"Xiaohui, I didn’t mean to destroy mankind. Facing evil spirits and darkness is the fate of mankind on earth."

Chapter 42 Humans Choose Monster Buyers
Juhui can always hear the word fate from heaven, and she will be resistant.
"I don’t believe in fate."
Juhui earnest way
"The so-called anyway, I gave you a choice, whether to choose the power of light or the power of darkness."
The sky is calm.
He has given Juhui the choice interest. How to choose it is Juhui’s own business.
Generally speaking, heaven is especially respectful of the wishes of others.
This is a measure of the world.
"Thank you, my God."
Juhui thanked Heaven, and then she showed a touch of naise. "But I think you have seen my choice, right?"
"My fate has never been a secret in your eyes."
The sky shrugged. "I can’t talk about everything!" "
He is an almighty, and he wants to be willing to hide everything from him, but God will not choose to know unless it is necessary.
Because that’s too much to talk about
Said the day after tomorrow and sincere way
"Xiaohui, your destiny is up to you. I won’t peep."
Juhui was silent, and then she showed a smirk that was more serious than that.
"I will always be with you, even after you wake up."
The sky also smiled "I will destroy the world"
"I’ll stop you. Your side will stop you."
Juhui is particularly serious.
The power of light is more powerful than that of strangeness to Juhui.
Moreover, Tianjuhui’s mind is definitely not just a belief.
Juhui finally chose the dark forces.
One night, Zigela came to the earth and the earth was full of Zigela flowers.
Many human beings have fallen into the dream of waking up because of Zigera.
Investigation on Physical Exercises of Dagu Event Center When Qi Jiela returned to Victory Team Base, she was an ancient human being 30 million years ago.
The little girl knew that Zigera was waiting for terror.
Man will be destroyed and darkness will come.
The little girl’s victory team base was listening when she said these words.
In the girl’s words, the client feels good.
Zigela has puzzled the earth, and the whole victory team base has fallen into a dream except for a few super soldiers.
The little girl was surprised to see that several people in the winning team did not enter the dream.
Dagu hesitated to align with Gera because of most human choices, just like in the original plot.
Juhui came out at this time.
"Dagu, don’t hesitate. Don’t forget that we are human beings. We also have our own choices. Let’s destroy Zijela."
She knew from heaven what would happen.
Juhui decide how to deal with Zigera before he appeared on that earth.
You Juhui, the captain of the victory team, took the lead, and those super soldiers left naturally did not hesitate to make moves against Jijiela.
People on earth will soon see that Zijela was besieged by a light warrior and three dark warriors.
People who are intoxicated by dreams want to help Zigera.
Luluye ruins inside Ksenya Goryachova Camilla also note the first world war.
30 million years ago, she knew exactly what decisions the light giants made in the face of Zigera.
What choice will the giants make in 30 million years? She wiped her eyes.
And as far as she knows, Zigera came to earth, so it shouldn’t be long before the day when Baal wakes up.
While Ksenya Goryachova Camilla was at the theatre, the prophet in Kidiello found Ksenya Goryachova Camilla.
"Lord Ksenya Goryachova Camilla, this is a rare opportunity to send out your hand monster to wipe out the earth warriors. Aren’t you going to do it?"
The prophet bewitched Ksenya Goryachova Camilla.
The power of the earth is too strong, whether it is the just camp, Diga and others or the evil camp, Ksenya Goryachova Camilla, which makes the Kidiello people afraid.
All the prophets wanted Ksenya Goryachova Camilla to let Ksenya Goryachova Camilla and the soldiers on the earth fight to the death first.
Now the prophet defines himself as a counselor in Ksenya Goryachova Camilla.
Ksenya Goryachova Camilla gave the prophet a look when he heard his words.
She was a dark warrior who reached the top of the world 30 million years ago. If she had no brain, she would have been killed.
The prophet thinks that she can naturally guess something. She is just a surprise.