want to have a look at the hidden big secret in the Kunlun Mountain with my own eyes. If I plan carefully, I will surely achieve the road."
Said the jade Duxiu figure slowly dissipated, and there was only a golden light flashing in the virtual world.
There is a mountain not far from Tai Su Road, and the former king of Li Hongxiu sits opposite him.
In front of them, there is a black and white chessboard, and the chessboard is intertwined with dragons.