Floret interrupt ruoshui.
"We’re not here to make trouble."
Chapter one hundred and forty-four A man and a woman
"We’re not here to make trouble."
If water leng after hearing floret this sentence.
Consciousness to 1.
"Then what are you doing here?"
Han Xuanxuan couldn’t help but put his hand over his face when he heard Ruoshui ask such a question. Can this guy talk?
I’m all girls, and I’ve already said I’m not here to make trouble. What are you doing here? Do you want to ask again?
Sure enough, if you hear the water questioning, the expression on the other side of the flower’s face is stiff, but it seems that the president’s IQ on the other side of the flower has long been used to it. At this time, she patiently explained 1.
"Don’t you think our school should be better than other schools even if it can’t beat others in cheerleading? You see, other schools come to Tsinghua, Zhejiang University with friends and relatives. What about you? Just a few people, are you not happy that I brought my sisters to support you? "
After hearing the words from the other side of the flower, if the whole person reacts and wakes up.
Face gushed with ecstasy.
"So floret, you are here to cheer for us!"
See if the water is slow and half-beat, the other side of the flower nodded with black lines.
But if the water is confirmed by the flowers on the other side, the first reaction is not to thank each other, but to go back and share the good news with Fang Xiang and others … But when he looks back, he finds that Fang Xiang and his four people are looking at themselves with disdain.
This is … What’s the situation?
"I went in first."
Han Xuanxuan pretended not to know Ruoshui and went inside Chuangshi Internet Cafe.
"Brother Xuanxuan wait for me"
The light naturally follows.
Jingba didn’t speak and went in with him.
Fang wanted to think and then shouted.
"Senior, wait for me"
If the water "…"
Soon a group of people entered the Chuangshi Internet Cafe.
Chuangshi Internet Cafe is one of the top Internet cafes in the whole world. Besides its luxurious decoration, it covers a large area.
It is said that there are 1000 computers in Chuangshi Internet Cafe.
The lobby on the first floor is the size of a basketball court!
At the moment, although there is an endless stream of college students coming to participate in the competition in the Internet cafe, it is not crowded at all.
Each school has been divided into a small area, which can accommodate about ten people. According to Ruoshui, there are nearly 100 colleges and universities from all over the country participating in this 9-University League.
"Not every school participates in a group competition like us. There may not be more than 100 teams in the whole competition period. There may be many players in the school’s fantasy westward journey. It may not be necessary for a school to send three or four teams. However, this time, we mainly focus on the 69-level elite group competition, and we need to put those schools with stronger elite groups."
If the water said and pointed to a few people holding a document.
This information was also obtained from the young man wearing black-rimmed glasses after the previous registration was successful.
"The top schools in this area are all 69-level elite groups, and the schools with strong strength are also the schools we should focus on, but I believe it is not difficult to command the younger brothers to defeat them."
When I heard that, Fang wanted to cooperate and nodded his head.
"Yes, I have a strong command ability."
Han Xuanxuan several people for a while.
But this time a few people on the other side of the flower is said
"Party want to classmates you have to work hard! We will all cheer for you! "
And she gave Fang Xiang a glad eye.
Fang Xiang "…"