The voice whispered, "Are you scared? Yeah, who says not? You’re afraid of me, and I’m afraid of both the disaster that destroyed my home and the fact that the 900 million-story world is not as comfortable as my home. You’d better follow me and be a good guide. "

A long finger appeared on magic dragon’s body and gently pressed it to stick him. He disappeared immediately.
Silence returned to the island.
the other side
Lin took Gu Qingshan forward in vain.
"What do you think a scary guy is?" Gu Qingshan asked
"I’m vaguely aware that it’s a monster with that level of soul screaming body," Lin said
Gu Qingshan has some aphasia.
A split has penetrated 900 million layers of the world. If it’s a body-level monster …
He shook his head.
Looking at Lin’s nervousness, she asked, "Is the jungle in the abyss?"
Surprisingly, Lynn gave the negative answer, "It’s not like that, except for me and magic dragon, the original monsters in the abyss of depraved people are all divorced from logic and reason, and they have their own ways of doing things."
"Like crazy?"
"Yes, but they all think that their way of doing things is correct."
Looking at some proofs of Gu Qingshan, Lin further explained, "For example, if the soul screams, it will recognize that the double swords of heaven and earth are very important to the future. The abyss horcruxes have only fooled the vast majority of abyss monsters and secretly sent a separatist to the original heaven. It took a lot of energy and time to forge these two horcruxes."
"But it has never been involved in this matter and it has fallen into a deep sleep-you don’t know what it thinks."
Gu Qingshan thoughtful nodded.
Since it is an unpredictable monster, there is no conventional way to deal with it.
Suddenly Lin’s expression relaxed.
Gu Qingshan looked at her and said, "Are you safe?"
Lin’s eyes still feel something carefully in the virtual.
"No chase …" She said slowly. "It seems that the goal is not that we should be shocked by the end of the parallel world and have to escape from the abyss."
Gu Qingshan also relieved.
Then he realized the urgency of the matter.
I don’t care so much now.
I can’t stick to the general rules anymore, I have to be crazy and strong.
"Stop for a while" Gu Qingshan Road
Lynn looked at him in the virtual turbulence.
Gu Qingshan took out Lin’s five cards.
Can be put in the auction house cards are still good fighting cards, but at this moment Gu Qingshan doesn’t miss them at all.
He needs a special way to make himself stronger!
When he took out these cards, the interface of Ares immediately appeared with lines of firefly fine print.
"Found that you can swallow cards"
"Are you sure you want to devour these cards to raise your level as a judge?"
Gu Qingshan Road "Yes"
All the words in the ares interface disappear and a new line of words appears.
"These cards are too low. You need a powerful card master card to complete the upgrade of the judge."
Gu Qingshan no longer hesitate to take out a card.
This card has a towering monster with vertical eyes and gray wings.
Behind this monster is the sea of monsters measured by law
Monsters armed with weapons gathered into a phalanx of war, sending out a strong sense of killing.
-blood sea brand blood sea army god
Su Xueer used this card to replace the card of destiny foresight in the deck of destiny king in his hand.
As soon as this card was taken out, the ares interface immediately woke up.
"The main card of this card can complete the secondary card advancement"
Gu Qingshan sighed
This card is necessary now.
The God of the Blood Sea Army seemed to feel Gu Qingshan’s will, and looked at Gu Qingshan from the card.
"Do you want to give up the blood pact? If so, I have no opinion. "Blood Navy Shinto."
"There is no way I have to take this card" Gu Qingshan said.
Blood Navy Shinto "Everything depends on your will, but if you want it, your blood contract will end."
"I am white" Gu Qingshan Road
"That’s good."
Blood army god nods a way
Gu Qingshan threw this card and the five cards together into the interface of God of War and shouted "Swallow!"
A total of six cards disappeared in an instant.
The interface of Ares is constantly displayed line by line.
"being swallowed up"
"Fei-class card sword repair Gu Qingshan is evolving towards the blue level, please wait patiently."
Gu Qingshan looked to see that his life card had been turned over to see the card picture.
But the color on the back of the card is gradually changing.