Selinsing hurriedly modest words.

Then Lin Xingyuan came in and told him that the church was coming. Lin Xingyuan immediately said, "I’ll meet the teacher."
Lin Chongcheng got up and said, "I’ll go too."
At the gate of the commercial building, several parking doors of magnetic energy vehicles with church signs were opened one after another, and a group of church warriors and four black-robed shrines came from inside.
They stood in two lines or so when the door of a magnetic energy car came from inside. A white-haired old man was Ji Bozhou, the teacher of Lin Xingyuan, the rector of Deep Sea Castle.
The hall gate came out early in the morning to meet Lin Xingyuan, strode to hold the rector intimately, and carefully looked around to find the two silver-crowned knights.
"Don’t look, those two knights won’t come to you until later. Don’t worry, I’m throwing caution to the wind with this old face. Instead of asking those two knights to come forward, our parishioners and temples will come to support you later," the old man said with a smile
Lin xing
Far overjoyed, I thought that there was a church to support me, and I was worried about the big things. I said, "Teacher, don’t say anything. Let those outsiders sign the agreement smoothly today, and then one of them will belong to you!"
Ji Bozhou’s eyes flashed with light. Hehe smiled and felt slightly headed. The student union did not waste its painstaking cultivation.
With the passage of time, people who participated in the negotiations or came to watch arrived one after another, making the whole conference hall full.
Seeing that the appointment was almost outside the gate of the business hall, several magnetic energy vehicles arrived late.
The doors are opened one by one, and people come one by one from the car, and gentian comes one by one.
Out of courtesy, Lin Xingyuan and his father Lin Chongcheng greeted them with a group of subordinate gates.
So they saw a magnetic energy car door coming out after Gentiana came out.
The man’s deep-sea fortress simulated the sunlight, silver hair and high spirits.
This man is Tianyang.
He raised his head and smiled at the Lins’ father, then Gentian led the way and Chiying went with a group of guards to the business hall.
When I came to the door, I heard Lin Xingyuan say, "Are you here to negotiate or the afterlife? Are you carrying guns and swords to attack our business hall?"
Tianyang smiled and made a sign, and the guards put their guns at their feet. Chiying even put her golden sword into the ground and shook it slightly.
Lin Xingyuan’s face changed slightly, but as usual, he thought that these outsiders would not dare to mess around in the business hall, so he said lightly, "Today we welcome Mr. Gentian and his boss, Mr. Tianyang."
"You can take one or two guards at most. Sorry, they can’t enter the business hall."
Gentian saw that the Lins not only had to guard and lay down their weapons, but were not allowed to enter the commercial pavilion. It was arrogant to the extreme, but he fell on his shoulder and looked back. It turned out that Tianyang could swallow back the words that came to his mouth.
Tianyang smiled faintly. "When in Rome, do as the Romans do. It’s natural for us to follow the rules of our host family when we come from afar."
Gentian said, "This is Mr. Tianyang and the real boss of our group."
Lin Zhongcheng just laughed. "I didn’t expect Mr. Gentian’s boss to be so young, which really surprised me. At the same time, I think Lin is really old."
He looked at his side intentionally and said, "You young people still have the final say in the post-world."
Then Lin Chongcheng said with grace, "Please go inside Mr. Tianyang."
"Mr. Lin asked" Tianyang to respond with a smile and walked side by side with Qianlin Heavy City.
It is normal and reasonable for both sides to walk side by side as leaders of our regiment, but at this moment Lin Xingyuan snorted, "Does Mr. Tianyang know what is pecking order?"
"You are a junior who is not qualified for my father’s peers. Taking two steps back is where you should be."
Then he shook his head and seemed to sigh that Tianyang didn’t understand any rules.
Tianyang light saw his one eye Gherardini expression that eyes don’t know let selinsing far heart a cold very doubt whether their strategy is wrong.
But with the thought that this is yourself in the fortress.
Teacher, the rector Ji Bozhou has nothing to be afraid of as an outsider in the business hall.
When I stared at Chaoyang, "Why am I wrong?"
"Forget the stars."
Lin Chongcheng said with a relaxed look, "Mr. Tianyang doesn’t have to learn those red tape from childhood, so there is no need to force others."
He said this politely, but secretly he still accused Tianyang of not being sensible.
Tianyang couldn’t hear it, and he didn’t refute it. He smiled. At this moment, he heard Selinsing say, "Still laughing. It’s so cheeky."
A moment later, they came to the conference hall. Tianyang looked around and saw many people in the hall, all dressed up and neither rich nor expensive.
Lin Zhongcheng introduced an important person in the hall to Tianyang. "This is Ji Bozhou, the rector of Shenhaibao of the War Bishops’ Association."
"This is …"
After introducing a dozen important people, the two sides sat down.
Lin Chongcheng smiled and said, "I gave Xingyuan the responsibility for today’s negotiations and he presided over me. I just came to attend."
"However, I still hope that everyone will be polite and business will not be righteous, don’t you think, Mr. Tianyang?"
Tianyang smiled and looked around in a somewhat absent-minded way. It seemed nothing to negotiate.
Heavy city Lin nodded and sat down to one side.
Lin Xingyuan came over and sat opposite Tianyang, leaning back slightly and looking at Tianyang Road with a commanding posture. "Our Lins plan to enter the field of marine mines this year, which is a rare opportunity for your Long Guangtuan to make you willing to cooperate with us."
Tianyang just looked back and smiled at him. "Oh, I don’t know how legal your Lins are going to be?"
Lin Xingyuan put his hand on the handrail with five fingers and lightly touched the handrail. "As far as I know, you have not been engaged in offshore mining before, and you are inexperienced in this field. I think it is more reasonable for you to give up two offshore mines and buy them by us at a large price."
"We have been appraised by the expert group, and we plan to buy 1000 standard grams of gold bars from you each. If you are willing to change hands, you will earn 2000 gold bars, not to mention a lot of trouble."
Lin Xingyuan said Tianyang hadn’t responded yet, and Gentian couldn’t help but get up and cried, "You might as well rob Lin for a thousand gold bars to buy a sea mine. Don’t tell me that you don’t know which of our two sea mines is not worth thousands of gold!"
"Boy, you want to buy our mine at a price of one tenth. Who do you think you are?"
Selinsing far face way "tiger balm? Where is the gold? Ask the experts here which of your two sea mines is worth the gold? "
As soon as he spoke in the public gallery, people spoke one after another.
"It’s really not worth 10 thousand gold bars. In my opinion, the Lins are willing to take out one thousand gold bars to buy them, which is already too much."
"That is to say, some people are so poor and crazy that they want to sell 10 thousand gold bars for a sea mine."
There was a lot of discussion in the hall, which gave the Lins their help. At that time, Gentiana became the target of public criticism, and the great pressure made him speechless.
Chapter 133 Are you tired of living?
When Tianyang came, it had been thought that the Lins would definitely not get along with their sea mines in a normal way, but Lin Xingyuan actually tried to buy the sea mines at a price of one tenth, which was really unexpected, so it is not difficult to see that the Lins are ugly and greedy.
Gentian can’t bear the pressure. It seems that Tianyang smiled and was somewhat indifferent to Lin Xingyuan’s practice. He made a sign to let Gentian sit down.
Lin Xingyuan also raised his hand to silence the onlookers and then asked, "What do you think, Mr. Tianyang?"
Tianyang did not answer the rhetorical question, "Lin Gong, do you think this price is reasonable?"
"I heard that you also have a sea mine with a similar value. Otherwise, I will give you 1000 gold bars to sell me that sea mine of the Lins’?"
Xing-yuan Lin seems to have long expected that Tianyang has such a good hand and said generously, "But Mr Tianyang, even if you buy my sea mine, can you recruit workers?" Do you have consumables? "
"If you buy it, you will get a man-made mining field, and you will realize the resources in the same way. If you don’t sell the two mines in your hand, you will eventually face such an outcome."