Very smooth, very slow and very elegant.

This kind of pace makes Puerto Rico very uncomfortable because it is impossible for his generation to step on such a pace.
"You …" He wants to say you want to die.
"What’s wrong with me?" But the other party shut him up with a word.
He almost bit his tongue because he closed it too fast.
He suddenly remembered the sound and the footsteps.
"You …" Puerto Rico opened his eyes with some trembling. It has been many years since he was afraid of others. Lieutenant General Puerto Rico could not help but tremble with his forked hand.
"Long time no see," the face as calm as ever in the lights said with a smile.
long time no see
I tried to forget …
At that moment, Puerto Rico finally remembered that it was actually …
Still a poor guy to be continued.
Ps first Geng
Page 112 is bound to die.
Desperate to escape the next morning.
The fisherman Fitz and the dragon shark finally raided proto and finally escaped with the last beaten army.
But he is not happy at all. He knows that no matter whether the final result of this war is to lose or win, he can’t escape being punished by his post.
Unless he makes great contributions, such as destroying the Noxas Navy.
This suspicion is a pipe dream.
However, although Chen Senran once made a small conclusion about him, it doesn’t mean that he is stupid.
He knew very well that he had been in the position of captain of the Ghost Deep for too long, and Planck was alert enough to him.
What he has been with Planck for the longest time, in a way, he knows Planck best. He knows that Planck will never hand over the ship "Ghost Deep" to others, and this can always be his family. This can be seen from the fact that even though he is already the chairman of the most powerful military Committee in Bill Givot, he has to take a break to sit in the captain’s room of "Ghost Deep".
The look in your eyes when stroking your ancestors’ oil paintings …
Even if he doesn’t get fired this time, he will be transferred to other places, and he will never have anything to do with the Ghost Deep again.
Deeply frowned, proto could not help but rub his temples. He had not slept all night, and his eyes were red and bloodshot.
He kept steering for fear of being chased again by the hungry wolves.
"Captain Jason’s adult asks for this …" A pirate suddenly came up and asked.
"See you. Let him come by boat. Don’t slow down." proto considered it and finally said.
This is the sixth time the other party has asked for an audience, since yesterday evening.
Jason Fox has recently taken a fancy to a kid who was promoted by Planck somehow. This time, the commander-in-chief of the new army probably wanted to pull out and blind Jack gallants.
But judging from his reckless performance, let alone blind Jack gallants, even proto thinks he can handle him.
This pattern of mind, huh …
Once again, I took a look at the sea ahead. After a night of raids, I have finished entering my own territory. I believe I will see the patrol boat soon.
If people attack here, proto really thinks this war can be ended directly.
Bill Giwart has absolutely no hope of winning.