However, at this time of year, this day is not so good. After all, the autumn coolness has not yet arrived and the summer heat has not faded, so the temperature difference is quite different at this time.

Sooner or later, the temperature will be lower than those farmers who are going to work in the fields, and one by one they have to put on their jackets, and then they will go out on Li.
But by this noon, the temperature will rise again in vain. Some days, the temperature can be traced back to the midsummer. When it is really hot, people can’t stand it. Even if they take a break in the shade, they will sweat because of the heat.
Autumn tiger autumn tiger is so come.
However, it is difficult for this cold and hot to make the sick and evil take advantage of it, which will bring some unnecessary troubles and troubles to yourself or your family.
Most diseases and pathogens are caused by not paying attention to the huge temperature difference between day and night, and those disasters that can make people fall ill are from the mouth and nose. At first, this autumn dryness will make patients feel a little strange, just like dry nasopharynx, dry cough, less phlegm, dry skin and so on.
Once such symptoms are ignored and not intervened, for those people with weak constitution, their own symptoms will be aggravated, and to that extent, it depends on the individual constitution. After all, different constitutions are just like everyone is different.
However, although this autumn dryness is hot and dry, its nature is very different.
Dryness is biased towards cold and towards heat.
If you are inclined to cold, you will feel cool in autumn, that is, headache at first, body heat, aversion to cold and sweat, nasal congestion, and cold, but the cause is cold and dry, and it will also be accompanied by dryness of body fluid, such as dry lips, dry cough, chest tightness and adverse qi, pain in both sides, dry skin, thin white and dry tongue coating, etc. All these symptoms are caused by cold and dryness of lungs and loss of body fluid.
If you are partial to heat, you will feel autumn heat and get sick, that is, headache at first, body heat, dry expectoration, thin and sticky expectoration, dyspnea due to adverse qi, dry throat, dry nose and lips, chest tightness, hypochondriac pain, upset and thirsty, white and thin tongue coating, red tongue tip and other symptoms. All these symptoms are caused by lung warming, dryness, pathogenic factors and lung fluid burning.
Compared with cold dryness, people who get hot dryness will have dry body, chapped lips and restless mood, while others will have aphtha or sore throat and other symptoms, and they will also develop red and painful acne.
The eye Qiu Yu is obviously suffering from this heat and dryness.
Besides, if you don’t drink water, although the autumn dryness is not serious, it belongs to the disease. Then the disease will reduce the epidemic power of the human body and make you suffer from illness, especially when the dryness invades, it is our lungs that are the first to be violated.
It is reasonable to say that from summer to autumn, we should drink more water to deal with autumn dryness, especially when we add some fine salt or honey water, which can better moisten our hot lungs. But for Qiu Yu at this time, let alone fine salt water or honey water, she never drank any clear water in the river.
This is not to say that there is no water to drink in Yu Qiu at this time. Otherwise, you should know that this secret valley is located in an oasis, and the water quality of the small river that runs through the whole valley is even more sweet and delicious, and all the people in the valley have settled here because of this river.
However, Qiu Yuning reliably eats wild fruits to replenish her lost water, and she doesn’t want to scoop a spoonful of sweet water into the river. This confusing behavior really makes people vomit, and she has such a strange behavior because she doesn’t like drinking water very much. She is the kind of person who can stop drinking water for a long time after work.
It’s no wonder that Yu Qiu has autumn dryness. She doesn’t like people who drink water. If she doesn’t fire, she will fire.
You know, cough is the most deadly disease in autumn dryness. After all, this throat is the easiest place to judge whether the body is dry or not. Symptoms such as hoarseness, sore throat and oral ulcer will appear when the symptoms are mild, and intermittent severe dry cough and dumb asthma will appear when the symptoms are slightly serious. It is especially easy to get sick at night and then sleep peacefully. Some people with poor physique will continue this autumn cough all the way into winter or turn into chronic bronchitis and other serious symptoms.
Good eyes Qiu Yu’s autumn dryness is still in a light degree, because at the moment, she also feels that her voice is not very comfortable, even if she swallows saliva, she will feel hindered. Although the itchy throat will make her feel a little desire to cough lightly, she never coughs up.
Of course, Yu Qiu’s mouth is covered with blisters.
Who told her that she doesn’t like drinking water?
Finally, let’s talk about Yu Qiu’s sulking about staying up late and not taking a break.
If you think about it carefully, it’s not hard to find that Qiu Yu doesn’t like drinking water, which probably has a lot to do with all kinds of things that have happened these days
After all, when a person puts himself in an uneasy mood for a long time, he puts himself in a period of being troubled by all kinds of troubles. When he wakes up every day, he has to force himself to face all kinds of things that disturb his mind and temper. I believe that most people will also let themselves fall completely and fall into the dry fire released by this place.
Don’t talk about practicing martial arts like Yu Qiu.
After all, the saying that the martial artist is angry is very famous from ancient times to modern times.
However, this internal heat is attributed to this person who has a big internal heat. When it’s time to reduce the internal heat, you still have to drop it. Otherwise, before winter, you will be the first to fall ill because of a dry body.
Moreover, Yu Qiu probably didn’t even realize that she had a sleep disorder because of Li Er and M. leblanc, a group of people. Although she also slept late, she didn’t sleep all night, but in most cases she could still ensure that she would fall asleep soon after nightfall. But these days, she slept late every day. In the past two or three days, she let herself carry it to almost dawn before she fell asleep, but she woke up again before long.
And the reason why she is like this and her spirit has changed so much is because of those old acquaintances.
Zhao Xuan …
Mr. white …
Li Er …
It can be said that these people are constantly wandering in Qiu Yu’s heart, which is the real cause of torturing her from sleeping well.
As the saying goes, where there is yin, there is yang, and when there is day, there is moon.
This sentence is really true, because this little secret valley will explain these truths clearly.
Yu Qiu was deeply troubled by autumn dryness because she killed Li Er by law. She avenged Zhao Xuan by law and deeply blamed herself. But for Li Er, for Mr. Bai, these two people kept a calm mind, so that they could face the crisis with a calm mind, and this yang and yin really seemed to be so different.
Real Yu Qiu is also white, and now she has no chance to slay Li Er, because she knows very well that she will not leave the valley of the cat, that she will not let go of the idea of slaying Li Er, and that she will still hide here, so this white gentleman will not leave.
Although M. leblanc will not directly shoot at herself, Yu Qiu is like a mirror in her heart. She knows very well that M. leblanc will not shoot at herself, but she will not watch her stab her sword at Li Er. If she really kills Li Er, then waiting for her field may be just like Li Er or even more miserable than Li Er field.
But for Qiu Yu, she can’t die yet. More precisely, she dare not die. Her sister is still trapped in the deep cave of beasts. She must dare to help as soon as possible. Otherwise, she is really worried that Tian Rui and his gang will really have the strength to compete for that everyday soldier.
You know what Tian Rui is facing, but he is famous in today’s rivers and lakes, and he is the top figure of all forces. It can be said that the pressure that Wei Chi was facing at the beginning is now a replica of Tian Rui’s head, which is even stronger than the pressure brought by the Kuroshio ten years ago.
Because the Kuroshio that broke out in Yanhu County, Jinzhou ten years ago was simply a river’s lake dispute, and that kind of dispute was far from reaching the level of war between the two countries. But now the situation is that Qiu Yi and Tian Rui are facing opponents, not just those who have ideas about the beast cave. This time, there are many representatives in the team, including Liu Feng and Tian Yao, who represent Jianzang Mountain and Yan Temple Brother.
It can be said that the impact of this incident that broke out at the bottom of the cave of beasts is probably stronger than that of the Kuroshio ten years ago.
Fortunately …