Once this thing explodes, what if it can break the void and even kill the player?

Now every player’s realm is very precious
"I don’t know if this brainwave can convert into Lingshi …" An instructor looked at a brainwave that had not been swallowed up by a virtual crack, wondering if it was idle anyway. He took out a treasure bag and put the rest of the brainwave into the bag.
Not long after, there is really a lingshi that is generated in a treasure bag.
However, the order is low, and it seems that there is no inspiration. I am afraid that it will be the last lingshi after 10,000.
"Comrade Xian Di’s newly planted mushroom is a kind of mushroom tree that produces a spirit machine, right?" The instructor guessed, "If it can be widely planted, can it break this brainwave?"
"I’m afraid I can’t have much hope for his planting technology …" Lin Buzhou muttered.
About an hour later, Lin Haoheng finally arrived
Lin Buwen saw this guy was so bullish that a sword of light cut hundreds of miles away to cut the giant clam together with the magic weapon of the cave into two pieces neatly. More than 200 players appeared like the ground, where the giant clam body appeared.
A sword to cut Bilinhao turned around and walked. Lin was so thoughtless that he didn’t even see his face.
Poor Lin gave a thumbs-up toward the place where sword light came.
Bang, bang
A locust head and a toad head.
Fall in front of the alien wall
Lin got a fright.
"Well, I’ll give you their heads" sounded behind a sound. Lin Chong saw Lin’s carelessness and inseparable.
"Why give me their heads?" Lin Chong felt strange.
"You just said,’ Bring back their heads!’" "Ill-conceived Lin Chong spoke before school.
"This is not a momentum vocabulary? It’s the kind of word that doesn’t actually move although it points to it … "Lin Chong was confused.
"That … I also the boss strength to bring back! Lin Chong, I think there is a big problem in our communication. Is your patrol method expired? " Lin buzhou spits.
"The psychological counselor told me not to be immortal, which would lead to the psychological gap between the almighty and ordinary people and affect my physical and mental health. I tried not to …"
Chapter four hundred and sixty-seven Retirement again?
"The little girl picking mushrooms is carrying a big bamboo basket with bare feet in the morning …"
Lin Chong hummed and watered the mushrooms.
In front of him is a row of flower pots in the living room and bedroom. There are people who can see the real world, who can shine on other planes, and who can’t.
According to experts on earth planting, light may also be an important factor affecting mushroom species.
It’s been three months since the North Sea Xuanlong tried his best. Linchong mushrooms are growing well.
"I’m in a good mood" suddenly got a child’s stereo.
"Yes," Lin replied casually, not surprised.
"Recently, the group of mental health doctors has grown. They are right. I have a little emotional problem recently …"
There are contradictions in Lin Chong’s personality. He is used to alienating people and likes to be responsible. It seems unreasonable, but his personality is a hodgepodge that doesn’t make sense.
In the past ten years, the immortal Sect in Kunlun has developed like a raging fire. Lin Chong got the view from various channels that’ 10,000 years is too long to seize the day’. The immortal science and technology exploded in ten years, and there was a true fairy for a hundred years. It is certain that nine people robbed the true fairy for a thousand years, and then assisted all kinds of hydrogen bombs, nuclear bombs and various virtual scientific and technological creations on the earth. The furnace keeper is not an opponent.
And the furnace keeper made a move of Beihai Xuanlong to change the bottom rules of this campaign.
Lin Chong saw his opponent as if he could manipulate physical rules at will.
This can not help but make him despair.
Lin Chong took Kunlun Xianzongcheng too seriously.
The greater the despair, the greater the disappointment.
And this kind of despair, which can’t be attacked, was buried at least twenty years ago.
The psychological gap is over when the psychological doctors think that Lin Chong’s constant tour of other worlds to read the body-cutting sutra has made the celestial body extraordinary, but he is still an ordinary person.
Lin Chong didn’t return to the statue body to sleep for two months when he made the fairy tale outside his body the craziest, and lived by being fed by mushroom chefs.
This state is wrong.
"The doctors suggested that I should pay less attention to travelling in other circles and beheading corpses. After a period of self-cultivation, I usually water flowers and plants and concentrate on my own heart strength. It’s only a few months later that I can hear your voice." Lin Chong said without looking up.
He knows that Zer doesn’t either
This is mysterious.
It’s like chasing a girlfriend. Everyone says you should not chase but attract.
After Zer turned into a sequence balance, he was not only invisible but even touched his thoughts. Not only was he the incarnation of Lin Chong, but Lin Chong was inseparable, just as he said 74 years ago. The sequence balance belongs to Lin Chong.
But how to make the sequence day, at least how to get the help of super-high IQ Zer? The key point is not to chase him and attract him.
When the mind is clear, Zer will naturally appear.
Just like inspiration.
Sudden arrival
This state is very good, and I can chat with you often. Before, your thoughts were too complicated to hear me.’
"Think about dealing with Beihai Xuanlong. I have a lot of cards in my hand. You are a golden fairy fruit. The energy channel is a Linhao Zhang cross. Xu Junhu and Lin Buzhou are a mushroom. It is also a player. The instructor group is still a … Don’t worry, but you must have a better idea. Why don’t you tell me?"
Do you know dyson sphere?’
"I know."