It’s not too strong, but it’s not as strong as a common evil, but the danger is far more than that.

Fang you raised my hand and snapped a thunder arc.
He shot out two times in a flash, and this time, one hit the mantis-shaped paradox, and his figure became clearer. There was a thunder arc winding around it, and it was stiff and slow to the naked eye.
Fang You’s palm Lei Guang is surging with a bright thunder mountain.
It’s stinging-
The violent thunder broke out, and the evil persisted for less than half a second and completely dissipated.
His eyes swept around for half a ring, but he didn’t see it before he relaxed slightly. The evil pursuit field of vision was still open and didn’t dare to close it.
"This paradox is definitely two-star paradox."
He played salvation and checked the game record just now.
The face shows that he really killed a mysterious evil and gained a mysterious value.
But there is no fate point.
Destiny points, crystal tricks, cultivation cards, etc. are sent as rewards. Without them, there will be no destiny points. This paradox is indeed undetected on the map.
"The number and level of treachery detected at the current level are only based on the occurrence of accidents, and the dispatching system is not responsible."
This is what the module has always indicated.
Before the tour, it was inaccurate. Now it seems that this is the end.
Invisible cunning! The map detection function can’t detect the evil!
This kind of cunning is more convergent!
The influence and wave range are not as wide as the common fallacies, but it is more dangerous for an awakened person like him to suspect this invisible fallacy.
"The precision detection function will also rise by one liter."
"In addition ….." Wondering just now, the combat paradox and evil tracking field of vision showed something to do with it. If it weren’t for Kurome’s ability to break the illusion, the combat danger would be much higher.
You should also upgrade to proficient level in the pursuit of evil spirits.
People are still outside, so he took out his mobile phone and arranged it for Brother Black Knife first.
Chapter 60 Base and Fuel Office
Seeing you at home in another place, she is watching the movie with her best friend.
No, I’m holding her arm and shivering. Ning Ying ‘an sees you and thinks this movie is interesting. It’s a ghost theme.
"What recent movies and TV plays are all such themes!"
"Don’t you feel terrible about being faint!"
I may have been a little scared before, but now … I see that you think these ghosts are cute.
They are really cute compared with those who have nightmares at a glance.
Recently, this kind of theme film has indeed increased a lot. Many films have also expounded from various angles that you should go out less, go to remote places to hear strange sounds and encounter strange things, and don’t be curious. Just stay away if you can.
Curious …
A lot of people have died in the film.
She probably understood these shadows, recalled many devious patterns, and found that the birth rate would be much higher if these points were met.
But it is also limited to the situation that it is not really stared at by evil spirits.
Once stared at, ordinary people have almost no chance of survival.
"All we need is to get rid of evil as quickly as possible."
"But the number of these things seems to be increasing."
Ann took one look at you, shivering, and Ningying had some headaches. So if you really encounter a paradox, you may have no strength to escape.
But they have been friends for many years since they were children, and they have kissed each other more than their own sisters. Are you ready to get up the courage to ask the tutor about the needs of the organization … er, do you need support staff?
Is there a support staff in our organization?
Or are they all strongmen like Big Brother Black Knife?
It may be the latter
And the number is not large.
My tutor once said that after years of peace in the world, we have become less prosperous and less populated.
Need each and every one of them to carry the banner.
According to her understanding, this sentence means that the world does not need fire awakens to be born without the invasion of evil spirits.
After a long time, the fire has fallen
Private devotees are always lonely, and mentors spare no effort to cultivate themselves, but their contributions are still too small, and only some of them may be arranged after mentors exercise themselves.
What else can I do? What does the organization do?
Think in peace.
Thought of money
Although a character like a mentor must treat money like dirt, the organization can’t run without money, can it?
Especially now the world is burning in rolling in the deep, but the flame is already weak.
She mustered up courage and called for a mentor in her heart.
long time
long time
An Jian You got the answer.
"This time, the disaster is threatening, and we need more strength to save this world that is gradually slipping into the abyss."
The tutor didn’t hide it.
Told her that after years of silence, there is a lot of lack of firewood now.